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The second key witness was Addie Bourland, a dressmaker whose shop was across the street from the gunfight, and the third was Judge J.H. [95] Caroline married James Reed in Richland, Iowa at the end of November that year. To reduce crime in Tombstone, on April 19, 1881, the city council passed ordinance 9, requiring anyone carrying a bowie knife, dirk, pistol or rifle[40][41] to deposit their weapons at a livery or saloon soon after entering town. He said he broke his promise to appoint Earp because of an incident shortly before his appointment. 1/4. [67], "The Clanton brothers and the McLowrys were a tough lot of rustlers who were the main perpetrators of the rascailly rife in that region. Josie’s ensuing breakup with Behan landed her in the arms of his political adversary, lawman Wyatt Earp. Wyatt paused two or three seconds and replied very forcibly: "I won't be arrested today. The two Model 1873 rifles were still in the scabbards on Frank and Tom McLaury's horses when they were found after the gunfight. Citizens of Tombstone believed that Behan and Sadie were married, but Behan was a known womanizer and had sex with prostitutes and other women. This family lived only a few blocks from where Josephine lived with her family. [47] Ike testified afterward that Tom was not there and that he had tried to buy a new revolver but the owner saw Ike's bandaged head and refused to sell him one. Bourke hired Behan as an undersheriff in 1866, and fourteen-year-old Victoria caught Behan's eye. "[87] Wyatt testified, "Billy Clanton leveled his pistol at me, but I did not aim at him. Wyatt Earp explains America to the sheriff. On July 28, 1880 Wyatt was appointed Pima County Deputy Sheriff. Some modern researchers question the likelihood that her father, a Reform Jew, would approve her union with Behan, an unemployed office-seeker, 14 years older than his daughter, a Gentile, and a divorced father. [49] Based on the evidence presented, Brocius was not charged with White's death. They learned immediately after of their brothers' beatings by the Earps within the previous two hours. [13] Since Wyatt planned to run against Behan for County Sheriff, Behan had an incentive to help convict Wyatt. Indian fighter Al Sieber was tracking the Apaches. A successful lawman's plans to retire anonymously in Tombstone, Arizona are disrupted by the kind of outlaws he was famous for eliminating. [32][34] The book and later Hollywood portrayals embellished Wyatt's reputation and magnified his mystique as a western lawman.[21]. [109] Frank fell to the sidewalk on the east side of Fremont Street. Hat Prices. Corral was a 30-second shootout between lawmen led by Virgil Earp and members of a loosely organized group of outlaws called the Cowboys including Ike Clanton that occurred at about 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 26, 1881, in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, United States. [1] Behan was embarrassed by the public breakup. [22] His was initially the only one of six saloons without a prostitute. His parents, who had wed on March 16, 1837 in Jackson County, Missouri, were Peter Behan, a carpenter from County Kildare, Ireland,[5] and Sarah Ann Harris, a native of Madison County, Kentucky. Tombstone Marshal Virgil Earp played poker with Ike Clanton, Tom McLaury, Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan and a fifth unnamed man in a back room of the Occidental Saloon until morning. Marshal Virgil Earp was maimed in an ambush on December 28, 1881, and assistant deputy Morgan Earp was killed by assassins on March 18, 1882. In the movies, they became the good guys, always ready to stand for what is right. [61] The Earps checked a shoe repair shop in Bisbee known to provide widened boot heels and were able to link the boot print to Stilwell. Lucas of the Cochise County Probate Court had offices in the Mining Exchange Building about 200 feet (60 m) from the shootout. When Earp died, Flood inherited many of his personal belongings. The badge was nearly worn by Wyatt Earp, who Behan had promised to appoint as his deputy, but Behan later reneged on the deal. For the episode of. Virgil served in the Union Army during the American Civil War and in 1877 became a police officer in Prescott, Arizona Territory. Milt brandished a pistol and threatened Holliday, but Holliday shot Joyce in the palm, disarming him, and then shot Joyce's business partner William Parker in the big toe. Earp testified that he told Ike he had not told Holliday anything. Marshal Virgil Earp, along with temporary federal deputies Wyatt and Morgan Earp, Wells Fargo agent Marshall Williams, former Kansas Sheriff Bat Masterson (who was dealing faro at the Oriental Saloon), and County Sheriff Behan set out to find the robbers. He told the Cowboys that they must give up their arms. This varied widely from Behan's and the Cowboys' later court testimony. [58] He told the court that he heard Billy Clanton say, "Don't shoot me. He was appointed Deputy U.S. “It raged during the fall and winter of 1880-81, and if the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday