12 Most Innovative Bus Stop Concepts

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Though a bus stop is not a place that many of you would want to pay a visit except if you are a clandestine admirer whose merely chance to see his crush is on the bus to school or office. Despite that due to ever-mounting oil charges and the ever-exacerbating traffic, progressively more people are drove to pick bus as their main transportation. And this makes bus stops essential in the every day schedule of many city commuters.
In this round up, we are showcasing 12 most innovative bus stop concepts that include awesome designs that make for a lovable dream. After browsing through this collection, you would be praying that these bus stops would come to your city someday.

Urban Botanical Garden

Awesome Photography, Illustrations and Art by Justin Maller

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Justin Maller is a talented illustrator and art director working as a freelancer and based in Melbourne, Australia. Today, we are sharing some of his excellent and exceptional Photography, Illustrations and Art work that will definitely mesmerize you.
Justin Maller has been making digital art for more than eight years, and has developed proficiently in both a private and studio based faculty for the last three years. He is presented by Jeremy Wortsman of the Jacky Winter Group. Justin has the satisfaction of creating illustrations and concept art for a various array of companies and publications all over the world, and he takes pleasure in a friendly collaborative relationship with more than a few prestigious international design studios. Let us take a look at his masterpieces.


Showcase of Beautiful Landscape & Scenery Paintings

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Painting is an art of using different colors and pigments on the canvas in such a way that it can attract the onlookers. A painter can express his feelings and his frame of mind. In this roundup, we have compiled some very cool naturalistic and representational paintings.
All these paintings that we have listed below are created by very talented artists. You can seek inspiration from these paintings. Do not forget to share your comments with us.

Welcome to the Wormworld

Popular Movie Scenes Expressed by Typography

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Here is a very inspirational collection of typography that expresses the most popular movie scenes. Movies exhibit the power of human mind and its creativity. These are not the source of entertainment only but cal also be taken as the source of inspiration.
Here, we have presented some examples of amazing typography that shows how the art of typography can be used to communicate any emotion. I am sure, you must be thrilled to browse through this post, so without any further ado, here is the full collection after this jump.

V for Vendetta in Kinetic Typography

Showcase of Indescribable Game Artwork

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If you’re seeking some great ideas no matter for what purpose it is, you have come to the right place. This post is based on 30 indefinable 3D game artwork pieces that we have collected from the DeviantART galleries just to inspire you.
Game concept art always provide a good head start as it is filled with loads of vivid color schemes, fascinating patterns and a variety of characters. This post showcases an attractive compilation of 30 inexpressible 3D game artworks that will surely inspire you.

Dominance War IV – Moth

Amazing Artworks of Colorful Typography

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The role typography plays in any web design cannot be overlooked no matter how small or minimal fonts are used. Today, typography has taken the form of an art that include everything from the design layout to signs and from ads to digital artwork. Typography is used to communicate with the visitors and effective typography can successfully deliver the message you intended your readers to comprehend.
Here we have gathered some amazing examples of colorful typography that not only attract the potential customers’ attention but successfully deliver the message. Enjoy!

RendY Typography

Absolutely Unbelievable 3D Artworks

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We all love the impact Three dimensional (3D) computer graphics created, be it in movies, games, graphic designs, products designs or in advertisements it always inspire us. The extensive use of three dimensional (3D) computer graphics has made them excessively frequent to see almost anywhere but this does not mean that they can be created easily.
Today we have gathered more than 25 extremely inspiring & breathtaking 3D Art Pieces for your inspirations so that you can get some idea for your next 3D project. Enjoy!

Phantom – v2

Incredible Illustration Designs for Your Inspiration

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Designers often look for illustration designs to get some inspiration from. Beautifully created illustration designs not only persuade our senses and emotions but also affect our mental power. The hidden messages are incorporated in the illustrations in a way that they add to their beauty and attractiveness.
Here, we are showcasing some amazing illustrations created by the most talented artists.

30 Beautiful Examples of Interior Designs Rendered in 3D Max

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Here we have gathered some amazing examples of interior designs for your inspiration which are rendered in 3D Max. Using 3D Max for creating good presentation of architectural projects is not easy and requires lots of skills and expertise.
However, if you know how to use 3D Max for your presentation, you can really make the difference. At present, we gathered some examples focusing on a house interior design created in 3D Max. We hope that this post will inspire you just in case if you decide to begin exploring this program.

Modern living room

50 Stunning Digital Painting Tutorials

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Digital painting is the new emerging form of painting which is done with the help of digital means such as computers and software. You may have noticed some of the amazing digital paintings which amaze you a lot.
With the various techniques being offered related to digital painting, we have collected 50 Truly Stunning Digital Painting Tutorials for those designers who want to attempt it.
Discover the nuts and bolts of the digital painting and acquire the most useful techniques. Check out these fun and cool tutorials and make learning even more enjoyable!!!

Making of Beauty on the Bed