Showcase of Funny Character Illustrations from CGSociety

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Today, we are presenting a showcase of extremely funny and amusing character illustrations from CG Society. We all know very well that 3D illustration is one of the most successful and pleasurable part of computer graphics. We frequently see 3D models, 3D renderings and solutions for video games that were designed by using many software that give them such an amazing and photorealistic look.
Well of course this is not something that one can very easily create but still if you have the desire and the passion to create then you can visit CG Society to take some good ideas.
Hence today we are showcasing exceptionally innovative yet funny character illustrations from CG Society members. I hope the below examples make you smile!!!


Showcase of Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers

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Acknowledging the fact that the design and development community love to decorate their devices with stylish and classy wallpapers, we thought that it is the time to figure out some classy and attractive wallpapers for your classy devices. Since, iPhone 5 is making its way around the web, so we thought to put together a collection of iPhone wallpapers for you.
This collection is the fruit for our design community that is searching for some finest iPhone wallpapers. With this assortment, we tend to help our readers find out a new gem for their stylish iDevices.
The focus for this collection was both the work of some popular designers as well as some popular design blogs. So here is the full list. Enjoy!

Mind Tree

Showcase of Nature Inspired Photo Manipulations

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Nature is truly the wonderful subject for photo manipulations because it is indeed visually attractive. This is the reason why it has been featured in scores of photo manipulation work. Bring to mind the four basic elements of nature, or else a stunning landscape, or a ferocious animal. All these things are products of nature, and all of them are visually attractive.
Designers who correctly integrate nature into your Photoshop work can create some truthfully incredible works. That’s why at present we’ve composed an assortment of astonishing photo manipulations based around the topic of nature to enthuse you. Each one of these works is stunning in its own right, however try to perceive repeating patterns among them. The majority of them have energetic colors, enormous lighting and a devoted sense of detail.

Extraordinary Island

25 (More) Super Colorful Printed Flyers

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Many people consider hiring an amateur designer to create a brochure design is ok but they fail to realize that professionalism is something that only a professional can offer, and not a amateur. The problem with an amateur and inexpert designer is that he does not know what the expectations of potential buyers are, and only care about the layout and format. Such a flyer design can never assure the success of your marketing campaign.
Winning flyer designs by their nature must be attention-grabbing, and one of the unsurpassed ways to accomplish this is by means of super color schemes. Vivid colors and amalgamations of different hues are great techniques of grabbing the viewer’s attention, and can be applied to imitate the temperament of the event that is being publicized.
In the previous posts, we have already shared an article about Colorful Printed Flyers, and in this post we have gathered another 25 examples of printed flyers that demonstrate the power of super colorful design. Enjoy!


Awesome Photography, Illustrations and Art by Justin Maller

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Justin Maller is a talented illustrator and art director working as a freelancer and based in Melbourne, Australia. Today, we are sharing some of his excellent and exceptional Photography, Illustrations and Art work that will definitely mesmerize you.
Justin Maller has been making digital art for more than eight years, and has developed proficiently in both a private and studio based faculty for the last three years. He is presented by Jeremy Wortsman of the Jacky Winter Group. Justin has the satisfaction of creating illustrations and concept art for a various array of companies and publications all over the world, and he takes pleasure in a friendly collaborative relationship with more than a few prestigious international design studios. Let us take a look at his masterpieces.


Showcase of Inspirational Designs for Nike

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Nike is the brand that is identified by the masses and chances are there that one day you will own your own pair of Nike’s. Although Nike has had its disagreement in the past but now you cannot set off a day without viewing that well-known little “swoosh”.
In this roundup, we have collected some of inspirational designs related to Nike. We hope that this collection will inspire you. Speak up your mind and do let us know your favorite design.

Nike Laser

The Art of Negative Space By Tang Yau Hoong

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In this post we have gathered some of outstanding Negative Space Artworks by Tang Yau Hoong, he is a very talented graphic artist, designer, and illustrator from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who loves simplistic design. Enjoy the inspiration!

Beware of Those Hands

Incredible Illustration Designs for Your Inspiration

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Designers often look for illustration designs to get some inspiration from. Beautifully created illustration designs not only persuade our senses and emotions but also affect our mental power. The hidden messages are incorporated in the illustrations in a way that they add to their beauty and attractiveness.
Here, we are showcasing some amazing illustrations created by the most talented artists.

25 Awesome 3D Fantasy Scenes

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Inspirations are always inspiring and they tell a concrete story of artist work as well. Very much creative designers prove their density by their work all the time.
Here in this post we are going to showcase a variety of awesome 3d fantasy scenes. They are really overwhelming and will give you new ways to think at all. We hope that you will admire this effort a lot.

Land Ho, Neverland In Sigh

Hand-Drawing Style In Web Design – Creative Examples

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New trends are introduced day by day in the field of web designing. During a decade there is much trend spread as hand drawn style in web designing. And it seems that it will remain in fashion always.
So we have decided to gather an excellent variety of hand drawn style in web designing. They are really gorgeous and very much creative as well. We hope that you will admire this effort at all.