Amazing Creative Ads that Make you Look Twice

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Advertisement is one of the most certain ways to get noticed by the potential customers and clients. You see advertisements on daily basis not only on the road sides but also even when you flipped over magazines. This is because through ads, the company tries to communicate and attract the potential buyer in order to improve their sales.
Creative ads are more likely to make the onlooker look twice and this way there are more chances that they will remember you. For designing creative ads, the designer needs to be innovative enough to grab the attention of the target audience.
To boost your creativity, here is an innovatively compiled collection of some of the most creative ads that make you look twice. Take a look and enjoy!


Tabaconomia : Calculates Tobacco Costs, Car


Copenhagen Zoo: Snake Bus

Nationwide Insurance: Spilt Paint

Car Batteries: Junkyard

Papermate: Ultra fine

ESPN: Couch, 1

Cemex Concrete: Bridge

Florida Center Book & Film Festival: Gorilla

Bajaj DTS-Si Engine


Before It’s Too Late Disposable friend, 3

Band Aid: Hulk

Petrobras: Dolphins

Renault Clio RS: Sandglass

Words create Worlds

Ceska pojistovna

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