15 Useful Batch Image Processors

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Today, we have come up with an assortment of 15 tools and techniques for converting images and documents. Sometimes, converting images and even files by hand become a nerve racking process yet sometimes clients send us files in formats that cannot be used directly on website or projects; and under such circumstances we always need some sort of tool that can easily convert that file into our desirable format so that we can use it.
With Batch processing, now you easily convert, resize and manipulate your images and document files. There are some more tools available out there that make performing these batch processes nearly painless. So, choose the most efficient tool that will do what you want to accomplish.
Let us start with image processing; I am pretty much sure that many designers prefer to use Photoshop for that purpose but what if you only need to resize a dozen of images? Then it will be more like an overkill. So, below we are presenting some tools and techniques that will let you batch process a variety of tasks without any pain. So, take out some time and research each one in order to pick the best one for your task.

Rename Master

16 Awesome All-time WordPress SEO Plugins

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A website is dead without SEO. The process of Search Engine Optimization gives life to a website. WordPress is a wonderful and easy to use blogging tool that is being used all over the world. With the recent tie-up of windows live and wordpress.com, the number of wordpress blog users is greatly increased. According to the WordPress blog the number of user joining wordpress.com has been doubled from around 400000 to over 900000 per month after this tie-up.
The reason is its features and easy to use interface. Every blogger wants its blog to rank higher in the search engine page results (SEPR) and attract more visitors while avoiding spammers. For this purpose, they need to do some effective SEO for their blogs. SEO plugins help you in doing such wonders for your blogs.
Here we are sharing a collection of some SEO plugins that we think will be best for your blog. Enjoy!

Google XML Sitemaps

25 More Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

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Google Chrome is a web browser which compared to other web browsers is comparatively new. Because of its simplicity, its popularity is increasing exponentially. Many web designers and developers prefer to use Google Chrome because it’s fast and simple.
Keeping this in mind, we have assembled this post that features 25 useful extensions for Google Chrome that would come in handy for all web developers and designers out there.

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Measure it!

Showcase Of 30 Websites Using Expression Engine

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Content Management System or CMS helps you manage you better manage your content and makes publishing new content, editing the previously published content a lot more easier job. There are many Content Management Systems out there. Some of them being open sources are widely used all over the world.
Today, we are featuring a Content Management System that is developed by EllisLab named ExpressionEngine. This particular Content Management System is aimed to be less complicated to use as compared to other Content Management Systems. For example, it needs no knowledge of PHP, and has wide online documentation.
ExpressionEngine lets you work without any limitations on your website design, content or structure rather it provides you maximum flexibility to construct a website that not only accomplishes your requirements and innovative vision for today, but will also grow when your business requirements change in the future. Let’s have a look!

Flourish Web Design

10 Fun & Clever Examples of HTML5

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HTML5 is there as the new set standard for the world of web. Although we have previously posted some cool roundups related to HTML5 and the websites that have been developed using HTML5, but this time we thought to bring something interesting into your notice.
This post features some smart examples of HTML5 that are a bit out there on the edges. These examples demonstrate what you can achieve with HTML5. Some of these examples reveal a wholehearted use of design giving some new native abilities.

Agent 8-Ball

25 Useful Free Mac Apps for Web Designers and Developers

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The Web designing has earned momentous popularity over the past few years and the core job of a web developer or a web designer is to develop websites and comprehensive content management systems that can support as well as promote the website.
Many web developers and designers these days are using free Mac applications that help them in achieving or completing any job done by the Photoshop. Furthermore, several premium and high quality plugins are also available apart from these applications that help designers and developers on their way to success.
The Seashore app comes with many useful tools for layers, textures, gradients, and drawing. Similarly, The Live Quartz is a Mac interface application that holds the regular drawing tools and even complex designs could be produced by means of this application. After that the Adobe Browserlab, Avaya, MAMP, Firebug, Simple CSS, Inkscape, Kompozer, Scribus, Virtualbox, Textwrangler and Seamonkey are some important apps.


Five Tools to Measure your Twitter Influence

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Twitter is the fast growing social networking online community using by millions of users. In this post we have gathered 5 useful tools to measure your Twitter influence for you.


Twitalyzer knows who is in your social network and we know where they live, allowing you to be more targeted in your outreach efforts.


The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others.

Twitter Grader

Twitter Grader is a free tool that allows you to check the power of your twitter profile compared to millions of other users that have been graded.

Retweet Rank

With Retweet Rank you can find any twitter user’s retweet rank.


10 Real Time Web Analytic Services

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Analytic tracking codes are embedded in every website in order to track down the traffic of that website. Without these codes, you can never come across the favorite web page of your visitors and can never know their details.
The most commonly used web analytic service is Google Analytics which is very popular because of its effectiveness available at no cost. But there are some other web services that provide you with real time results much better than the Google Analytics. Here is the complete list!


13 Great HTML5 Web Based Apps For Designers

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HTML5 is the newest technology introduced by Apple that has been getting very popular among developers and designers. For the designing fraternity, HTML5 is like a powerful weapon that they can use to create appealing and innovative web based applications.
Although, there are so many tools available on the net for the designers and developers; but finding out a free and high-quality tool is a big challenge. In this assortment, we have shared 13 best and high-quality web based HTML5 tools that every designer and developer is looking for. Enjoy!

CSS3.0 Maker

Outstanding Places to Create Your Website Online

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A website is not there just to have an online presence rather it is the most effective medium to communicate with your customers and sell out your goods and services. With the progress in the technology, there is no need to hire an expensive web designer to design your website; you yourself can do it with the help of website builders.
Website builders are the tools that let you build your website without requiring you to know coding. Two types of website builders are available; one is software type that let you create pages on your computer that can later be published on any host, and the other is online website builders that are provided by web hosting companies and are specifically intended for their users. The online tools offer huge range of variety from creating simple personal website to complete e-commerce website. Here is the collection of 30 places you can create your website from.