35 Free HTML5 and CSS Templates

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HTML5 and CSS3 are playing a very important role in the world of web development and designing because HTML5 and CSS3 have additional and great features which save time and reduce the tension of designers. Professionally designed HTML5 and CSS3 templates are quite popular among the web developers because of the reason that they save their time in achieving their goals easily and effortlessly.
In this round up, we have gathered 35 useful and free HTML5 and CSS3 templates for you. These templates mostly are fairly more corporate and business-oriented than others, but they are all of excellent quality templates. Click through and feel free to download…
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20 Free HTML Email Newsletter Templates

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In this section, we are presenting more than 30 free HTML email newsletter templates. In the field of internet marketing, email newsletter plays a very crucial role in attracting loads of potential customers to your website. Apart from that with the help of email newsletter, you can keep your regular customers and visitors up to date with the latest products news and happenings.
Therefore, it is important to design a beautiful and attention grabbing layout for your email newsletter that grabs your target audience attention instantly. Thus, we compiled this list of more than 20 amazing and appealing email newsletter templates that can for sure make your email newsletter stand out from the rest. Here is the full list. Check it out and pick the best one for your email newsletter!


25 Beautiful and Free CSS and Flash Templates

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People who are not much familiar with website coding always look for some ready-made website templates that they can use. This is the reason why free website templates are so valuable. Having a free website template not only allows you to create your own very personal website without even requiring any technical knowledge but also does not charge you anything.
Here, we have gathered some high quality free website templates that have been shared by well-known companies and experienced designers. We took these templates from Templatemo.com which is a great source of free CSS templates.
All the templates are free to download, edit or modify. You can even use them in your commercial projects without any restriction. Enjoy!

CSS Templates

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