25 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography

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High Speed Photography has now become a milestone in the field of photography. It basically is the technique of capturing photos of very fast phenomena. The specialty of this photographing technique is that it can capture even the most quickest of events with precision and clarity.
With the help of high speed photography, you can capture even those events that normally we don’t often get to see. This filed of photography is truly fascinating as it captures those events that happen in the blink of an eye. There are specialized equipments to shot such type of photographs. Talking about camera, you can use roughly any SLR camera, however, with an expensive camera you will get much faster shutter speed which the basic need of high speed photography.

Pabst + Hollow Point

15 World Famous Mascots For Inspiration

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Mascots are defined as the characters that identify any specific event or sport team or a group of people in a way that they represent that particular event. Mascot is an image and it can be any image of a person or animal or any object and so on. Nearly all major and famous events have got their mascots including Olympics and World Cup. The authority also gives their mascots a name so that people all over the world can call their mascot with its name.
Right before the event, the authorizing committees short-listed mascots for the upcoming grand event; and if you are wondering what mascots have been short-listed for Olympic 2014, then stop wondering. Here we are presenting 15 short listed designs. So, enjoy!

Mascot with paper

25 Useful and Best jQuery Plugins and Tutorials

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Here is yet another exciting collection of some of the best jQuery plugins that we have seen till now. Although, jQuery was first published in 2006 and it is getting stronger with every passing year owing mostly in part to the community that has been constructed up around it. This community of developers persistently publishes plugins that permit web developers to effortlessly add astonishing functionality to their projects.
In this round up, we are also presenting Best jQuery Plugins that you have seen so far. The selection of the best plugins was quite difficult because of the loads of great plugins that have been released in the past eleven months. We hope you enjoy this assortment.


30 Clean Website Designs for Inspiration

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Recently the concept of minimalism in web design has been gaining quite popularity. The reason of why clean or minimalism web designs are popular are many. Such web designs are aesthetically simple and uncluttered. Furthermore, minimal websites load faster and take less server resources; and above all they give a more professional and sophisticated look. These are also the reasons why people prefer designing minimal and clean websites.

In this round up, we are sharing 30 neat and clean website designs for your inspiration. We hope that you will find this collection helpful for you and will get some cool and impressive ideas for your designs. Enjoy!


30 Unusual Resume Designs for Your Inspiration

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In this round up, we are showcasing a collection of some fresh and interesting artistic and extremely unusual resume designs that will surely increase your chances of getting your utmost desired job. This showcase will highlight the creative aspect of designing a resume.
Well, as a matter of fact many of us do not like these types of resumes as a resume tends to be simple and less distracted. Many of you may think that you do not hire such people who are submitting resumes like this; nevertheless this is just a showcase for your inspiration.
In my opinion, people like minimalist and not too much eye-catching designs although there are some actually magnificent resumes for your inspiration. You can drop a comment letting us know about your resume.

My Graphic Design Resume

20 Useful AJAX Tutorials And Techniques

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Using AJAX on websites and applications has become much granted. Users expect it. They want it to be editable; they need search queries to be auto-suggested and submit a form without refreshing the page because those things increase browsing easily and enjoyable.
As a developer he has to know where AJAX is to be used because it cannot be used for every website or application. In this we have collected 20 useful AJAX Tutorials and Techniques have a look and Enjoy…!!

1. A Simple AJAX Driven jQuery Website

This time we are going to create a simple AJAX website with jQuery and the right amount of PHP & CSS. It is going to have a few pages loaded by AJAX from the PHP back-end, and a complete support of the browser history – a real pain for any AJAX or Flash site .

Demo & Download

25 Awesome and Free Photoshop Actions

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Here is the collection of 25 truly amazing and wonderful Photoshop actions for you. Different types of Photoshop actions are high in demand because Photoshop actions make automating the common sequences easy for the designers and thereby increasing their efficiency and saving their precious time.
In this compilation, we have put together 25 awesome and absolutely free Photoshop actions for you that you can download for free. With these Photoshop actions, you can easily automate monotonous work and improve your work efficiency greatly. We hope that you will like this assortment. Feel free to share your opinion with us. Enjoy!

Unspoken action

20 Bold and Beautiful Uses of Color in Web Design

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In this round up, you will find a good collection of some bold and beautiful web designs demonstrating different uses of color. Using colors in the web designs is the key to success. With the right use of colors, you can make your web page design or its elements really stick out. However, sometimes colors can go wrong ruining the whole impression of your design.
So browse through this collection and get the idea of how you can better use different colors in your web designs that turn out to be great success for you. This is true especially if you are experimenting with some bold colors because bold colors need to be handled carefully. We hope you like this collection. Full list after jump!

Soup Studios

20 Very Useful Professional Free Fonts

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Being a designer, we rummage around for new fonts at all times to incorporate them into our own designs. Adding up fresh and innovative fonts to your collection can facilitate in inspiring you a lot, and also in providing you a spanking new feel to your designs.
Unluckily, it is truly extremely hard to find out quality free fonts among the thousands of average ones. But you are a lucky one because you have landed to a right place. Here we are showcasing a comprehensive list of proficient free fonts to improve your designs. We have left out all the ‘filler’ fonts you can discover in loads of others roundups, with the intention that every font below is truly high quality and applicable. Enjoy!

INTRO free font