Top 10 NopCommerce Themes for your eCommerce Sites

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nopCommerce is a stable, reliable and user-friendly open source eCommerce application based on ASP.NET, which is followed by numerous eCommerce site owners. It is easy to create a site using this application. To create a nopCommerce site, you just need to find a reliable ASP.NET hosting package to host your site and install an elegant theme to make your site attractive. You are able to choose the package suiting your needs best from this page and select the theme that you prefer in the following top 10 nopCommerce themes.

Our editors have reviewed 100+ nopCommerce themes and handpicked the following items coming with beautiful look and rich features. Now, proceed to learn each of the selected themes and choose the one you like best.

Nop Tiffany Theme


NopTiffany Theme is supported on NopCommerce 3.50 and 3.40. It is the first of the NopCommerce themes to support fly layout customization where you can easily manage it from the administration. Some of the great features of Tiffany theme include a responsive design, 3 color presets, and the supports of any language and multi-store. Besides the great features, the theme comes with 11 plugins and a demo database is available.

NopClear NopCommerce Theme


NopClear is a free theme with a minimalistic design. The theme is supported on NopCommerce 3.40. The free theme comes with great features including a responsive design that can be enabled and disabled from the admin dashboard. It is available in two color schemes; black for professionalism and yellow for a lively look. You can also add more colors to meet your taste. Other features include the footer content and the product information tabs that work great in all devices.

Nop Alfresco



This theme is supported on a number of NopCommerce versions including NopCommerce 3.50, 3.40, 3.30, 3.20 and 3.10. The theme is fully responsive and gives your store a great look on any device. It supports multi-store and is SEO optimized. The theme has been tested on all major browsers to ensure it works great (you can see that in the demo database). The theme is fully localizable and supports any language.

Furniture Responsive Theme


This is one of the NopCommerce themes that mirrors the work of interior décor. The theme is supported on NopCommerce 3.40, 3.30, 3.20, 3.10, 3.00, and 2.80. It is fully localizable and fully responsive to support any language and be supported on any device. UI elements include dropdown CSS menu and sliders among others. Besides, it includes RTL support. The user are able to get free lifetime upgrades further customize the theme as they like since all the original files are included.

NopMarket Theme


With NopMarket, you do not need a single plugin. It is one of the NopCommerce themes only supported on NopCommerce 3.40. The theme is powered by Bootstrap and is fully responsive supporting all devices. Some of the great features of the theme include product quick views through a modal popup, image zooming and slide-out mini shopping cart among others. The theme comes in 8 different colors to suit different websites.

Computer Responsive Theme


This theme is commonly used for electronics, hardware, mobile phones, digital appliances and computer stores. It is supported on NopCommerce 3.50, 3.40, 3.30, 3.20, 3.10, 3.00 and 2.80. The theme is fully localizable and supports any language. It is fully responsive and is supported on all devices. With Computer responsive theme, you get free lifetime upgrades. Sample data, source codes and PSD designs are included alongside the theme folder.

Theme 4Jewelry


This is a modern and elegant theme that has been designed for cosmetic, fashion, jewelry, computer and electronic online stores. Supporting NopCommerce 3.40., it has been made with a responsive design that gives online shoppers a great view irrespective of the device they use. Besides, it has been tested will major browsers to ensure it works great. The coding of the theme is in HTML5 and CSS 3.

Wedding Responsive Theme


The theme supports NopCommerce 2.80 to 3.40. It is suitable for jewelry, fashion and wedding stores, 100% compatible with major browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and IE7+. The theme is fully responsive and fully localizable. To this end, it gives the users a great view on all devices and supports any local language. It is easy to install and customize, coming with the user free lifetime upgrades.

Shopomania Responsive Theme


The theme is one of the premium NopCommerce themes. It is a fully responsive theme with a rich design and gives a great look for your store on all devices. It is supported on NopCommerce 3.30 and compatible with all the major browsers including Firefox, opera, IE7+, Google Chrome and Safari. The theme supports all social media buttons and comes in a variety of color schemes for you to choose. Besides its excellent usability, the theme has features like dropdown menu and big slider among others. It sells at $99 on NopCommerce.

