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9 Of The Most Desirable Plecs For The Aquarium. Picture by Brexit AND a global pandemic. And rather rare pleco in the hobby. Named after their enormous dorsal fins, Sailfin Plecos are stunning to … - 9”. L046 – Zebra Pleco – Hypancistrus zebra – 3”. Get the best deals on Tropical Aquarium Live Pleco Fish when you shop the largest online selection at If you continue to use this site we’ll assume you’re happy to receive all cookies. $75.00. Report. L095 – Orange Cheek Pinecone Pleco – Pseudorinelepis sp. Company registration: 1645844 VAT number: GB 367 7282 57, Top 10 Plecos - written Living World at Canterbury Garden Centre, Top 10 Plants for the Aquascaped Aquarium, How to Trim Aquarium Plants Without Damaging Them. $10. # 5. Hope they will continue breeding. $175.00. Is 2020 safely tucked behind us? Repashy Morning Wood # 8. Vampire pleco rare $80 (inl) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Another impressive fish, the adult VW Pleco is an enormous fish that is sought after by many. Omega One Vegetable Beats, 14mm Rounds, Sinking. Please Contact Us to order! Ghost Plecos are peaceful species, but sometimes they can be territorial when they get together with similar species. 9. . L257 – Tigris Pleco – Pseudolithoxus tigris - 4”. Bristlenose Pleco. $64.50 shipping. African Cichlids. Get the best deals on Tropical Aquarium Live Pleco Fish when you shop the largest online selection at Albinus Rubber Pleco L146a Sm/md $ 10.48 Sultan Pleco L264 Med $ 181.48 Blue Panaque Pleco L239 Med $ 111.48 Watch. $5. Call 1-877-367-4377 to order. Depending on the species, they can range from 5 inches to 2 feet long. 9. In pristine conditions, the typical Common Pleco lifespan is between 10 and 15 years! There are all different types and colors of pleco, and they have all different personalities. favorite this post Jan 1 Bamboo pleco caves ... ^ back to top ^ back to top. Chellaston, Derby. This guy also has an odd habit of ‘hovering’ off the substrate. Ghost Plecos are originated from Brazil. I know it’s a long shot that anyone close to me is interested in some really rare plecos but if you are I have some good ones for sale. This came into existence at the beginning of the ‘pleco boom’ when the demand for the rarer varieties first skyrocketed. The most effective food for Pleco. Colombian blue-eyed plecScientific name: Panaque cf. Kent, Find hard to find plecos for sale at Imagine a gold nugget on colour enhancers and steroids and you might get a vague picture of what these guys look like in the flesh. Fairly common in the hobby and relatively inexpensive, there are few other plecos that provide the ‘wow factor’ like these guys do. Minimum Tank Size – 40 gallons. Offer Repashy gel foods.Notes: Territorial with other cats, aggressive with other nuggets. 3. Discover (and save!) A spiny, red-finned, carnivorous monster of a pleco, this is a very popular fish amongst pleco enthusiasts. All the best pleco fish varieties for your aquarium with HD video clips counting down from ten to one. Tagged in: Adult sizes can reach up to 5″. # 4. If you have one of these rare books sitting on a shelf, get ready to cash in! They have a flattened body covered in bony plates, and as they reach maturity, they sprout tentacle like branches from their head. Plecos shipped directly to your door at the lowest prices & highest quality online. 8. 10. The Queen Arabesque Pleco is a small sucker catfish with a marbled pattern. favorite this post Jan 7 ... ^ back to top ^ back to top. Excellent in a tank with other large fish such as South American cichlids. Aug 5, 2019 - Breeding Female Lemondrop dragon Bristlenose pleco *Rare Longfin* 4-5 $70 L014 – Goldie/Sunshine Pleco – Scobinancistrus aureatus -12”. Hint: look for Pleco specialists; the Queen Arabesque is the L260 when L-numbers are involved. Species: Pleco. They should be kept 78-82 F in 30+ gallons of tank. Whichever one you get, expect someone to dispute its identity. About us It turns out that fishkeeping isn’t such a lucrative industry for shop owners, with many living a perpetual state of financial hand-tomouth. $64.50 shipping. Plecos that stay small LDA065 – Titanic Panaque/Volkswagen Pleco – Panaque schaeferi - 24”. 2572212 | VAT registration No. Just be aware that they can be quite territorial with one another. Zebra plecScientific name: Hypancistrus zebra (High-pan-sis-truss zeb-ra).Origin: Endemic to the Rio Xingu, Brazil.Size: To 8cm/3.1in.Tank size: Minimum 60 x 30cm/24 x 12in.Water chemistry: Soft acidic to slightly base water; pH 6.0–7.5, hardness 2–16°H.Temperature: 26–30°C/78.8–86°F.Feeding: Carnivorous fish that enjoys bloodworms, brine shrimp and even Daphnia.Notes: Despite being threatened by dam construction, wild caught fish offered in the UK may well have been illegally caught and smuggled out via other countries. Top 12 Best Pleco Foods Reviews # 1. GB 638 3492 15, Copyright © 2021 Warners Group Publications Plc. But some of them could realistically be kept in a little smaller than that. 17. ... although this is pretty rare. Check Price. # 6. Large, carnivorous and territorial; this is an awesome fish – just expect to pay a lot for one if you find one… but they are well worth it! Hikari Fish Food # 3. 