30 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials

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There are so many Photoshop tutorials available on the internet through which people can easily learn how to use Photoshop. Today, we have gathered beautiful collection of 30 lovely and useful Photoshop tutorials. All these tutorials were made by experienced and talented designers so, this collection will help you.
Grab this amazing chance and start browsing through this cool collection. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below. You can also download these tutorials free of cost. Enjoy everyone!!!

Create a Surreal Scene Full of Life

20 Free Photoshop Actions For Time Saving

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Photoshop Actions are very helpful in editing photos quickly and spicing them up with brilliant effects. At times, Photoshop users find editing photos tough and time consuming. This is the time where Photoshop Actions come into play. With Photoshop actions, you can easily automate monotonous work and improve your work efficiency greatly.
In this round up, we have put together a list of 20 time saving Adobe Photoshop actions for you. Here, we have listed some high quality and useful Photoshop Actions for you that you can download for free. However, before using them for the commercial purpose, we will encourage you to read and understand the terms and conditions to make sure that you are using them in a way that is permitted. Enjoy!

Sa-cool action 2.07

20 Inspirational & Exceptional Product Advertisements

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Our today’s post consists of some inspirational and interesting product advertisements, which you do not see usually. These product ads are simply out of the usual run of things. During your web browsing, you may constantly see impressive advertisement on top most websites, but there are chances that you are missing some extra ordinary and imaginative ads. Won’t believe it? Just have a look at these ads!
And do not forget to share your comments with us!

Sony Alpha Advertise

30 Beautiful Doodles Photoshop Brushes

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Here, we will illustrate an exciting and very cute collection of 30 delightful and adorable Doodles Photoshop brushes. With this assortment, we are intended to suggest you using Photoshop but not as a professional designing tool but to use it for the purpose of fun and enjoyment.
The collection below present some interesting and cute Photoshop brushes that obviously you can download for free; and then can make use of these Photoshop brushes to decorate your photos with and to add a childhood mood to your photos. In addition, these brushes can be employed in a expert designer’s works as well, such as making the toy store design or a website for children.
Here, we bring together cute doodles, childlike, but also some are spine-chilling brushes. Hope you enjoy it!

Shaddow Scribbles

30 Free Photoshop Grass Brush Sets

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Here is the new assortment of 30 new and free Photoshop Grass brush sets that you may be looking for the ages. Our today’s roundup of 30 great and free Photoshop brushes contains a collection of quality brushes to choose from that will help you make your masterpiece even better. In the field of web and graphics designing, Photoshop plays a crucial role considering all those photo editing and artworks.
To make ones artwork even more beautiful and realistic, one of the most indispensable things is Photoshop brushes. This is the main reason that having a huge collection of high quality brush sets that apart from giving your design work an awesome look also makes your designing work a little easier for you.

Grass Brushes set 1

30 Free Stamp Photoshop Brushes

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Here we come up with another collection of free stamp Photoshop brushes that can make your designs even more delightful and enchanting to look at. This is the collection you would not like to miss. Stamp Photoshop brushes are well thought-out to be one of the most useful for designers in contributing a little additional ornamentation as well as in adding a touch of quality and texture to their entire design projects.
Keeping this in mind, we thought that this is the time to gather and bring together high resolution stamp Photoshop brushes for you that you can download for free. So, here is the full list after this small jump. Get some time to experiment with these amazing brushes. Enjoy browsing!

Old stamp

Showcase of Nature Inspired Photo Manipulations

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Nature is truly the wonderful subject for photo manipulations because it is indeed visually attractive. This is the reason why it has been featured in scores of photo manipulation work. Bring to mind the four basic elements of nature, or else a stunning landscape, or a ferocious animal. All these things are products of nature, and all of them are visually attractive.
Designers who correctly integrate nature into your Photoshop work can create some truthfully incredible works. That’s why at present we’ve composed an assortment of astonishing photo manipulations based around the topic of nature to enthuse you. Each one of these works is stunning in its own right, however try to perceive repeating patterns among them. The majority of them have energetic colors, enormous lighting and a devoted sense of detail.

Extraordinary Island

25 (More) Super Colorful Printed Flyers

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Many people consider hiring an amateur designer to create a brochure design is ok but they fail to realize that professionalism is something that only a professional can offer, and not a amateur. The problem with an amateur and inexpert designer is that he does not know what the expectations of potential buyers are, and only care about the layout and format. Such a flyer design can never assure the success of your marketing campaign.
Winning flyer designs by their nature must be attention-grabbing, and one of the unsurpassed ways to accomplish this is by means of super color schemes. Vivid colors and amalgamations of different hues are great techniques of grabbing the viewer’s attention, and can be applied to imitate the temperament of the event that is being publicized.
In the previous posts, we have already shared an article about Colorful Printed Flyers, and in this post we have gathered another 25 examples of printed flyers that demonstrate the power of super colorful design. Enjoy!


30 Creative Photoshop Tutorials To Create Fantastic Art

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Photoshop is an amazing tool to create interesting and startling things whether it is photo manipulation or creation of beautiful artwork. With it so many and multifarious tools and their functionality, there is always a room to explore more. This is the reason why everyday you com across with new Photoshop tutorials that guide you new techniques.
Using Photoshop to create visually appealing artwork is a fun. You can even give your artwork an artistic touch and can also make it look hand-drawn. The list we shared today helps you create futuristic artwork. Enjoy!

Skating in clouds. Magic scene

25 Free Phone and iPad GUI PSD for Designers

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Designing a user-friendly interface along with the proper planning and communication is probably the most difficult task for the web developers particularly designing the user interface of a mobile phone or iPad. Proper planning and communication together with a user friendly interface always invades your project into the success parameter, and this can be done only by the wire-framing process.
It is important that you design a layout that can effectively communicate your ideas to others while keeping your tool or project as cost effective and time saving as possible. So keeping this in mind, here we are sharing some handpicked GUI templates that help you create versatile design if you add them to your library.

iPhone 4 PSD