Top Wallpapers for Gamers

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Wallpapers are what make your computer appear livelier and motivating especially if these are based on your interests and hobbies. The concept of using video game wallpaper on your computer is actually an interesting idea. Enhance your boring desktop and transform it into a space where you can find entertainment and inspiration. Here are the top 10 best gaming wallpapers to try:

Mario Mushroom

For those who are a fan of Mario Bros Saga, ‘Mario Mushroom’ is a nice fun and amusing wallpaper to install in your desktop. Whenever you see this image, you will be reminded of how exciting it is to get through those obstacles just to save the princess.



If you are a car-racing enthusiast, the S13 is a great enhancement to your desktop. View all images of the S13 and choose one that interests you the most. Perhaps, select a car that’s closest to your dream car.

F1 2012 Game

The F1 race has been around for years and if you are a frustrated F1 racecar driver, the F1 2012 game wallpaper can just put your passion into reality. Browse over a variety of F1 Race wallpapers and consider posting the image that has your favorite racer in it.

Xbox Controller

The Xbox Controller wallpaper is a good way to motivate you in doing well in any game you play. Looking at the latest Xbox Controller on your screen will push you to either upgrade your game console or encourage you to play various kinds of games.


Video Game Posters

Video Games Posters as wallpapers are plentiful today. You can search from puzzle games to war games depending on your interest. Search for these ideas on the net and choose applicable wallpaper that you will find interesting on your PC screen.


Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy comes in various images. This game does not only provide problems to solve, it too has a story to share to the player. Characters are fascinating and the storyline is worth witnessing.

Bioshock Infinite Falling

The Bioshock Infinite Falling wallpaper is a reflection of entering a different world where you need to struggle hard in order to save yourself from evil forces. As a fan of this game, the Bioshock Infinite Falling wallpaper is available for download.

Mass Effect Helmet

Robotic-inspired images are what you can enjoy with the Mass Effect Helmet wallpaper. A wide range of helmets is provided for selection. You are therefore given a variety of helmet designs to choose from.

Take note that you have to check on your computer specs in order to ensure that the wallpaper is compatible with your system. In addition, high-resolution video game wallpapers are more pleasant to the eye. Therefore, download HD copies of wallpapers for your PC. You don’t find in this article an online bingo wallpapers  however, you can create one by searching for a video related to bingo gaming.

30 Astonishing Free Typography Wallpapers

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Typography is the most basic and fundamental element of a web design. It not only adds a visual appeal in the design but also helps to provide the information. To put it briefly, typography is the most basic element that the design, marketing, business and entertainment industries cannot live without. Here, we are showcasing a collection of some astonishing and free typography wallpapers for you.
Scroll through our wonderful collection of typography wallpapers and be inspired as well. Just click on their respective links and download the wallpapers directly from their sources. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below. Have fun!!

Typography Design

25 Free Widescreen Nature-Themed Wallpapers

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Today, we are showcasing a beautiful and alluring collection of widescreen wallpapers based on nature theme. Although there are innumerable websites offering free download of wallpapers yet it is quite difficult to find out high quality wallpapers for the widescreen. Therefore, we compile this post to showcase widescreen wallpapers only. In this round up, you can explore 40 beautiful and visually appealing nature themed wallpapers that will exactly fit your screen.
All the wallpapers in this collection are handpicked and will surely provide you soothing and comforting visuals to relax your tired eyes. So, don’t miss the opportunity to liven up your wide screens. Check this out and get as much as you like!

Orange Days

30 Cool Wallpapers for Typography Lovers

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Another beautiful collection of desktop wallpapers for our wallpapers lovers. Almost every computer user loves to decorate the desktop with beautiful, lively and vibrant wallpapers that suit their mood and reflect their inner feelings. Here we have put together 30 cool typography based wallpapers that you can use to decorate your desktop and laptops with. This collection would specially be pleasing for the typography lovers as it features cool typography.
With this collection, we aim to share with you cool and inspirational stocks for the world of creativeness and design for free. And it is once again our pleasure to share with you what we have gathered from all over the web so to help you with your masterpieces. Click through and feel free to download.

