4 Application Categories Your Company Should Invest in Right Now

Filed Under (Web Application) by WDCore Editorial on 04-04-2017

For years, you have been hearing that mobile is the future. Then, mobile is here. Now, mobile is the predominant way people access and exchange information. But it is one thing to say these things, and quite another to integrate their reality into your business DNA.

Businesses that were around before the internet revolution have the hardest time integrating the new reality. After all, they have been around and successful for 30 years, or more. Their leaders graduated from business school before the internet gurus of today were born. And if it ain’t broke, why should they bother to fix it?


What these company leaders don’t seem to realize is that it sometimes takes a while before bad decisions catch up with you. Failure to retool for the modern age is definitely a mistake. By the time the consequences manifest, it is often too late for businesses to adapt. To keep your business from becoming hopelessly out of date, start implementing these app categories right now:

Event Apps

By now, your company has hosted at least one event or conference. If you haven’t done it yet, you should strongly consider it. Hosting an event within your industry is one of the better ways to bring attention and branding to your company, products, and services.

Live engagement event apps:

  • Turn passive attendees into active participants
  • Connect the right people, content, and sessions
  • Amplify engagement with user-generated content
  • Drive exhibitor and sponsor ROI

If you don’t have a person in your company who can build you that type of application, you need to commission a company that specializes in building them for companies like yours. Events like conferences, expos, and conventions are only as good as the interactivity and engagement. Event apps can make all the difference between a money pit of wasted resources, and a lead-generating machine that helps your company turn the corner.

Project Management Apps

Long gone are the days when project management could be competently handled with a Field Notes and mechanical pencil. Today’s project manager on the go has to deal with time management, bug and issue tracking, version tracking, collaboration, and so much more.

The best project management apps incorporate these tools so that you don’t have to jump from app to app to get your work done. They also work best when the whole team is using a single, integrated solution. One of the biggest destroyers of productivity is when a change is made in the plans that not everyone gets because they are not on the same page.

It makes a huge difference when everyone on the project has all the same information at the same time. It doesn’t matter what the project manager knows if the one laying the bricks is not aware that there has been a last-minute change in materials. Your workforce is mobile. So too, needs to be your project management solution.

Digital Documents

Every sales person has a story of missing out on a sale because they left the office without the right paperwork. Sometimes the sales person runs out of a particular document. Or coffee is spilled on a stack of documents. Paper is not very durable. And bad things happen when you are counting on it the most.

With the best document signing apps for iPad, you can sign and send, no pen or paper required. That means that you will always have a clean and editable copy of any paperwork necessary to get the job done. With the right apps, you can scan in your custom documents. With others, you can create them. But however you do it, the customer can authorize whatever is needed, whenever the need arises.

The 20th century was perhaps the most eventful in all of history. But it’s gone, and so are the old ways of doing business. Increase your chances of surviving another 30 years in business by investing in event apps, project management apps, and document signing apps.