Conceptual & Surreal artworks by Andreea Anghel

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Andreea Anghel is very dynamic artist with a great talent and a mind full of creativity. She has created lot of incredible, conceptual and surreal artworks. The whole theme of Andreea Angel’s work is based on the human condition and degradation… from sins to problems or simply human nature. She has started to create them when she was 16 and she hope to keep exploring these depths. Her artworks represent not only a message to her viewers, but also an attempt at trying to see beauty in imperfection.
We hope that you will like her collection of artworks, find out more about the artist and her work on Andreea Anghel and her Behance Portfolio

Inner Quarrel

15 Beautiful Illustration and Digital Art by Cristiano Siqueira

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Cristiano Siqueira is an Illustrator from Sao Paulo / Brazil, specialized in digital and vector illustration. CrisVector is the artistic identity of Cristiano and showcase of his personal production and some works done for various clients around the world.
In this post we have gathered 15 Mind blowing Artworks of Cristiano Siqueira, we hope that you will like his artworks, Feel free to give your comments on his artworks.

12 Awesome Photo Illustrations by Anthony Giacomino

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Anthony is a 19 year old designer based in the United States currently pursuing a job as a graphic designer. He do love art in all forms and creating digital art is his passion.

Anthony aims to provide top-notch graphics in the form of illustrations and digital art with a range of other design talents. He has been published in Advanced Photoshop magazine four times.

Previous jobs include an internship with Clear Channel Outdoor designing billboards, transit ads and city bus ads. He has designed for professional athletes including Rafael Nadal, Amare Stoudemire, Mike Miller, Allen Iverson, Randy Moss and Shawne Merriman and Andre Iguodala.