1. Our stock of Plecostomus Catfish are always beautiful and rare! 8. Royal plecScientific name: Panaque nigrolineatus (Pan-ak-ay nig-row-lin-ee-ah-tuss).Origin: Colombia, Venezuela, South Central Amazon Basin.Size: To 35cm/13.8in.Tank size: 180 x 60cm/60 x 24in.Water chemistry: Slightly acidic to slightly alkaline; pH 6.5–7.5, hardness 4–15°H.Temperature: 22–30°C/71.6–86°F.Feeding: Veg, veg and more veg. Scientific name: Baryancistrus xanthellus (Barry-an-sis-truss zan-thel-us). or top 5 or if your really into plecos and you enjoy this question you can number how ever many you want from rarest on starting at #1 as the rarest please thank you. Lots of baby's for sale open to offers. 4” LDA 105 Typoon- $500 5-6” Albino Adonis- $400 6-8” Acanthicus Hystrix- $100 6-8” L95 Orangecheek- $100 I have a bunch more too those are just the best ones, again sorry but no shipping pick up only. Free shipping over $149! Thanks to Neil from Living World for providing these top ten L number pleco’s. Can I come back out? - 5” Most people get excited about the L183 Super … Saved by Stacy's Artful Heart. We noticed that they usually start breed from December to March. Now captively bred in good numbers, this carnivorous fish is once again becoming more and more popular and available to hobbyists – and with its stunning looks, why wouldn’t it! Rare sultan plecos $60 (Fontana) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... RARE SULTAN PLECO! Zoo Med Laboratories Pleco Reception Block. ... Pleco Fish. LDA105 – Typhoon Pleco – Pseudacanthicus sp. 14 watching!SALE! Exotic Plecos, L200, L066, L30, peppermint pleco, queen arabesque, sunshine pleco, sternella, king tiger, snowball, lemon-spotted, royal, chocolate, white seam, lot-spot, sultan, zebra pleco Tim's Tropical Fish They make great algae eaters in any community tank, and are certainly worth looking for if you want something a little less common. Leopard Cactus Pleco *Tank Raised* – (Pseudacanthicus leopardus – L600) Currently Unavailable Notes: There are many varieties with subtle differences between them. Be sure to stay up to date with product news, announcements and behind the scenes info on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages! We use cookies to improve your experience of this website by remembering your usage preferences, collecting statistics, and targeting relevant content. Origin: … $120 for all 3. 7. Most people get excited about the L183 Super Starlights, but I certainly prefer these guys. 4. This fantastically patterned pleco may be very similar looking to the L260 Queen Arabesque, but in my opinion is a much better community aquarium addition as it is less shy. Size, colour, spots and armour plating set this pleco apart from many of the others. Page 1 of 4. When you first buy a Common Pleco, it’ll likely be a few inches in length at most. Wateringbury, As with any other tank residents, choose plecos carefully with respect to their size, behavior and diet. Blue eye lemon pleco. ME18 5PP, United Kingdom. 3. Sunshine plecScientific name: Scobinancistrus aureatus (Scoh-bin-an-sis-truss or-ee-ate-us).Origin: Rio Xingu, Brazil.Size: To 30cm/12in.Tank size: 180 x 60cm/60 x 24in.Water chemistry: Soft acidic to neutral water; pH 5.8–7.2, hardness 2–14°H.Temperature: 25–29°C/77–84.2°F.Feeding: Omnivore, offer prawns, mussels and fish pieces, as well as fruit and veg with the skin on.Notes: Big and robust, and retains gorgeous markings into adulthood. Pleco: 8-10" Common $ 29.99 Pleco: Butterfly (True) L-52 $ 23.99 Sultan Pleco L264 Med $ 181.48 No real pleco list would ever be complete without this guy making an appearance! A real keeper. The Bristlenose Catfish is one of the smallest aquarium catfish, and will grow up to an average of 3-5 inches. PLECOS - TOP 10 Aquarium Fish: Plecostomus. 2. L082 – Opal Spot/Polka-dot Cigar Pleco – Scobinancistrus sp. Sailfin Pleco. UPDATED SUNDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2020 TYPE PRICE EA. The very common Trinidad Pleco/Common Pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus) grows close to two feet in length. Make sure to visit their store, like them on Facebook and check out their website! 