4 Application Categories Your Company Should Invest in Right Now

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For years, you have been hearing that mobile is the future. Then, mobile is here. Now, mobile is the predominant way people access and exchange information. But it is one thing to say these things, and quite another to integrate their reality into your business DNA.

Businesses that were around before the internet revolution have the hardest time integrating the new reality. After all, they have been around and successful for 30 years, or more. Their leaders graduated from business school before the internet gurus of today were born. And if it ain’t broke, why should they bother to fix it?


What these company leaders don’t seem to realize is that it sometimes takes a while before bad decisions catch up with you. Failure to retool for the modern age is definitely a mistake. By the time the consequences manifest, it is often too late for businesses to adapt. To keep your business from becoming hopelessly out of date, start implementing these app categories right now:

Event Apps

By now, your company has hosted at least one event or conference. If you haven’t done it yet, you should strongly consider it. Hosting an event within your industry is one of the better ways to bring attention and branding to your company, products, and services.

Live engagement event apps:

  • Turn passive attendees into active participants
  • Connect the right people, content, and sessions
  • Amplify engagement with user-generated content
  • Drive exhibitor and sponsor ROI

If you don’t have a person in your company who can build you that type of application, you need to commission a company that specializes in building them for companies like yours. Events like conferences, expos, and conventions are only as good as the interactivity and engagement. Event apps can make all the difference between a money pit of wasted resources, and a lead-generating machine that helps your company turn the corner.

Project Management Apps

Long gone are the days when project management could be competently handled with a Field Notes and mechanical pencil. Today’s project manager on the go has to deal with time management, bug and issue tracking, version tracking, collaboration, and so much more.

The best project management apps incorporate these tools so that you don’t have to jump from app to app to get your work done. They also work best when the whole team is using a single, integrated solution. One of the biggest destroyers of productivity is when a change is made in the plans that not everyone gets because they are not on the same page.

It makes a huge difference when everyone on the project has all the same information at the same time. It doesn’t matter what the project manager knows if the one laying the bricks is not aware that there has been a last-minute change in materials. Your workforce is mobile. So too, needs to be your project management solution.

Digital Documents

Every sales person has a story of missing out on a sale because they left the office without the right paperwork. Sometimes the sales person runs out of a particular document. Or coffee is spilled on a stack of documents. Paper is not very durable. And bad things happen when you are counting on it the most.

With the best document signing apps for iPad, you can sign and send, no pen or paper required. That means that you will always have a clean and editable copy of any paperwork necessary to get the job done. With the right apps, you can scan in your custom documents. With others, you can create them. But however you do it, the customer can authorize whatever is needed, whenever the need arises.

The 20th century was perhaps the most eventful in all of history. But it’s gone, and so are the old ways of doing business. Increase your chances of surviving another 30 years in business by investing in event apps, project management apps, and document signing apps.


5 Secrets to Email Marketing Success for Small Business

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When running a small business, email is one of your principal forms of advertising and marketing. Luckily, email is a very powerful way to get people’s attention. This is because people are inexplicably drawn to their email inboxes – sometimes to an excessive degree – to have whatever mail can make it past the spam filter shoved in their faces. Getting a receiver to look at an email is easy, but getting them to actually read it and take some action because of it is much more difficult. One of the great things about writing is that, although the final product reads as a rapid-fire stream of thought, you get to deliberate over your words all you want when composing the email. This means that quality email writing that will draw in the recipient is indeed possible, but, as we touched upon, it is not easy. The following list from Designhill details a few tips to keep in mind when writing emails to market your business.



  • Show Admiration – Everyone likes to feel adored, even if that feeling is subconscious. When reading emails, it will always please a recipient and make them want to read more if the content makes them feel like their work is appreciated. For example, you could compliment the recipient on past work and say that you would be honored to support such a successful enterprise (this may be an exaggeration, but you get the idea). This is especially helpful for small businesses, as they are often relatively new and have an easier time playing up the “I have a lot to learn from you” angle.
  • Be a Person – Remember that the readers of the emails you send will be real people with real lives, real problems, and real emotions, and that people are more open to other individuals they can sympathize with than they are to faceless businesses. Because of this, make sure to come off as a guy sending an email rather than an organization trying to establish a business contact. Use “I” instead of “we,” and don’t write in a way in which a person wouldn’t actually speak. Of course, it is important to remain professional, but it is equally as important to create a conversational narrative.
  • Be Unique – Especially for a small business, which is usually not widely known, it is important to show what makes you different and unique as a company. When writing, consider what your business’s major selling points are and what you worked on the hardest when building the organization. You should not always highlight those points specifically, as you do not want to come off as arrogant, but keep them in mind and try to hint at them with your writing. If possible, you might even want to establish your value by bringing up a niche that only you can fill and suggest a collaboration based on that.
  • Don’t be too “Salesy” – Of course, the primary objective of a small business’s marketing outreach email is marketing, but that should not be obvious to a recipient when he or she reads the email. The “Be a Person” point touched on above goes a long way towards masking your monetary motivation, but you should also avoid salesman’s terms like “if you buy today” and “limited-time offer” like the plague. Basically, talking about most subjects directly related to money is a bad idea. Speak to the heart, the actual desires and interests of the recipient, and you should be fine. This advice is especially important to remember when composing the email’s subject header. Again, DON’T misinterpret the “don’t be salesy” approach as “don’t sell.”
  • Be Careful With Tone – No matter what the content of an email is, it can easily be ruined by the tone the writer establishes. For example, emoticons should be limited to one per email. Make sure to capitalize the proper letters, be they the first letter of a sentence or a proper noun. Don’t mix up “their” and “they’re”, “it’s” and “its”, and “then” and “than.” Use exclamation points very conservatively. Don’t use text shorthand like “lol.” Stick with a professional-looking font. Don’t be overly-personal in your writing, as it is uncomfortable and awkward to the reader. And, most importantly, double and triple check your email for mistakes after you finish. These may sound like the tips of an overly-anal writing instructor, but their importance when composing marketing emails is actually immeasurable.

