Awesome Artworks By Sawdust

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London based graphic designers Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton are an award-winning duo working under the title Sawdust, which was founded in June 2006.
They work in areas of art direction, design, image-making and typography across sectors that include music, art and culture, fashion and advertising.
Sawdust loves to work with type and image across all platforms, and enjoy collaborating with other image-makers and people working in specialist areas.

25 Beautiful Examples of Rain Photography

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No one would disagree that when it rains, it look simply beautiful and you cannot describe it in words; this is why people try to capture those beautiful moments in their cameras. Although taking pictures in bad weather is a bit tough task yet it offers perfect opportunity to get the most excellent shots.
Taking pictures of rain or taking pictures in rain would definitely create very dramatic and idealistic scenes, the lightning strikes, formation of water drops, cloud formation all these create a perfect environment to take impressive photos.
In this post, we have showcased 25 most beautiful, amazing, and impressive rain photography shots for your inspiration. Be ready to get inspired and enthused.

Rain again

Beautiful 3D Artworks by Johan Steen

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Johan Steen is a former computer games programmer that changed career and is now working as a freelancing CG Artist. With a passion for character sculpting and environments much work goes towards fantasy and science fiction for the entertainment industry.
Currently occupied working with a 3D animated short film where the first iteration will be released to the public towards the end of the summer of 2010.

The Pod Boy

Awesome Artworks by LazyAnt

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LazyAnt is an alliance of two young Russian photographers – Kirill Smyslov and Nastya Kazakova, they are doing great work and have created lots of awesome artworks, in this post we have gathered some of their mindblowing artworks for your inspiration.

Conceptual Artworks by Reiko Gross

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Reiko Gross works as digital artist @ RTT in Munich, doing compositing, matte paintings and conceptuals for the automotive industry, in this post we have gathered some of his beautiful artworks for your inspiration, we hope that you will like this collection.