30 Outstanding Examples of Vexel Artwork Illustrations

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Here we are showcasing a round up of 30 most outstanding and amazing vexel art illustrations for your inspiration. The use of vexel can truthfully put in remarkable depth to your design that is not possible to pull off solely through vector. Vexel basically is the new trend in the domain of vector art that adds a stunning sense of depth and volume to your design work that is not easy to achieve. In simple words, vexel is the pixel-based form of raster art. The word vexel is the combination of two words: vector and pixel.
Here we have put together some examples of vexel art illustrations so that you can see how it replicates the visual appearance of vector graphics technique and give your design word a unique appearance. Enjoy!

Opel Astra OPC – Vexel

30 of the Best Vector and Illustrator Free Resources

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In this little roundup today, we are listing around 30 tremendous and best vector illustrator resources for you. This list of free and best resources includes all vector articles and user submitted as well as recommended resources. While compiling this list, we took several factors into consideration such as popularity both from ranking and from outgoing links, the quality of resources, and numbers of resources as well as how well the sites are designed.
Enjoy this amazing assortment of useful Vector and Illustrator resources.


20 Creative Logos With Clever Use of Clouds

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Logo designing is a tough job because it requires loads of time for the thinking process in order to craft an effective logo design. Logo design is not only the design or a symbol rather it is the brand identity that customers will recognize brand with. Therefore, designing an effective and unique logo design is crucial for the business success. Every business has its own demand and target audience with specific mind set. Thus catering these needs is essential.
In this round up, we are showcasing 20 creatively designed logo designs that demonstrate the clever use of clouds. These logo designs are creative enough that they will win the trust of their target market. Do let us know what you feel about this round up.


25 Stunning Photo Manipulations Inspired by Nature

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Nature is always inspiring and this is the reason why many designers incorporate certain elements of nature in their web designs. But for this time, we are showcasing some great examples of photo manipulations that are inspired by nature. You may have noticed that nature has been featured a lot in different photo manipulation work and this is because it provides the great and visually engaging environment for the photo manipulation work.
In this round up, we have gathered a huge range of stunning and visually appealing photo manipulations that are inspired by nature. Take some time to look into these masterpieces and try to perceive repeating patterns between them. Enjoy!

Out of Frame Nature

20 Examples of Furniture Logo Design

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The furniture logo design lets the companies generate their brand name and set up a cheering and touching relationship with their potential customers. A small number of furniture logo design let you to desire for that lavishness, while some allow you to get simply captivated to the comfort aspect and others set you off to choose appealing design and style for you.
In today’s logo design inspiration series, we are presenting 20 electrifying examples of furniture logo designs that would be perfect for our appliance industry. Although the designs of furniture logos generally look the same with each other reason being the fresh or inexperienced designers who mostly count seriously on images linked with the appliance industry.
Here is the complete list of excellent examples of furniture logo designs that look astonishing and inspiring for you.

Movutil – Logotype

12 Most Innovative Bus Stop Concepts

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Though a bus stop is not a place that many of you would want to pay a visit except if you are a clandestine admirer whose merely chance to see his crush is on the bus to school or office. Despite that due to ever-mounting oil charges and the ever-exacerbating traffic, progressively more people are drove to pick bus as their main transportation. And this makes bus stops essential in the every day schedule of many city commuters.
In this round up, we are showcasing 12 most innovative bus stop concepts that include awesome designs that make for a lovable dream. After browsing through this collection, you would be praying that these bus stops would come to your city someday.

Urban Botanical Garden

30 Free Christmas Icon Sets for Designers

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Christmas is just around the corner and this is the time when designers need loads of different resources and material to design Christmas related themes, designs and other work of art. Icons are significant elements of contemporary web design thus the usage of brilliantly designed icons can assist you achieve attention for your websites particularly if you are making only some minor changes on the special occasion like Christmas and so on.
With beautifully designed icons, you can easily attract your visitors more. Well, only few days left waiting Christmas hence we thought it is a good idea to organize free Christmas icons for your designs.
Here is the complete list that you can browse through. Kindly read the licenses before using them for commercial purposes.

Christmas XP

30 Awesome Examples of Food Logo Design

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With countless eat-out places in the city, did you ever think that what makes your customers walk into your restaurant? What is that one thing that motivates a client to make that instantaneous decision to visit your dinette or not? Well, it is your brand mark.
The logo designs crack down on the individuality of your company identity brand. In other words, a logo design is the brand emblem. It is correct that your restaurant trade name is as noteworthy as turkey on Thanksgiving, or as the main course at a dinner party. Therefore, one should know how to design food logos that symbolize appetizing and thirst quenching meals he is offering?
So, here is the complete list of 30 beautifully designed food logo design examples for you. Enjoy!

Tour de Chocolate

Beautiful Winter Wallpaper for Download

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We all love to decorate our desktop with beautiful and visually appealing wallpapers. Regardless of the season and our mood, we always change the desktop wallpaper that sometimes even reflects our inner feelings and mood. As the season changes, we tend to look for new and fresh wallpapers to decorate our screens with. If you are also looking for some great winter wallpaper collection then you’re in luck since there are lots of options from which you can choose one for you.
Here is the showcase of 30 astonishing winter photos that can be utilized for your wallpaper. If you spot something you like, click on the image and you will be led to the source where you can download the wallpaper.

Winter Batman

Showcase of Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers

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Acknowledging the fact that the design and development community love to decorate their devices with stylish and classy wallpapers, we thought that it is the time to figure out some classy and attractive wallpapers for your classy devices. Since, iPhone 5 is making its way around the web, so we thought to put together a collection of iPhone wallpapers for you.
This collection is the fruit for our design community that is searching for some finest iPhone wallpapers. With this assortment, we tend to help our readers find out a new gem for their stylish iDevices.
The focus for this collection was both the work of some popular designers as well as some popular design blogs. So here is the full list. Enjoy!

Mind Tree