25 Awesome Minimalist Infographic Designs

A minimalist infographic design is always not excellent but it always leaves impact to the eye view at all. Although complex information’s are used to display in visually appealing and colorful mode but if you see this album you cannot help inspiring as well.
Yes in this article we are going to showcase an elegant variety of minimalist infographic design for your inspiration and curiosity too. We are much sure that you will admire this effort and will benefit as well.

The Burger’s Inner Core


CHINA business

Infographic News Headlines

Firefox Infographics

Wine infographics

The 3 Divisions of Pigs

iPod plus iTunes Timeline

Global Warming

The Perfect Pour

Palm Reading

Gingerbread Recipe


Operation Black Buck

Growth Rates

How Plants Grow

where I’ve been

Couch Surfing

kokako infographic posters, A1


Mapa Leiria – Isometric Map

Top Twitter Apps Infographic


8 thoughts on “25 Awesome Minimalist Infographic Designs”

  1. These designs are really awesome. I especially like the global warming design style which is visually appealing and very relevant today.

  2. Thanks for sharing these examples with us. There are some nice designs in there. The gingerbread directions are quite entertaining, and a good way to give directions while thinking outside the box.

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