16 Inspirational Artworks by Cristina Venedict

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Cristina Venedict makes photography with her soul, and for each image created she put in it photographies captured in different moments of her life and each of them meant a lot for her in that moment.
In this post we have gathered some her brilliant artworks for your inspiration, we hope that you will like it.

21 Beautiful Vintage and Retro Style Photos

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We have posted many posts and articles about vintage art but this post is something different as it covers the classic retro and vintage style that are widely in use these days. It requires so much talent and expert level of skills to transform a usual photograph into a unique vintage style. So here is a memorable collection of vintage photographs to let you better understand the vintage art. Enjoy!

Reworked Vintage Photo

Mindblowing Artworks by New York Graphic Designer Roberto Blake

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111Roberto Blake is a Professional Graphic Designer and Photographer, and has been working with Photoshop® and Flash® commercially for over 5 years now.
Roberto Blake is a Freelance Graphic Designer from Brooklyn New York, with a multi-discipline skill set that allows him to design for across mediums. Roberto is available for freelance and commission projects.
In this post we have showcased some of his brilliant artworks for your inspiration, we hope that you will like this collection.

Keeping the Faith

22 Most Unusual Google Earth Photos

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Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on the Earth to view satellite images, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean. You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places and share with others. This amazing software allows you to search the whole planet right from your comfortable rooms. Fans of Google Earth have been on a virtual searching chase looking for anything interesting and amazing. Here we have collected some of the mind blowing and spectacular sights to mesmerize you. Enjoy and feel free to share it with others.

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Terrain Face in Google Maps

The terrain in Alberta, Canada accidentally forms what looks like a human face when viewed from the air or when viewing the satellite pic in Google Maps.

15 Splendid Artworks By Anna Anjos

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Take a look at some of her amazing and very stylish work

15 Beautiful and Modern Free Fonts

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We sometimes require very neat and clean fonts especially when we tend to use them for business purpose, but being neat and clean does not always mean boring. You can add much more creativity and elegance in your selected font style yet letting them to appear neat and clean. Take a look at this clean modern and Free Fonts collection; and bring fresh air to your business designs. Download and enjoy!

Indonesiana Serif

18 Amazing Black and White Photo Manipulations by Denis Olivier

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You must have heard the name of Denis Olivier if you’re one of the photography lover persons. He is a French photographer who is currently living in Bordeaux. He is the founder of ‘Art Limited Net’ and also a successful author who has merged digital and analogue techniques of photography. Here we have listed some of the amazing and breathtaking Black and White photo manipulation by Denis Olivier.

Choosing the right host for your WordPress Blog

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WordPress powers millions of sites and it is rightfully considered one of the best blogging platforms. It is so popular that it even managed to start a new trend in web hosting – WordPress hosting. The number of WordPress hosts is constantly growing and even though all of them boast about offering everything you need in order to host your WordPress blog with them, there is no denying that not all WordPress hosts are equal.


20 Superb Photoshop Tutorials Created in 2010

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This is another post in the series of Photoshop tutorials. We already have a number of good posts on our sites with a special focus on Photoshop tutorials, but this post is unique in the way that it showcase some awesome and well written Photoshop tutorials that have been created so far from the beginning of 2010. Hope you’ll like this. Enjoy!

Design a Surreal Desert Scene in Photoshop

15 Beautiful Cartoon Illustrations by Anne Patzke

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Anne Patzke is a brilliant children’s books illustrator who is passionate about illustrations and is gladly engaged in creating awesome illustrations of children’s books. She is enjoying the possibility to share her dreams, hopes and memories with rest of the world. In this post, you’ll find some of the best illustration that would surely leave a warm feeling in your hearts.