40 Creative and Inspiring About Me Pages

“About Me” page of a website informs and engages the visitors in a friendly manner. This is the page where visitors can find out information about the owner of the website. From the professional point of view, “About Me” pages are critical in establishing a true connection with their potential customers, and are a mean of setting them apart from the rest.

Toby Powell


Made By Water

Jason Reed Webdesign

Joseph Payton

Candela Creative Group


Big American Night

I am Dan



Adham Dannaway

Mark Mcgall

Kitschen Sink

Who is Leon


Ian Mintz

Aphex Design

Adriana Miranda

Dawghouse Design Studio


Grzegorz Kozak

Joseph Cohen

Kathryn Corneli


Collision Labs

Guide to the App Galaxy

Vector Mill


Amazee Labs

2 thoughts on “40 Creative and Inspiring About Me Pages”

  1. About me page is one of the most important page of a website and it gives a prospective customer a sense of you and your abilities.

    Nice post, Great work in collecting all these. good resource for about Me page inspiration for better writing and presentation.

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