7 Free Apps for Facebook Users

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Facebook is the most famous and most preferred social networking website on the internet with more than 955 million active users. Here, we are presenting 7 free and best apps for the Facebook users that will keep them busy. With this collection, we tried to help those active Facebook users who spend hours on Facebook for finding new friends, joining common interest user groups, updating their status, commenting on their contacts’ status and so on…
We hope that Facebook addictive users will like this collection and enjoy using these Facebook apps. Enjoy browsing through this collection and feel free to share your opinions with us via comment section below. Enjoy!


25 Great Examples of Facebook Fan Pages

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For today’s collection, we have decided to compile a post of more than 25 great examples of Facebook fan pages. Well, no doubt that Facebook has become a crucial part of advertising a website or service online. Not only small blogs and discussion forums are using it but also huge money-making companies for example Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are all utilizing Facebook on the way to endorse their brand and interact with fans and consumers.
With this comes the importance of Facebook Fan pages which are at the heart of any Facebook promotion campaign. Therefore, we decided to showcase some of the great examples of attractive and successful fan pages. We hope that they will encourage you and furnish you some ideas for your own fan page.

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