20 High Quality Free Leaf Textures

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In this collection, we are sharing 20 high quality and free leaf textures and resources for the designers so that they can use them in their design work to make it look more appealing and visually interesting. Leaf textures can come handy particularly if you are working on a design project that is somehow related with Nature. Many designers for this reason want to collect high quality resources for leaf textures that they can bring into play in their future projects.
So, here is the complete list of 20 High Quality and Free Leaf Textures as well as Resources for your use. We hope that this collection proves to be the best and will help you get going in the initial phases of your future project.

New leaf texture

Leaf Textures

Leaf Texture 1

Leaf Texture 3

Green leaf texture

Leaf texture

Leaf Macro

Leaf texture

Stock Texture – Leaf Veins I

Leaf Texture

Texture 049

Stock Texture – Leaf Veins III


Gunnera Leaf

Leaf Texture in Grayscale

Purple Leaf Texture

Texture – 9

Leaf cast 3

Nasturtium Leaves Texture

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