25 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography

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High Speed Photography has now become a milestone in the field of photography. It basically is the technique of capturing photos of very fast phenomena. The specialty of this photographing technique is that it can capture even the most quickest of events with precision and clarity.
With the help of high speed photography, you can capture even those events that normally we don’t often get to see. This filed of photography is truly fascinating as it captures those events that happen in the blink of an eye. There are specialized equipments to shot such type of photographs. Talking about camera, you can use roughly any SLR camera, however, with an expensive camera you will get much faster shutter speed which the basic need of high speed photography.

Pabst + Hollow Point

Egg shot

Popping Soap Bubble

Liquify II

Water sound figures

High Speed Photography 1

Shattered tip

Living is easy with eyes closed

Broken Beck’s

Cherry Juice II

High speed tomato burst

High-Speed Water Photography

Water Figures workflow

Hummingbird high speed flash photography

Grape Annihilation – High Speed Photography

Egg drop

High speed Sync 1

High speed lemon


Last M&M Standing

Nuff Said


Agaricus Rose Campestris

Splashing Fun – 50

Cherry Drop

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