Evolution Premium Responsive NopCommerce Theme


This is a new NopCommerce theme. It has not been used for long but it presents users with a great experience to take the eCommerce site to another level. It is supported on nopCommerce 3.40 and it combines an exclusive layout and speed to a variety of color schemes to give users the best. The package is accompanied by 5 plugins. It is fully localizable and is SEO optimized. The Theme has a clean HTML and also CSSS structure. The user enjoys 1 year of free upgrades.

Is Free Web Hosting Better Than Paid One for Personal Blog Building?

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Blog hosting beginners are always faced with the argument over free hosting and paid hosting. Some people think that free things are good enough for building a personal blog, while others believe that using a paid service is more professional and worthwhile.

In fact, this is not a problem at all because you should never choose a free web hosting package if what you desire is to make your blog stand out, or at least keep it accessible. Free web hosting brings much inconvenience and a bundle of problems. You will realize that after reading through the following tricks.


Free Service Limits Disk Space & Bandwidth Strictly

The only reason for most people to use free web hosting is to save money. But you should know that the sacrifice of this money-saving deed is the freedom in managing and expanding your blog. As a free package includes about 1 GB disk space only and several gigabits of monthly data transfer, how can you expect rich website content and large visits?

Besides, there is another fact that the advertised resource usage is the maximum limit that you can never go beyond (or even close), but not what you can consume in the real world. In this circumstance, you can only create some simple pages on your blog without uploading large files, using high-definition images or installing premium themes. Once you strike the limit, the provider will enforce you to upgrade to a paid service. Some companies may even shut down your blog at any time without noticing in advance.

However, if you choose to pay approximately $4/mo for a paid service, you have access to at least 10 GB disk storage and unlimited bandwidth which allow you to build a much more flexible blog.

Free Hosting Comes with Less Features

Free hosting includes very limited features. For example, 000WebHost, a widely known free hosting provider, does not support SSL, CGI scripts, Python, Perl, SSH, mailing lists or custom analytics unless you upgrade to the paid package. Furthermore, the company only offers 2 MySQL databases and 1 FTP account. Due to the limited budget, the control panel is also a custom one which is badly designed.

Paid hosting far exceeds in this aspect. Even a cheap package may come with full cPanel license, unlimited email/FTP accounts, free domain name, various scripting languages, SSH Access, shared SSL certificate, and premium site builders. To get to know the exact features offered by a web host, you can search throughout the official website, or learn about the details on some reliable review sites like LinkedHosts.

Free Hosting Gives Less Control

Many free hosting providers have endless rules for the website content and website management. For instance, some of them do not allow running file sharing scripts, gaming scripts, chat scripts, forums, etc. If you violate any term accidently, your account will be suspended or even terminated immediately. A lot of providers also claim that they have the right to cancel any account for no reason, which is not reasonable at all.

These problems are not likely to happen when you use a paid service. Most providers do not interfere with your website content as long as it is legally allowed, so you are able to run all kinds of scripts as you like. Also, rest assured that the account you open is under the control of yourself and will not be terminated without any reason.

Free Hosting Has Frequent Uptime & Speed Issues

With a free web hosting service, you may encounter frequent downtimes and slow speed due to the poor infrastructure and inconstant monitoring. Most providers just rent several servers to deal with their business instead of operating their own data centers. When there is any problem happening, they usually claim no responsibility toward such issues.

Most web hosts offering paid services guarantee 99.9% uptime and promise to compensate customers with credits if they fail to reach the guarantee in a month. If some server or network issues arise, engineers will work to address them in time. This ranking list provides good suggestions on web hosts with over 99.9% real uptime and fast page loads.

Free Hosting Has Worse Security

Free web hosting providers do not spend much on security-related services. You need to secure your blog personally, but it is costly to do so. An SSL certificate, for example, charges dozens of dollars per year. You have to buy one and install it manually in the case that you want secure connections, even if a private SSL certificate is not a necessity for a personal blog. You cannot enjoy a shared certificate because it is not available in your web hosting package.

In comparison, the other group of web hosts pays much attention to the security of servers and customers’ websites because they have to deal with any issue seriously to gain an edge in the competitive market. Usually, they perform regular security check, security update and malware scan. Many of them also offer security features like shared SSL, SSH and password protected directories to get the hosted websites defended.

