The Outstanding Art of Origami with 30 Inspiring Examples

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Nearly all of us have listened about origami art which is the traditional Japanese art of folding paper. The word origami was originated from two words, to be precise, ori meaning folding and kami meaning paper. Origami has existed for quite a lot of hundred years and at present is believed a fresh form of art. This art has been most acknowledged for a number of time-honored figures, in particular cranes. However there is so much more to it than merely traditional needs.
Here is a collection of the best of what we liked & have collected over a period of time of Origami art. We hope you like this collection. Your comments are always more than welcome. Enjoy!

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King Cobra

25 Surreal Examples of Multiplicity Photography

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Here is another appealing and inspiring collection waiting for you. Today, we are featuring 25 surreal examples of Multiplicity Photography. Multiplicity is a photography modus operandi or technique wherein the same individual is photographed from diverse angles and directions and after that the group of snaps is digitally retouched by using Photoshop demonstrating replicas of the individual performing different things all in one photograph.
Photography and Photoshop go neck and neck, and Multiplicity Photography is the actual test of your tolerance because you may possibly have to work for hours to obtain the right shots primarily due to different angles, clothes and props utilized in pre-production.
So, without any further ado, here we are presenting a collection of 25 Surreal Examples of Multiplicity Photography to inspire you. Enjoy!

Hippy Tree Huggers

25 Creative Websites Inspired by Nature

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We have previously posted several collections about different designs that are inspired by the nature and this collection also showcases some exceptional web designs that are also inspired by the nature. The reason why there are tons of designs available that are nature inspired is that nature is the greatest source of inspiration not only for the designers and artists but also for the ordinary man who has little interest in the art.
The arena of design has oodles of followers who generate works entirely inspired by nature. It is “in” to be environmentally-friendly and several appear to get this into their designs, be it web or other graphics.
In today’s article, we are presenting a hand picked collection of inspirational and truly beautiful websites that are all inspired by nature one way or another.

Lendl allen vtrazo

Showcase of Nature Inspired Photo Manipulations

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Nature is truly the wonderful subject for photo manipulations because it is indeed visually attractive. This is the reason why it has been featured in scores of photo manipulation work. Bring to mind the four basic elements of nature, or else a stunning landscape, or a ferocious animal. All these things are products of nature, and all of them are visually attractive.
Designers who correctly integrate nature into your Photoshop work can create some truthfully incredible works. That’s why at present we’ve composed an assortment of astonishing photo manipulations based around the topic of nature to enthuse you. Each one of these works is stunning in its own right, however try to perceive repeating patterns among them. The majority of them have energetic colors, enormous lighting and a devoted sense of detail.

Extraordinary Island

Mirror of Memories By Tom Hussey

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In this post we have gathered an unusual collection of photos created by Texas photographer Tom Hussey for “Reflections” campaign ran by one pharmaceutical company. Mirror of Memories is a series of pictures that show the young reflections of older people.

The Art of Negative Space By Tang Yau Hoong

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In this post we have gathered some of outstanding Negative Space Artworks by Tang Yau Hoong, he is a very talented graphic artist, designer, and illustrator from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who loves simplistic design. Enjoy the inspiration!

Beware of Those Hands

Bold Purple Colored Websites for your Inspiration

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Purple is beautiful and one of the preferred choices of many graphic designers. It is the combination of two strong colors; red and blue, and in designing industry purple is used to embody magic, mystery and royalty.
Many web designers who want to set themselves apart from other web designers opted for this bold and beautiful color and used it as their main website color. This post contains a compilation of 30 bold purple colored websites that will surely inspire you. Enjoy!


Amazing Artworks of Colorful Typography

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The role typography plays in any web design cannot be overlooked no matter how small or minimal fonts are used. Today, typography has taken the form of an art that include everything from the design layout to signs and from ads to digital artwork. Typography is used to communicate with the visitors and effective typography can successfully deliver the message you intended your readers to comprehend.
Here we have gathered some amazing examples of colorful typography that not only attract the potential customers’ attention but successfully deliver the message. Enjoy!

RendY Typography

Incredible Illustration Designs for Your Inspiration

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Designers often look for illustration designs to get some inspiration from. Beautifully created illustration designs not only persuade our senses and emotions but also affect our mental power. The hidden messages are incorporated in the illustrations in a way that they add to their beauty and attractiveness.
Here, we are showcasing some amazing illustrations created by the most talented artists.


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Rachel Perry Welty is an American artist who made use of tons of the dispose of items in creating creative works of art with texture, intricacy and meaning for her ‘Lost in my Life’ series. This is also the reason of her recognition.
Here, we are sharing some of her amazing artwork to inspire you to keep an eye on the humdrum objects that we use everyday. Feel free to share your opinion about this post by dropping us a line in comment section.