Shopping Carts: To Host or Not to Host?

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Now that so many things have moved online, and so many people are connected to the World Wide Web, business has changed. Many companies have found that an excellent way to expand business and maximize profit is to offer customers the option to purchase products and services via the Internet. Some companies even use this method as their principal technique. In order to offer this option, companies need to implement some sort of shopping cart software, which allows customers to make purchases safely and effectively. Due to the popularity of ecommerce, many options have developed to assist companies in this venture, and choosing a shopping cart platform can be tough. They two main types of shopping cart options are hosted and non-hosted. But what does that mean?


Shopping Cart Options for Developers

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Shopping cart is the most crucial element of any ecommerce website that lets the customers pick their favorite items as the one they want to buy from the online shopping store. There are number of choices available if you want to build an ecommerce website that may work for you in different circumstances.
Availability of so many options means there is no right or wrong solutions, just the options to choose from. Here, 18 different options are summarized that you must want to have a look at. These options not only provide you with detailed information but also point you in the right direction as well.