Star stu hot style

40 Wallpaper Designs Featuring the Linux Mascot

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In the last couple of years, Linux has captured the underground geek world of coders and hackers white-hat, of course; mainly because of its simplicity, lightness, and functionality. On the other hand, the mainstream has not been as swift to catch on, to be precise, until they meet the delightful Linux penguin mascot, Tux.
In this assortment, we are presenting more than 40 beautifully designed wallpapers that feature the Linux Mascot. Although, there are some of the most brilliant and interesting Tux themed wallpapers around but here you can find them all in a click. All the wallpapers are sorted here by size i.e. from small to extra large so that you can choose one that fit your monitor. Enjoy!


40 Awesome Dual Screen Wallpapers to Decorate Your Desktop

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Below we are presenting a fantastic and out of this world type collection of some truly awesome dual screen wallpapers that you can use to decorate your desktop with. Wallpapers hold a great appeal for the design and development community in particular and to every computer user in general who tends to spend a large amount of time enjoying in the glow of a computer screen.
We previously posted several collections of beautiful and stunning wallpapers for our reader but this time we thought we should turn our attention towards dual monitor setup seeing that a large number of users are putting on a dual monitor setup on their desktop. We hope you enjoy this awe-inspiring showcase of designs that will for sure have you redressing your desktop backgrounds before you know it.

Donau sunrise 2 hdr DUAL

35 Free Beautiful Cityscape Wallpapers

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With so many wallpapers collections available all over the internet, we still feel the need of some fresh and appealing wallpapers that we can decorate our desktops with. Every now and then, it is somewhat boring to see the identical wallpaper on your desktop with the intention that changing your desktop appearance with fine-looking and fresh wallpaper can give a new life to your desktop.
People tend to change their wallpaper display very often and we cannot judge that how often our readers change their desktop wallpapers. But, changing a desktop wallpaper once a month definitely makes some sense.
Here, we are presenting a collection of some beautiful cityscape wallpapers that are so appealing that you would definitely want to give your desktop a new look with a cityscape photo.

Big Moon

Showcase of Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers

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Acknowledging the fact that the design and development community love to decorate their devices with stylish and classy wallpapers, we thought that it is the time to figure out some classy and attractive wallpapers for your classy devices. Since, iPhone 5 is making its way around the web, so we thought to put together a collection of iPhone wallpapers for you.
This collection is the fruit for our design community that is searching for some finest iPhone wallpapers. With this assortment, we tend to help our readers find out a new gem for their stylish iDevices.
The focus for this collection was both the work of some popular designers as well as some popular design blogs. So here is the full list. Enjoy!

Mind Tree

40 Powerful Photo-manipulated Wallpapers You’ll Love

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There are tons of wallpaper collections that are available online to choose one for your desktop. The range varies enormously from photography wallpapers to nature wallpapers and from celebrity wallpapers to funky wallpapers, the list is endless.
Using photo manipulated pictures as the wallpapers is gaining momentum these days turning to be the latest trend in wallpaper arena. Today, we spotlight some really pleasant photo-manipulated wallpapers. This collection not only will amaze you but will also inspire you instantly. You can click the images if you want to be redirected to the originals for a more closer look. Let’s have a look!

Earth and Moon

Download Wallpaper: 1024×768

30 Really Stunning Apple iPad Wallpapers

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Millions of users all over the world are already using iPad. The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed by Apple Inc. Initially, it was introduced as a podium for audio-visual media consisting of books, periodicals, movies, music, games, and web content.
iPads are constantly commercialized as being lighter, thinner and faster. The size of iPads lies in between smartphones and laptops, and are controlled by a multi-touch display.
I am confident every person out there would desire to add zing to their iPad background with some truly stunning wallpapers. So, here is the exciting compilation for you all. In this post, we are showcasing more than 40 dazzling and beautifully designed iPad Wallpapers for your Inspiration. Select the one you like and make it look more attractive.

Single Tree