6. Plecos come from South American rivers and lakes. Will leave plants alone in a planted layout. $70 for the pair of zebras if picked up by next week. Free shipping on many items | Browse your ... L097 ALENQUER WORM SPOT CACTUS PLECO - RARE HIGH END FISH! 5. Pleco is the common name for catfish species in the family Loricariidae. L107/184 – Brilliant Bristlenose – Ancistrus sp. It is a peaceful vegetarian that would benefit from having bogwood to chew on. However, smaller peaceful fish that spend their time near the top of the aquarium can work too. Feb 10, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Stacy's Artful Heart. The water in the tank becomes muddy and greenish; Many plecos and other algae eaters are not attracted to these foods. Many plecos also get very large and their size as well as their waste production make them unsuitable for small aquariums. Paul Roney: A nice blog mate. cochliodon (Pan-ak-ay cok-lee-oh-don).Origin: Magdalena and Cauca basins, Colombia.Size: 28cm/11in.Tank size: 180 x 60cm/60 x 24in.Water chemistry: Soft, acidic to neutral water; pH 6.0–7.4, 4–14°H.Temperature: 20–24°C/68–75.2°F.Feeding: Xylivore (wood eater), ensure wood is always present in tanks, along with offered vegetable fare and occasional meaty treats like prawn.Notes: Rarer than an uncooked steak, if you find one in the UK you’ll be one of a small handful of people to ever see these fish in the flesh. It’s worth pointing out that a lot of plecos need very soft water to breed, the more common bns will live and breed in most water types, but if you’re going to throw your cash at hypans then soft water is a must even if you don’t plan on breeding, if you do plan to breed you’ll need soft water with a tds of less than 100. Temperament: Peaceful. Pleco rare L400 (Vancouver) $400 KIDS DIARY OF OF WIMPY VAMPIRE, TOTALLY LAME VAMPIRE, GRIMM & MORE BOO (Pharr) $12 Drawing of Vampire Women and Vampire Bat Wall Art Painting (Hesperia, CA) $150 Is it over yet? Yeah, what a year that was, huh? 2. Ensure there’s wood in the tank for them to graze on. Big, carnivorous and beautiful, the Sunshine pleco is a must have for anyone who wants a nice showy fish. In general, these pads are perfect for plecos. The ‘fancy’ varieties of plecos are classified using ‘L’ number system. These feed mainly on algae but will readily accept a bit of bloodworm or brineshrimp. Thing is, I have my ear to the ground and I know just how close we came to not making it through last year. There are many plecostomus (pleco) species in the world. L128 (Hem-ee-an-sis-truss).Origin: Rio Orinoco, Venezuela.Size: To 18cm/7.1in.Tank size: 120 x 30cm/48 x 12in.Water chemistry: Soft acidic to neutral water; pH 6.0–7.0, hardness 2–12°H.Temperature: 22–30°C/71.6–86°F.Feeding: Omnivore, offer tablets, gel foods, vegetables and frozen bloodworm.Notes: Works surprisingly well in a peaceful, slightly acidic community tank, though can take a while to acclimate to a new set-up. Some individuals have irregular patterning which makes them even prettier. L107/184 – Brilliant Bristlenose – Ancistrus sp. These ones are mainly carnivorous like the Zebra Pleco. The main factor is plecos are messy and produce a lot of waste. If you’ve not stumbled across one of the “nuggets” in your local fish shop, then it must be one of the few that have not got this beautiful fish in stock! L314/LDA56 CURUA UNA SULTAN PLECO - LARGE. They’re rare still, but they can be found by a dedicated keeper. They do a pretty good job of controlling some algae, and will benefit from a vegetable diet supplemented with frozen foods. Yet another hard-to-obtain species, the Opal Spot is reportedly a great algae eater as well as being a beautiful fish. Indoor, Retailer Tips, Copyright ©  NT Laboratories Ltd 2021 6. . Gold nugget plec. In today's Species Sunday I count down my top 10 PLECOS! Zebra plec, Hypancistrus zebra. Offer greens, peas, and fruit. 29 days ago. Report. Flash plec Scientific name: Panaqolus albivermis (Pan-ak-ay al-bee-verm-iss).Origin: Rio Alejandro, Peru.Size: 13cm/5.1in.Tank size: 90 x 30cm/36 x 12in.Water chemistry: Acidic to alkaline water; pH 6.6–8.4, hardness 4–18°H.Temperature: 25–30°C/77–86°F.Feeding: Xylivore (wood eater), ensure wood is always present in tanks, along with offered vegetable fare.Notes: Frequently misfed, these plecs go very well in a set-up with South American tetra, but they can become more territorial as they mature. One of my all-time favourites, this prehistoric beastie of a pleco has it all! # 7. 7. SMALL/MEDIUM. Tetra Algae Wafers. 5. Magnum plecScientific name: Baryancistrus chrysolomus (Barry-an-sis-truss cry-so-low-muss).Origin: Rio Xingu, Brazil.Size: 22cm/8.7in.Tank size: 120 x 45cm/48 x 18in.Water chemistry: Slightly acidic to slightly alkaline; pH 6.5–7.5, hardness 4–15°H.Temperature: 26–29°C/78.8–84.2°F.Feeding: Omnivore, ensure algae growth but add veg like courgette and sweet potato.Notes: Juveniles tend to be more contrasted than the adults.

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