Top 5 Failed Products of Google

Google is invincible and it is damn good at everything right? Wrong. Google just like any other organizations is very much vulnerable to failure and in fact, it failed more than any other big corporation I can remember and the reason is simple, they try their hands on too many things and eventually, the whole project goofed up miserably. Result, Google finally calls it a day and pulls the plug on it. However, there is a bright side too. Since not all its efforts catapult into success, it is still way behind being treated as a god. Here in this article, we are going to review some top failed products from the house of Google.

Google Wave: This is a project that failed to capture the attention of general users and I had a deep doubt about the success of this product from its very beginning. There is almost nothing in it that can be termed as innovative. Though it was mainly promoted as a real time communication platform, it fall flat of meeting the expectation level. It came loaded with many options but most of them are so complex, that you require nerve of steel before you get used to it. Moreover, its functionality is more or less similar to that of its existing products like Gmail and Docs and so, it is doomed to perish sooner or later.

Google Buzz: This is a product which is always being treated with suspicion and some Gmail users even think it as an infringement on their privacy. The bad thing about Google Buzz is that your status message goes public when you least expect it and I really did not find any clue why Google has integrated this product with gmail. Here is an interesting fact. If you try to find related keywords of ‘Google Buzz’ in Google keyword research tool, you will find that a considerable number of people are searching with the term – ‘disable google buzz’, ‘remove google buzz’, ‘delete google buzz’ etc which definitely not speak for its popularity. But finally relief is under way as Google has declared that Google Buzz is going away. So, party time ahead. No more sneaking around my mails and no more privacy concern.

Google Knol: This was the first time, I saw Google unabashedly copying the concept of others without any hesitation. The main reason behind its launch was to create an online encyclopedia but this concept is very much similar to that of Wikipedia and as expected, this project kissed the dust sooner than expected. Though Google has not made any announcement regarding its fate, excitement of people have already died down and the quality of articles is so overwhelmingly bad that you will think twice before visiting it again. Another big downer is that there is no around to edit the garbage that are supposed to get posted. So, bleak future ahead for google Knol.

Side Wiki: The hoopla around Side Wiki was quite expected the way Google promoted it heavily but Google seems have enough with this awful thing that only inspires people to spam heavily to get more favorable feedbacks. Personally I never like the idea of having an extra toolbar, especially at the side. However, the intention was no doubt great but the problem is that inspiration and the calculation were not that that much accurate and so Side Wiki is now waiting for its dooms day.

Google Plus: Ok listen. Do not gape in disbelieve. I am not doing any blasphemy nor have I done any typo here. Google Plus, as far as the opinions of the experts are concerned, is a dumb product lacking any innovation. So, What Google Plus is? A half backed product with features so obviously copied from its rival facebook. Though the number of followers have increased significantly and there is no question of doubt about it but the problem is that people do not feel at home when they are login Google Plus. It lacks the mass appeal that facebook has. Google is good at calculation but the problem is that calculation and building up relation is not the same. What Google is trying to do is to use Google Plus as a mean of improving its search result. So, it is another half-hearted attempt with no future. Google grow up, people are not so naïve these days.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Failed Products of Google”

  1. Totally agree on the first four. Disagree on the last one. It’s not a Facebook or twitter rip off. Of course for some part. But fb is already copying back. with G+ you’re in control. Those so called experts, although there aren’t any social media experts, are just using it like twitter or fail to use it at all. Things aren’t going to happen by theirselves, you got to engage and participate and share….you’ll be blown away….so far about those “experts”.

    To me g+ is getting mainstream really fast….and then people are starting to bitch about it, saying negative stuff about it. Just like Facebook experiences and twitter and…. good way to get a lot of visitors 🙂

  2. Hmm, about Google Plus i disagree. It’s just the begining. It has just 3-4 months since it’s live and you talking about his death.

    And about the features of Google plus copied from facebook. I think facebook copied google plus. What about G+ circles feature? Facebook come quickly with Friend lists and subscribe button as a response. It’s named in another way, but it’s the same Circle. Also the latest changes in the facebook’s policy was again because of Google+. The changes in design: bigger images, more room for text etc. – from Google+.

    And the rest of the features that both have are standard features for a social network.

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