40 Striking Examples of Black and White Animal Photography

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Black and white photographs have their own impact to the mind. They are not unique but look different in modern world of photography. If you see a photograph of an animal in black and white you must be inspired and will get spontaneous suggestions in your mind. This uniqueness can also be described as a fantasy world of jungle to view photographs with black and white.
In this article we have gathered very good looking examples of animal photography in black and white. We hope that you will like this collection.
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Here is what I think of YOU !!!

San Antonio Zoo

Snow Goose

Coming For You

All Coiled Up and No Place to Go

Zebra, Tanzania

Lowland Gorillas, Bronx Zoo

Silent friend

Giraffe, London Zoo

cRosSinG LinES

Lions: White Majesty

Cat Nap II

Burchell’s zebra, Kenya

Holo-Goose 20

Swan – Amsterdam

Spring is in the air

2-Sale temps pour les vaches

Waiting for the catch


Swan on ice – Amsterdam

Gannet – Amsterdam

the white majesty


Say “Aaaaah”

Polar Bear at Blijdorp

Black And White… Nearly



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