Conceptual & Surreal artworks by Andreea Anghel

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Andreea Anghel is very dynamic artist with a great talent and a mind full of creativity. She has created lot of incredible, conceptual and surreal artworks. The whole theme of Andreea Angel’s work is based on the human condition and degradation… from sins to problems or simply human nature. She has started to create them when she was 16 and she hope to keep exploring these depths. Her artworks represent not only a message to her viewers, but also an attempt at trying to see beauty in imperfection.
We hope that you will like her collection of artworks, find out more about the artist and her work on Andreea Anghel and her Behance Portfolio

Inner Quarrel

Conceptual Art

Conceptual Art

The cemented garden



Neglected Wonderland II



The Judgea>

The Judge III




No strings attached

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