Free Hosting Does Not Include Support

Free web hosting services are not backed by free technical support. It is your responsibility to handle every issue on your blog, and you shall never expect an expert ready for help. The companies actually do not care about the condition of your blog, so you have no choice but to search for tutorials or to ask someone else for assistance.

In terms of paid services, they are packed with 24×7 technical support through email, live chat and/or phone. Whenever you are stuck, you can easily get in touch with someone who is willing to help. This is important especially for beginners with little skill in web hosting and website management.

Conclusion: Paid Web Hosting Is the Better Option for Starting Personal Blog

Free web hosting is free indeed in hosting fee, but the service makes it troublesome to keep a personal blog accessible, secure and fast. Since the technical problems are far beyond the ability of beginners, it is much better to pay several dollars per month and leave most of the issues to technicians who have solutions.

How to Choose Between AIO SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast

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SEO has been recognized as a matter of success for websites, thereby stimulating people to try all means to rank on the top of searching results. In most cases, webmasters try to make their sites more SEO-friendly by means of SEO plugins, among which the All in One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast are the most popular ones in the market.


Although many experienced webmasters, hosting developers or review sites like WPMatter have made a bundle of analysis to those two plugins, many people are still lingering between 
the two options and get confused which one is worth going. Thus, we come out this comparison 
to reveal the answer.

Unlike most comparisons that focus on the common aspects of popularity, installation, downloads, and usability, this one highlights more specific features that are unique to these plugins respectively. In this way, you can make certain what kind of possibilities you will get from each item and then make a choice based on your explicit needed and requirements.

 Customer Satisfaction & Requirements

According to the statistics collected by, All in One SEO Pack has been downloaded over 20,000,000 times and has achieved 80% user satisfaction. Besides, the popularity of WordPress SEO by Yoast is far from AIO SEO Pack, which is over 14,000,000 downloads. However, its satisfaction rating reaches 94%.

The statistics indicate that both plugins have a large user base, but WordPress SEO by Yoast seems more satisfactory.

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack contributes to the optimization of a website. Many advanced features are available for optimizing web content, links, meta description, and so on. Here, we would like to tell you how many possibilities that you can dig out of AIO SEO Pack.

  • XML Sitemap Support – This plugin allows users to submit sitemap to Bing and Google and tell search engines about the URLs available for crawling. In this way, the two most authoritative search engines can crawl your web pages more intelligently and help to boost traffic.
  • Google Analytics Support – With the support of Google Analytics, AIO SEO Pack leads users to a comprehensive understanding about the traffic, sales, traffic sources or some other aspects of their websites. If there is something abnormal on site, they are able to take steps immediately.
  • Advanced Canonical URLs – It is used to stop search engines lingering between a canonical URL and a bad one with parameters. This can make your post indexed by search engines easily as the canonical URLs are better to be crawled.

In addition to the key features mentioned above, AIO SEO Pack helps to improve security by integrating with Nonce Security and allowing users to extent functionality with the help of build-in API. What’s more, it has made the operation as simple as possible. Even for beginners, they can handle this out-of-the-box plugin effortlessly.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

After going over WordPress SEO by Yoast, it features XML sitemap, meta generation and Canonical URL as AIO SEO Pack has done. Besides, some specific functions of this SEO plugin are listed in the following.

  • RSS Optimization – WordPress SEO by Yoast enables you to add a link to the RSS feed pointing to your original post, which is used to protect your website from being outranked by scrapers.
  • Social Integration – Since social media has become a recognized method to improve the website, this plugin integrates the most popular social media, like Facebook and Google+. The OpenGraph implementation for Facebook and sharing tags for Google+ make the integration much easier.
  • Breadcrumbs – The build-in Breadcrumbs functionality allowing the creation of understandable navigation, which shows visitors clearly where they are on the website and gives them good user experience.
  • .htaccess & robots.text – The plugin comes with a build-in editor, which allows a direct access to .htaccess and robots.txt.


Above all, AIO SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast have won a good reputation in the industry and been trusted by millions of users worldwide. The Google Analytics and Canonical URLs included in AIO SEO Pack make a big difference on website optimization. Besides, WordPress SEO by Yoast seems to offer more possibilities, like RSS optimization, social integration, breadcrumbs, files editor for .htaccess & robots.tex, and so on. If you still cannot make up your mind, this page  compare the two plugins in some other aspects.