30 Tutorials Teaching You How to Create Your Own Icons

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An icon in any web design although is a small but very important and crucial element. Icons can be defined as small symbols that also serve as a communication medium and inform the website visitors of what they can expect when a button is clicked or an option is chosen. You may have seen some extremely detailed icons that look like photographs, and alternatively you may also have seen some very simple and minimalist icons.
In this round up, we are providing you a fresh collection of more than 30 great tutorials you can learn creating awesome icons from. For your convenience, we have divided this round up in to three different sections: Photoshop Tutorials, Illustrator Tutorials and Useful articles in Icon design. Enjoy!

Create a Mobile App Icon in Photoshop

Free and Useful Vintage Style Photoshop Brushes

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Photoshop is an excellent designing tool that has been used by the professionals as well as the beginners correspondingly. Designing visually appealing and attractive design is a piece of cake with loads of available brushes and effects that you can incorporate with Photoshop. These are the resources that make Photoshop even more valuable.
Here you will find 20+ sets of cool and appealing vintage brushes that you can download for free. With these brush sets, you can make your designs appear like those that we saw in older times. So, have a look at these brush sets and feel free to download. Enjoy!

12 Vintage Cycle PS Brushes

25 Free Widescreen Nature-Themed Wallpapers

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Today, we are showcasing a beautiful and alluring collection of widescreen wallpapers based on nature theme. Although there are innumerable websites offering free download of wallpapers yet it is quite difficult to find out high quality wallpapers for the widescreen. Therefore, we compile this post to showcase widescreen wallpapers only. In this round up, you can explore 40 beautiful and visually appealing nature themed wallpapers that will exactly fit your screen.
All the wallpapers in this collection are handpicked and will surely provide you soothing and comforting visuals to relax your tired eyes. So, don’t miss the opportunity to liven up your wide screens. Check this out and get as much as you like!

Orange Days

30 Useful and Fresh jQuery Plugins

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Today, we have put together a collection of more than 30 best and most useful jQuery plugins. This assortment contains only fresh plugins that are recently released to simplify your work. Since the first release of jQuery into the world of development, plugins are always there to help out the designers and developers and help them in performing their desired function more easily and efficiently.
The on the whole experience with these plugins will be both exhilarating and pleasurable. Not only this makes your website a pleasure to browse through but also allow you to let your hot points shine. So, get ready to create amazingly interactive websites that are attractive and accessible to the broadest assortment of browsers. Enjoy!

jQuery Quicksand

Showcase of Beautifully Designed Blue Logos

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Yet another exciting collection of blue logo designs. There are many reasons why many businesses prefer to choose color blue for their corporate logo design or brand identity. The first and foremost reason is that the color blue in many cultures stands for intelligence, trust, deepness, intelligence, self-assurance, faith, and legitimacy. Furthermore, blue is the color of the nature; it is the color of sky, it is the color of ocean and therefore, it is also often linked with serenity and tranquility.
Below, we are presenting some great examples of beautifully designed blue logos. In this compilation, you can notice the variety of blue shades used in these logos from lapis lazuli to sky blue.
Feel free to share your opinion with rest of the visitors via comment section below. Enjoy!

Next Vision

Circle Blue Wave Logo design for 99designs

Torres Blue Seafood


FC Managed Services

Sea Change

Candado Náutico

Peru Water Project

World Gem Trade

Pixel8ed Creative Studio

Organizations forum

Ex Libris

Blue Tribal Logo Design Graphic

Blue Laguna Logo

Corporate Logo Design – Blue River

Insomnia Entertainment Logo

Shot In Blue logo design

Joys gallery

Undersea Productions

City College

Malawi shop

Aqua Bird Consulting


Interactive Lion

Blue Whale Agency


Pet Shop Blue Logo Design

Showcase of Creatively Designed Door Hangers

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Door hangers are also one of the most cost effective and proficient marketing materials but unlikely they are frequently overlooked. In the earlier period, door hanger printing is frequently employed in hotel rooms however at present it is broadly used in other sorts of businesses as well. If you generate the right message and design, you can simply get the positive come back from your local clientele.
Nevertheless, at the moment we are showcasing truly innovative and simple door hangers for your inspiration. We hope that you like them and find something inspirational for you.
Feel free to share your opinion with us. Your comments are always more than welcome. Here is the full list after the jump. Enjoy!

Door Hanger

25 Useful Tree Brushes for Photoshop

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Another exciting round up of Photoshop brushes for you and this time it is all about tree brushes. With these brush sets, you can easily create great designs that require you putting in some natural effects. With the release of so many brush sets and Photoshop add-ons designing have become quite a simple adventure.
In this round up, we are showcasing some high quality and free tree brushes for Photoshop that you can use when designing a website design, brochure or any other nature related graphics. So start creating a realistically pleasing natural effect to any of your design projects. Enjoy looking into this collection and have more fun in using them for your works.

Tree Brushes 1

35 Amazing Examples of Cityscape Photography

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In this article we are featuring some excellent examples of cityscape photography that is a special area of photography or you can say Urban photography that connotes and highlights the beauty of a city. With this type of photography, the photographer can present a gross city as an amazing and splendid image. Thus we thought that we should gather some amazing and wonderful examples of cityscape photography for you. Therefore, we browse through hundreds of web pages and have collected these 35 photographs for today’s collection.
All these photographs have caught the beauty of the city quite effectively and remarkably. We hope that you will like these stunning photographs and find this post pleasing one. Enjoy!


12 Websites to Download Free Mobile Software

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In today’s round up, we are presenting the most wanted list of 12 websites where you can download different stuffs for your mobile phones including but are not limited to free mobile software free of charge. Although, mobile phones are invented just few years back with the basic functionality of making and receiving phone calls. But now with the development in the technology, the mobile phone is not just the phone. And because of the better and more developed functionality, people are now taking this device into consideration as an essential part of life.
With the boost in mobile usage, the curiosity to build up great applications exclusively intended for mobile phones rises as well. In this collection, we are also presenting some great resources where you can get cool mobile stuff. Check this out and enjoy!

Brother ASoft