These are only a few of the most important tips to composing effective marketing emails. Other tips include keeping your email short, establishing merit, and even spicing your email up with images from a service like graphic design by Designhill. You’ll be surprised by how drastic a difference in rate of return your emails will generate if you can master professional email design principals.

Why Use VPS for Your Web Sites

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Nowadays, more and more people in the globe have their own websites for blogging, online business conducting or something else. Accordingly, there are also a wide range of choices for them to host their websites, such as shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

In below article, we will focus on shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting to tell people why Using VPS for their web sites is a wise choice instead of the other two options.

Why Use VPS for Your Web Sites

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting means a web hosting service where many websites resides on one web server connected to the Internet, which is the bottom and entry-level type of hosting. Using shared hosting refers that webmasters share processing time, a hosting environment and hard disk and something more with a great deal of people at the same time.

Although the price of shared hosting is cheap, it has bountiful drawbacks. If the websites of some others down, the websites you run will go down too. Additionally, shared hosting customers are not allowed to change variables in theirhosting environment. Moreover, another main disadvantage of shared hosting accounts is the lack of security and relatively poor server performance.

Dedicated Hosting

In terms of dedicated hosting, its users have the chance to use the entire server without sharing with someone else, which signifies that they can take full control of their hosting account and make any necessary changes on applications and operating systems. However, the main reason why dedicated hosting is not so popular is that its price is expensive and it will cost hundreds of dollars per month on average.

VPS Hosting

By reading the above comments about shared hosting and dedicated hosting, we believe thatpeople must gain some knowledge of them. Instead of both of them, we find that VPS hosting is a better alternative.

With VPS, webmasters can easily have a more secure environment of their data, files and more. In addition to that, VPS hosting customers canalso get access to a more sufficient disk space than shared hosting to backup their websites. Furthermore, VPS users can have root access to the operating system to allow them change what they need to run a blog or discussion forum as well as web applications and etc.

If there is an increasing demand of traffic and disk space, there is no need for VPS hosting customers to worry about it because most VPS plans are scalable, so it is easy for them to increase hard drive space, CPU power and the memory.

As we all know that a high performance online network is extremely important to webmastersoperating a successful and powerful website. Generally speaking, over 85% VPS hosting companies have the strength to offer state of the art data centers and premium servers that are equipped with first-class technologies and facilities to guarantee that their customers can run their websites smoothly.

In addition to the points we listed out, we know that many webmastersalso pay high attention to the price of VPS hosting. In fact, we can say that webmasters can always get the excellent VPS hosting service at an affordable price in the industry. Generally speaking, most VPS companies will offer some discounts to their customers, so people often need to pay $20/mo to $50/mo to purchase the VPS hosting service to operate their websites.

Tips for Choosing VPS Hosting

After reading the information in the above, we believe that people now have a clear idea of why they should use VPS for their websites. In order to help webmasters choose the most suitable VPS hostingcompanies, we recommend Top10Inaction to them, which is a useful community where webmasters can find best tools and services for their websites. They have compiled a list of top VPS at here, with which you could choose an appropriate one to build your web site.


Top 10 best website hosting : Compare Reliable Web Hosting Companies

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In the World Wide Web, one needs a reliable hosting service to survive and flourish his business but to find out the best hosting service for your website is a complicated task because there are tons of options available there all claiming to be the top hosts or the least expensive service. The finest way to choose the best web hosting service is to take the assortment procedure separately:

  • Evaluate Your Needs
  • Hosting Prices
  • Reliability
  • Technical Support


Top 10 best website hosting offers comprehensive reviews about different service providers including asp.net hosting and best WordPress hosting. The website also offers listing of top ten hosting service providers and lets you compare them.
Web hosts listed at Top10BestWebsiteHosting are well suited for small business web hosting and personal blog hosting.


Top10BestWebsiteHosting is here to help you choose the web hosting service for your new website. Having investigated all the main hosting companies, our expert team have come up with this definitive list. Choose your favorite & launch your site today!

Comindware Tracker – Ultimate Business Management Software

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Project management and workflow management software are crucial for any business as they bring ground-breaking technology that is helpful in efficaciously planning and executing and collaborating in projects. These software are the key asset for the teams and businesses that offer time-sensitive products and services expected to be delivered with the highest quality.


