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1. Cam Jansen is a girl detective you need to know. The bold and brilliant Nancy Drew turns 90 in 2020! Nancy's cousin, Tessie, reveals a mystery for Nancy and her friends of a ghost who used to live in Cape Mermaid. I'd say Nancy Drew (at least the orginal stories) are a higher reading and maturity age. These spin-offs include the modern Nancy Drew Diaries, a graphic novel series, as well as simpler story versions like the Nancy Drew and the Crew Clue featuring Nancy at only eight years old. Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Series She just devours them. The Nancy Drew series is a 4th grade-6th grade. By using you consent to our use of cookies. The mystery of Nancy Drew: 90 years later, the iconic sleuth is still on the case. Grades 4 - 8. While I grew up reading the original Nancy Drew Mystery Stories (first published in 1930 and volumes onward for decades), the series has undergone a number of major transformations. Uncover contemporary whodunnits featuring resolute heroines like the legendary Nancy Drew. The Nancy Drew mystery series started in the 1930s and lasted all the way until 2004. Any sujestions of books for me! You'll see a GRL next to each series if there was one available on Scholastic Book Wizard. Becoming a detective were one of the things I aspired growing up, but it just seemed impossible to do so in my country's backward justice system and lackadaisical police intelligence. Nancy drew books reading level, Kanto yu4 powered bookshelf speakers, Nancy Drew would be fine - I was reading Roald Dahl, Nancy Drew, Secret Seven all around the same age (probably 7+) I loved Nancy Drew. ... 5.0 out of 5 stars Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. Reading Level: AR Levels 3.8-6.4GLE 4.1-6.8F&P/GRL SDRA 40Lexile® measure 610L-820LCompanion/Related Series: list of all Nancy Drew series, Book 4 Summary: Teenage detective Nancy Drew finds herself in danger when she sets out to track a jewel thief. Word Count. Is this a case of science gone wrong or is something more sinister responsible for Dr. Learner’s disappearance? All rights reserved. Series Description: Follow along with eight-year-old Nancy and the Clue Crew, her two best friends George and Bess, as they solve mysteries around their hometown. However, what age is ready to read Nancy Drew books? ... Grade level : 4 - 7; Item Weight : 1.1 ... as did I. Fiction. 7 Total Resources View Text Complexity Discover Like Books Audio Excerpt from Hidden Staircase, The (Nancy Drew Series) Grade; 4-8; Genre; Mystery  In The Mastermind Plot, eleven-year-old Zanna Snow is the resourceful young female detective starring in the Edwardian-based Suzanna Snow mystery series by Angie Frazier. Settling in is hard but Hopper is befriended by Eni, and together they set out to uncover the puzzling nature of their strange, new school. I love Nancy Drew. Book 1 Available: Amazon Number of Books in Series: 175 I'm so glad she discovered Nancy Drew (and thankful that there are 100+ books to keep her reading). You successfully shared the article. It turns out, liking Nancy Drew is timeless. ... Now my grandchildren are reading Nancy Drew books. Blessed with a photographic memory, she's curious and assertive — qualities every junior detective needs to solve the crime. Reviewer pitbull2 wrote: I read this book because my grandmother used to read it when she was a kid so I thout it would be fun reading a book from when nobody had Ipones, computers, and ect. Though formatted differently from the original 56-volume series which continued under Grosset & Dunlap's control, these new books were published under the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories banner. Look out for a confirmation email from us.