Amazing Examples Of Reflection Photography

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In this round up, you will find some of the amazing examples of reflection photography for your inspiration. Reflection photography refers to the area of photography where right angles and timing is crucial for taking an exceptional and wonderful reflection photograph.
For today’s round up, you are presented with a nice collection of some excellent reflection photography. We hope that you will like this collection and find these photographs interesting for you. Here is the full list after the jump. Do have a look at these photographs. Enjoy!

Hannover Rathaus

Hannover Rathaus

Showcase of Excellent Bridge Photography

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In this article, we are showcasing some wonderful and superb bridge photography. The field of technology has become advanced and we can see lots of new bridges are built which are bigger, better and also look more magnificent and wonderful. Nowadays, bridge photography is very popular because it enhances the beauty of bridges and makes them appear more attractive and appealing. In this collection, you can also see some of the old bridges which look new and amazing. Bridges grab the attention very easily due to their huge size.
Architecturally and metaphorically speaking, bridges are the amazing creation which is made by human; and by the skills of talented photographer, these common structures look stunning and eye-catching. Enjoy looking into this collection which definitely astonishes you. Do let us know what you feel about this round up.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

20 Inspirational & Exceptional Product Advertisements

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Our today’s post consists of some inspirational and interesting product advertisements, which you do not see usually. These product ads are simply out of the usual run of things. During your web browsing, you may constantly see impressive advertisement on top most websites, but there are chances that you are missing some extra ordinary and imaginative ads. Won’t believe it? Just have a look at these ads!
And do not forget to share your comments with us!

Sony Alpha Advertise

30 Creative Login and Signup Forms For Inspiration

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Login or signup form is the most important and crucial element of a web design as it encourages and allows your visitors to become a member, subscriber or customer for your business. A nice, creative and visually attractive login or signup form will definitely result in good conversion rate if all the required features are coordinated properly.
Designing a clean yet effective login or signup form needs some aspects to be considered first because having an appealing and outstanding form is not an easy thing to achieve. Therefore, we are showcasing a collection of 30 eye catchy login or signup forms for your inspiration. We hope that this stunning collection would be enjoyable and inspirational for you. Feel free to share your comments. Your comments are always more than welcome!


20 Examples of Furniture Logo Design

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The furniture logo design lets the companies generate their brand name and set up a cheering and touching relationship with their potential customers. A small number of furniture logo design let you to desire for that lavishness, while some allow you to get simply captivated to the comfort aspect and others set you off to choose appealing design and style for you.
In today’s logo design inspiration series, we are presenting 20 electrifying examples of furniture logo designs that would be perfect for our appliance industry. Although the designs of furniture logos generally look the same with each other reason being the fresh or inexperienced designers who mostly count seriously on images linked with the appliance industry.
Here is the complete list of excellent examples of furniture logo designs that look astonishing and inspiring for you.

Movutil – Logotype

25 Great Examples of Facebook Fan Pages

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For today’s collection, we have decided to compile a post of more than 25 great examples of Facebook fan pages. Well, no doubt that Facebook has become a crucial part of advertising a website or service online. Not only small blogs and discussion forums are using it but also huge money-making companies for example Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are all utilizing Facebook on the way to endorse their brand and interact with fans and consumers.
With this comes the importance of Facebook Fan pages which are at the heart of any Facebook promotion campaign. Therefore, we decided to showcase some of the great examples of attractive and successful fan pages. We hope that they will encourage you and furnish you some ideas for your own fan page.

Panda Express

18 JavaScript Photo Slideshows Used in Web Layouts

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Web developers have turn out to be very imaginative by enforcing custom techniques with jQuery user interface (UI), MooTools, Prototype, and other JS libraries. Almost every web developer has heard about the several JavaScript photo slider plugins in any case. These repeatedly make use of a library for example jQuery to build plug-and-play galleries within just a few minutes. However after so many years of project development, we can discover lots of distinctive examples and animations in this field.
In the summary, we have put together 18 exceptionally distinctive implementations of JavaScript photo sliders on websites. Both the communication and user interface take a huge role in this type of page element. Enjoy!

Red ice creations

30 Black and White Logos for your Inspiration

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Nearly all logo designers begin their design process by creating sketches in black and white because these are the colors that present the logo in its purest form. A logo design that looks perfect in black and white, there is generally no need to put in any color to it to make it look good.
In this collection, you will see some great examples of pure logos in black and white. It is generally best to design a logo in black and white prior to adding color only to focus entirely on the design. Logo designs that look great in black and white also look cool on promotional items, for example these from Quality Logo Products. So, here is the complete collection after this jump. Enjoy!

Ed’s Electric

30 Websites with Full-Screen Photo Backgrounds

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Here we have gathered a collection of 30 appealing websites that have full screen photo backgrounds. You have seen the photograph-based backgrounds throughout many portfolio and company websites that has become another area to focus on apart from the art of crafting pixel-perfect website layouts that may take few more years to develop as a professional art form. Full screen photo backgrounds time and again work well in a wallpaper type display ported onto the web.
Here is the showcase of 30 most appealing and awesome websites that boost full screen backgrounds. This trend is still developing and has managed to keep hold of their concepts for some time. Check out these examples below if you’re in need of creative ideas for your own design. Or alternatively let us know your thoughts in the discussion area below.

FOX Classics

30 Interesting Navigation Menus

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Navigation is undoubtedly an extremely essential component of web design as well as an imperative aspect to consider at the same time as designing a page. At the moment, we assembled a few examples of navigation menus to give you an idea about the different navigation menu. From fresh and simple typography based menus to vibrant and predetermined positioned ones, there are loads of examples to inspire you.
At present, we would like to show you 30 attractive navigation menus that range from simple ones that conceal discretely at the corner of the design to complete blustered menus that engage in most of the header. No matter what kind of navigational menus you are inclined to support, we hope that you would enjoy this post.