Comindware is a software company that specializes in workflow automation, adaptive business process management and task management solutions. Founded in 2010, the company is relatively new in the project management game however even in that short period, it has earned a good name for itself. Its product ‘Comindware Project’ provides professional planning capabilities, accurate project execution, collaborative environment and business process automation.

Products & Services offered by Comindware
The company over a very short period of time has successfully released three different products to cater different needs of professionals and businesses. These include:

  • Comindware Project
  • Comindware Tracker
  • Comindware Team Network

Whereas, the company has divided different business process automation solutions into two categories, which are as below.

Comindware Project Solutions

  • Professional Services
  • New Product Development
  • IT Projects
  • Marketing Projects

Comindware Tracker Solutions

  • Departmental Business Apps
  • Workflow for Outlook
  • Workflow for SharePoint
  • BPM Software
  • Task Management

Comindware Project provides automated features and predictive technology along with a more visual user experience that not only lighten the burden of project managers to update the project plan but also help them with valuable real-time information. Therefore, with more accurate information in hand and with less distractions, project managers can easily concentrate more on better planning, execution and collaboration.

Comindware Tracker is a business process automation web bases system integrated with task management and workflow automation system. It is designed to help you with managing your to-do lists and working processes.

Comindware Team Network is designed to help professionals with project execution. It is first of its kind enterprise social tool to radically increase employee engagement and productivity by letting them collaborate more effectively in the context of their work.

Effectively implementing BPMS in your company is very important for the success of your business. On the other hand, many companies interested in preventing data silos consider BPMS implementation one of the major issues. According to the BPMS infographic, approximately 75% of companies use different process automation solutions to lower costs and increase productivity. BPMS infographics have been designed in order to provide you an insight knowledge of what you need to focus on when it comes to implementing BPMS.


Shopping Carts: To Host or Not to Host?

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Now that so many things have moved online, and so many people are connected to the World Wide Web, business has changed. Many companies have found that an excellent way to expand business and maximize profit is to offer customers the option to purchase products and services via the Internet. Some companies even use this method as their principal technique. In order to offer this option, companies need to implement some sort of shopping cart software, which allows customers to make purchases safely and effectively. Due to the popularity of ecommerce, many options have developed to assist companies in this venture, and choosing a shopping cart platform can be tough. They two main types of shopping cart options are hosted and non-hosted. But what does that mean?


Which 2013 Tablet is Best for Gaming?

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It seems slightly strange now, but when tablet devices first hit the shops, some observers were sceptical about whether there would really be a customer base for them. Now however the likes of the Apple iPad have firmly established themselves – with mobile casino, adventure, role playing and other popular game types being a big reason for this. The fact that tablets offer a bigger screen than smartphones has led many to consider them the jackpot gaming option, and when the iPad 5 is launched next month it should be a big seller. Ahead of that though, which Android tablet of 2013 is best for gaming?


WordPress Tutorials for Bloggers & Developers

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Today, we compiled an ultimate list of WordPress tutorials that is helpful not only for beginners but also for the professional WordPress developers. We also brought together some of practical tips and tricks in this roundup that you can take advantage from. Many bloggers and companies prefer to start their work on open source resources and as we know that a wide range of bloggers and developers are using WordPress as open-source for their corporate websites as well as for news blogs, product websites, job portals, image gallery blog, video streaming blog, technology blog, and portfolio websites and so on.
Everyone wish for designing and developing WordPress theme with exclusive layout, styling and on the whole presentation of WordPress website. For this, you just have to install WordPress and this is not difficult at all even a newbie can easily do that.

How to create your own WordPress functionality plugin

4 Non Web Based Wireframe Tools

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Wireframing and prototyping tools are mostly available for creating mockup for the website design and they are mostly web based wireframe tools but in this collection we have compiled 7 non web based wireframe tools for you. These non web based wireframe tools are basically native desktop applications.
We have compiled this collection keeping your needs in mind as a native wireframe tool will allow you to continue your work offline and at place with no or poor internet connection. All these 4 tools are compatible on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.





The 7 Most Popular Online Project Management Tools

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Whether you are a freelancer, professional, or run a small to large business, project management tools are something you don’t want to be without. There is a many different project management tools on the market. Most of these are complex applications that integrate version tracking, time management, bug and issue tracking, collaboration, and so much more. Below are 7 popular online project management tools, you should know about.

1. Apptivo

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, professional, or small business owner Apptivo is a project management tool that you should explore. Basically, it is a web based project management app that allows you to take your business and projects anywhere.
You can access over 50 business applications through Apptivo, so there is not much you can’t do with this project management app, with excellent security. Apptivo is a jam packed with functionality, and best of all it’s free! There is no need to buy expensive software or worry about software updates with this web based software.
With Apptivo, there is no need to have a credit card on file because it’s free 24/7 – one platform, one place – You can save money and watch your business grow. This application allows you to run your business on cloud. Whether it’s sales, finances, project management, leads, time sheets, SMS, faxing, emailing, or any number of other tasks a business does, you can find them all in Apptivo.