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2MHost founded in 2001 is a stable and privately held company which offers low cost web hosting to more than 10,000 consumers all around the world. Their cheap web hosting services have been acknowledged internationally by different trade publications, review sites, and independent end users.

2MHost Motto – Cheap Prices, Not Cheap Hosting:

Their slogan is “Cheap Prices, Not Cheap Hosting”. 2MHost believes in providing low cost web hosting services. They are striving hard to deliver quality web hosting services at an affordable rate.

Customers who chose 2MHost can recognize the difference between cheap prices and cheap web hosting. 2MHost guarantees high quality web hosting services at competitive rates.

Valued Services:

  • Free Domain Transfer: 2MHost.com offers free domain name transfers for any new or existing client. If you are tired of paying a lot to have your domain registered elsewhere, or if you want the hosting and domain registration all in one place, then this offer is for you.
  • cPanel and Admin area: 2MHost offers a new cPanel skin with support for the following languages: Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • Free Private Domain Registration: 2MHost.com takes your privacy seriously. That’s why they protect your personal information with ID Protect. When you register your domain name, your personal information is published in the Whois Public Internet Directory which can be viewed by anyone at anytime. This is required by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as part of the domain name registration process.
  • Now you have the opportunity to mask your personal information with ID Protect.

100% Guarantee of Excellent Hosting Services:
2MHost stands strongly against the practice of extreme overselling which happens only when a cheap web hosting company offers idealistically huge and practically unattainable hosting plans to magnetize more customers.
2MHost offers realistic plan with guaranteed excellent hosting services. They offer hosting plans which they can support. Their servers are fully equipped to fulfill the needs of current and future clients.

Their vast knowledgeable and highly professional support team deliver exceptional customer care service and provide proper guidance to their new and existing clients.

2MHost is very well-known for its 15 minutes response time guarantee. Their servers are the part of the largest tier-1 datacenters located in Texas (USA). Internet backbones include Abovenet, Verio/NTT, Internap and SAVVIS.

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