40 Breathtaking Examples of Bird Photography

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Bird photography is a difficult photography art because it is so difficult to snapshot flying birds or quickly moving creatures. This needs a great patience, skillfulness on captivating photos, advance equipments and to select the position to take the shot.
In this post we have gathered 40 wonderful shots of bird photography to calm down your sense of bird photography. So get nearer and have them gently.

We are The bird Beatles

~ Bait the Birdie ~

Little Egret



5-15 Great Egrets in Flight


Tropical Kingbird (Thyrannus melancholicus)

Great Egret displaying

In the PINK!

Haliaeetus albicilla II

Dopo il tuffo


Stork & snake


Graceful Prinia.

Within the Focus Point

Hello world!

Moineau domestique


Staring death in the face

Landing mirror


Fight For Fish

Feed Me……!

When the odd man out…

Sealed with a kiss

Red-headed Babbler

Totally in Love

Yellow-bellied Wren Warbler

Barn Swallow

Black Drongo

Japanese White-eye

Malay Night Heron

Barn Swallow

Black-naped Blue Flycatcher

Little Egret

Black Swan

Wood duck raceboat


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