11 Beautiful Text Effects Created With CSS

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Stylish and elegant text or typography can easily make your design stunning and attractive. With the help of CSS, web designers can make their designs look more stylish and eye-catching. CSS provides so many stylish and trendy effects in text which help to enhance the beauty of designs. And if you want to add some more color in text you can also add some animation or clipping through CSS.
In this round-up, we gathered 11 beautiful and attractive text effects created with CSS. With this collection, our aim is to share with you cool and refreshing stocks for the world of creativity and design for free! So browse through and splash. Feel free to share your comments. Your comments are always welcome.

Elastic stroke Animation

Shadow Effect

Animation Text

Slashed Effect

Animated Signature

Shop Talk logo

SVG text mask


Foggy Text Effect

Hit the Floor

SVG Glitch

8 Useful CSS Tools For Designers

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CSS tools are the best tools for the designers and web developers because they allow them to integrate nice features to their websites. Almost every web designer and web developer strives for writing better CSS codes; and CSS tools come very handy for letting them write fully functional and valid CSS codes.
For today’s round up, we have put together 8 extremely useful CSS tools that have been recently released and will help you a lot with your CSS. These CSS tools will also help you learn new CSS3 properties. Let’s have a look at this collection. Enjoy!


A powerful, flexible jQuery plugin enabling you to easily create semantic, modern tooltips enhanced with the power of CSS.

20 HTML5 jQuery And CSS3 Tutorials

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With the help of CSS3 and HTML5, designers can take their designs to the levels as both of these languages are capable of creating so many beautiful things. Designers who have good command over CSS3 and HTML5 create breathtaking and creative designs in an easy and quick manner and impress their clients with the amazing results.
Learning these languages is not difficult for those who have prior knowledge of CSS and HTML, and even for the newbies and amateur designers it is not that difficult at all. Here we are showcasing 20 fresh and useful HTML5 and CSS3 tutorials. By following these tutorials, you can create awesome artwork that was way too much difficult before the introduction of these languages. They have made development work so much easier for the developers, and on top of that, there is a huge plethora of tutorials available on the Internet to learn and excel in these recent sophisticated languages.

How to Create an Video Player in jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3

( Demo | Download )

CSS3 Menu and Animated Button Tutorials

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Do you want to learn how to create animated buttons and menu by using CSS3? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Today, we are showcasing a useful compilation of some amazing CSS3 tutorials on creating stunning animated buttons and menu.
With these tutorials, you can easily improve your CSS3 skills and can enhance your productivity. Feel free to browse through this useful collection of tutorials and learn as much as you can. Here is the full list after the jump. Enjoy!

Making a CSS3 Animated Menu

10 Typography Tools for CSS

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In this article, we have put together 10 excellent typography tools for CSS that you may find helpful in your next project. Tools to employ CSS typography come up from time to time, however not all of them are as great as others. At this time, we present a compilation of exceptional typography related and CSS compatible applications designed for you to bring into play in your own work.
Typographic art has turn out to be a progress on the online world more than being just an arrangement of fonts. This is the reason why designers all over the world are using it from the creation of new lettering to the use of previously designed fonts and from more noticeably modified context to furnishing a visual appeal to the design.

Serif Font Search

35 Amazingly Great CSS Menu Tutorials

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Today, we are showcasing 35 astonishingly great and priceless CSS Menu tutorials to help you grab the techniques of using CSS in a more professional and proficient way. CSS is being used as the most accepted language for creating eye-catching and attention grabbing navigation menus with maximum functionality.
These tutorials will help you learn how you can add dazzling and proficient looking CSS menu to your websites and make your website stands out among the rest. With the command on CSS, you can easily modify the menu according to your own preferences in order to fulfill your needs.
So, let us look into this compilation and take hold of some remarkable techniques to make your website navigation easier for your visitors so that they can find their desired content. Enjoy!

Slide Down Box Menu with jQuery and CSS3

30 Beautiful Free HTML5 & CSS3 Templates

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In this article, we are showcasing 30 most beautiful free HTML5 and CSS3 templates for you. However, in the recent years we have already posted several collection regarding high quality and free HTML & CSS templates, but this time we bring up a list of templates that are designed by using HTML5 and CSS3.
This time, we thought it would be great if we share some of the best and great designs with you seeing that over the last few years, there have been some very great free templates out there. The templates that we have listed in today’s collection both the HTML5 based and CSS3 based will definitely help you make your website more accessible than before. Enjoy!

Photographer’s Portfolio

25 Beautiful and Free CSS and Flash Templates

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People who are not much familiar with website coding always look for some ready-made website templates that they can use. This is the reason why free website templates are so valuable. Having a free website template not only allows you to create your own very personal website without even requiring any technical knowledge but also does not charge you anything.
Here, we have gathered some high quality free website templates that have been shared by well-known companies and experienced designers. We took these templates from Templatemo.com which is a great source of free CSS templates.
All the templates are free to download, edit or modify. You can even use them in your commercial projects without any restriction. Enjoy!

CSS Templates

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