25 Elegant Examples of River Photography

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In this collection, we are sharing more than 25 elegant and beautiful examples of river photography for your inspiration. Among all types of photography, the field of river photography shines as it captures the flowing river in such a wonderful manner that onlookers feel pleasure in browsing these photographs.
Photographers also enjoy taking shots of flowing river, after all everyone loves the nature and its beauty. High quality cameras are used for river photography so that optimum results can be achieved. Some other tools can also be used to make the photographs look stunningly beautiful, for example Adobe Photoshop. Here is the full list. Enjoy!

Stream of light, stream of water

Ultimate Collection of High Quality Free Comic Fonts

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Here we have an interesting and high quality collection of some of the best and freely available comic fonts you might be looking for. We especially handpicked all these comic fonts especially for you so that you can make your new project even more humorous and entertaining. This post showcases all those popular fonts that are used by the world famous designers.
In this roundup, you will discover high quality comic fonts that you can bring into play to design titles, logos, and text that we see on speech balloons in comic books and graphic novels. Comic fonts are one of the foremost choices among comic book artists when it comes to the process of their comic creation because it furnishes an astonishing flamboyant touch, traditional comic look and fresh feel to no matter what comic books they are working on. Enjoy!

VTKS Comic

20 Creative Logos With Clever Use of Clouds

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Logo designing is a tough job because it requires loads of time for the thinking process in order to craft an effective logo design. Logo design is not only the design or a symbol rather it is the brand identity that customers will recognize brand with. Therefore, designing an effective and unique logo design is crucial for the business success. Every business has its own demand and target audience with specific mind set. Thus catering these needs is essential.
In this round up, we are showcasing 20 creatively designed logo designs that demonstrate the clever use of clouds. These logo designs are creative enough that they will win the trust of their target market. Do let us know what you feel about this round up.


25 Clever and Effective Minimalist Print Ads

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Nowadays advertisement has become a major part of marketing campaign of any product or service. With right kind of advertisement, you can convey the right message about the product or service just in a few seconds or even with a single image – that’s the power of advertisement.
In today’s assortment, we are showcasing 25 creative and truly effective minimalist print ads for you that for sure affect the success of promotion. The concept of minimalism focuses on simplicity but creating a print ad based on minimalism concept is really hard. However, the result is always outstanding. Today, we want to dig into some creative ways you can put minimalism in print ads. We hope that this compilation will draw new ideas to inspire and improvise the ordinary ads.


15 Free Photoshop Alternatives For Editing Photos

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Designers cannot imagine working on their project without Adobe Photoshop installed on their PCs. This is because Adobe Photoshop is the most basic graphics tool that is used worldwide quite frequently. In this assortment, we are showcasing an ultimate collection of some cool alternatives for Adobe Photoshop that you can use for your photo editing tasks. No doubt that Photoshop is an excellent program but not everyone can afford to pay $699 that it costs. So, we thought to compile some free alternatives of Photoshop for those who want to use it for photo editing purpose.
So feel free to browse though this collection and let us know what you feel about this collection. Some of these alternatives are quite basic while some are extensively feature rich. So choose according to your needs.


20 Free WordPress Themes with a Responsive Layout

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Here we are presenting 20 free WordPress themes all with a responsive layout. Responsive web design undoubtedly is one of the hottest topics of discussion among web designers. The main reason behind this popularity is the fact that many visitors are now choosing some sort of mobile devices such as iPhone and Android to access their favorite websites.
Responsive web design lets you to provide an optimized as well as specific screen size layout that is based on whatsoever mobile device their visitors use. Thus, keeping this in mind we compiled this post of 15 free WordPress themes with responsive layouts. You can download them for free of course. Feel free to share your opinion with us.


Collection of Awesome Shadow Photography

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Using shadows in photography is for sure advantageous for the photographer as it gives a dramatic edge to an otherwise ordinary picture. You must have seen many cheap stock images using shadows to add depth and facet to the image. These cheap stock images show that capturing the shadows from the right angel would definitely make your photographs look visually stunning.

Here, in this collection we are featuring an assortment of 25 truly spectacular cheap stock images with shadow photography for you so that you can see and learn to use both light and shadows to impact your photos. Using shadows is most desirable when you are trying to create surreal images. Furthermore, shadows add emotions to the photographs and if they are correctly paired with the parent subject, the outcome is simply outstanding. Let’s have a look at these cheap stock images. Enjoy!


30 Awesome Photographs For the Love of Nature

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Nature is the most inspiring and most attractive thing among the creation of God, and this is the reason why it is the source of inspiration for almost every artist. For today’s assortment, we have chosen the area of photography and have collected 30 truly inspirational and breathtaking photographers that would simply make you fall in love with them.
In this round up, you will unearth 30 master pieces of nature photography demonstrating the true beauty of the nature that makes your life more beautiful and dynamic. We hope that you will enjoy this beautiful assortment and find some deep inspiration for you. Scroll through our amazing collection and be inspired as well. Have fun! Enjoy!

Red Planet

15 Useful and Free Twitter Tools

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Twitter goes on to put in an astonishing quantity of 460,000 users on a daily basis. With the intention of being completely equipped to stay on peak of this fashionable web service, you can make use of Twitter tools to lend a hand. Here in this collection, you will find 10 fresh, new Twitter tools that you can bring into play to accomplish greater efficiency on Twitter-related tasks.
Whether you are new user to Twitter or an experienced user, Twitter tools are always there to make the whole thing much more easier. Here are a few of my favorite and innovative tools that will make your Tweeting comparatively easier and more functional for every user. Try out one or two that appears valuable and leave a comment in the comment box at the bottom of the box if you truly like it.


Zurker – Where You Own Your Social Network

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Social networking has become a key component in our daily life because the phenomenon of social networking has now changed the face of social interaction. There is a plethora of social networking websites that let you interact with your friends and relatives no matter how far they are. These websites vary in their concept and the target audience they cater to. Zurker is a new social networking website that has been developed keeping users’ concerns in mind. Though there are plenty of websites for social networking that are running on different concept, and are quite popular among the masses yet they pose the risk of privacy breach. Keeping the private information save is the most important thing for every internet user. Zurker has designed in such a way that it keeps the privacy of its members at its utmost importance.

Eager to Know About Zurker?