Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings

Abstract art is an interesting form of art that makes use of visual language of form, color and line. These elements create an interesting work of art that stays alive with a scale of independence from visual references in the world.
We have collected some dazzling examples of abstract art and paintings by the world famous artists. We hope that this collection will inspire you.

A thousand faces



Abstract Ibiza

Deep in the Night



Abstract Tiger

Abstract Bird

Abstract Painting

Colored Eye

Lines hold the memories




white ring


The tree

Elemental chain


Depressed Panda


Blooming From The Darkness

Abstract Landscape Painting

Abstract Nature Oil Painting

Abstract Painting 01

Abstract Painting 02

Abstract Circle

Pure Abstract – 3

Abstract Landscape In Oils


Final abstract

Abstract Still Life

21 thoughts on “Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings”

  1. Most of these paintings are not “abstract” by any definition of the term. Are you sure you understand what the word means?

  2. These are just stunning. The colors are so vivid and vibrant, and the raw emotions from the characters are teeming with each stroke. I particulary loved the “Lines hold the memories” piece.

  3. Definitely not abstract at all… and what’s with the random anime character drawn by an 8 year old in the middle of the collection?

  4. A beautiful collection, but I agree with the others, most of them are not abstract. I think that doing a Most Popular search on deviantart for “abstract painting” is maybe not the most reliable way to find good representatives of the genre. The categories on DA can be a bit limiting.

  5. a vast majority of these paintings are abstracted figures or landscapes, impressionistic, or just plain realism, not abstract at all. ya’ll who made this post are stupid. pick up a god damn modern art book and turn straight to the AbEx section, hopefully you’ll be able to see where you went wrong.

    if you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t talk about it, dumbass!

  6. Yes. I have to agree. Mostly figurative and certainly not abstract. What exactly was the point of this post?.

  7. Absolutely stunning… Nice to see talented people expressing themselves in this way… thank you for inspiring…X x

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  9. It is really truly a great plus practical part of information. I’m contented that you just contributed this helpful details about. Make sure you keep us informed such as this. Appreciation for spreading.

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