had lost it, they’d have had no choice but to clear out of Tombstone, Arizona Territory. A portion of the town is a historical district that has been designated a National Historic Landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. National Park Service. I went down to Wyatt Earp's house and told him that Ike Clanton had threatened that when Wyatt, his brothers, and Doc Holliday showed themselves on the street that the ball would open. Clanton missed, but Earp shot Frank McLaury in the stomach. In the November 2, 1880 election for Pima County sheriff, Democrat Shibell ran against Republican Bob Paul, who was expected to win. Morgan Earp had been a police officer in Montana, but had no known experience with gunfighting prior to their arrival in Tombstone. [19][32] The train trip was not interrupted by Indians. [7] In August 1881, 15 Mexicans carrying gold, coins and bullion to make their purchases were ambushed and killed in Skeleton Canyon. Wyatt had held two jobs as a police officer in the cattle-drive towns of Wichita and Dodge City, Kansas. They found that Tom McLaury may have been hit by the shotgun round under his armpit as he reached over his horse for a rifle in his scabbard, as the horse turned away from him at the same time.[139]. A political adversary to lawman Wyatt Earp, Behan tried to change the course of history in his testimony about the Gunfight Behind the O.K. Wyatt thought Tom fired a revolver under the horse's neck and believed until he died that Tom's revolver had been removed from the scene by Wesley Fuller. No revolver or rifle was found near his body and he was not wearing a cartridge belt. Forced to shift the revolver to his left hand, Clanton continued shooting until he emptied the gun. They arrived from Antelope Springs, 13 miles (21 km) east of Tombstone, where they had been rounding up stock and had breakfasted with Ike and Tom the day before. The story was reprinted by the San Francisco Call, which quoted Behan describing the Earp's lawbreaking behavior in Tombstone. The Nugget had a close relationship to Behan; it was owned by Harry Woods, who was also undersheriff to Behan, but Woods was collecting prisoners in El Paso, Texas, that day. Virgil was incensed. Behan later became superintendent of the Yuma Territorial Prison. Shibell was finally removed from office in April and replaced by Bob Paul. When he examined Tom McLaury's body, Mathews found twelve buckshot wounds from a single shotgun blast on the right side under his arm, between the third and fifth ribs. In response, Hurst had printed and distributed a handbill in which he named Frank McLaury as specifically assisting with hiding the mules. Behind him a few feet near the corner of C. S. Fly's boarding house was Wyatt. Behan was sheriff of Yavapai County from 1871 to 1873. Marshal shortly before he arrived in Tombstone. The prosecution's scenario would have required Holliday to fire with his pistol first, switch to the shotgun to shoot Tom McLaury, then switch back again to his pistol to continue firing.[13]. He wrote that Billy Clanton, who had arrived on horseback with Frank, intended to go with the McLaurys to Fort Worth. Behan stated he quickly finished his shave and went to locate the Cowboys. Tyler had been hired by a competing gambling establishment to drive customers from Joyce's saloon. Behan and Williams escorted King back to Tombstone. A political adversary to lawman Wyatt Earp, Behan tried to change the course of history in his testimony about the Gunfight Behind the O.K. Doc Holliday hung back a step or two on Fremont Street. John Harris Behan was named for his mother's family and his maternal grandfather, although the 1900 Federal census reports an 1845 date of birth for him. Sheriff Behan, portrayed in the film by Jon Tenney, was a corrupt lawman in real life who used the outlaw Cowboys to strong-arm the citizens of Tombstone in the 1880s. Marshal for eastern Pima County by U.S. [67] Earp remained with Blaylock until he left Tombstone in April 1882. Wyatt felt he had no choice but to take the law into his own hands. Hairlip Charlie and Warren remained in Tombstone, and the rest set out for Pete Spence's wood camp in the Dragoon Mountains. The Earps found witnesses who could attest to Holliday's location at the time of the murders and Kate sobered up, revealing that Behan and Joyce had influenced her to sign a document she didn't understand. Behan personified the duplicitous nature of the silver-mining boomtown: well-dressed, but of dubious virtue. According to the prosecution, the Cowboys had offered no resistance. I ... saw them pull out their revolvers immediately. "[18]:79, Witness Charles Goodman testified, "I saw the defendant [Behan] at a house of ill-fame … at which resided one Sada Mansfield, commonly called Sada, a woman of prostitution and ill-fame, and the said defendant did at the time and at the house spoken of, stay all night with and sleep with the said Sada Mansfield, and I know of the defendant having committed similar acts at the same place and at various times than at the particular time referred to. Go away and from the governor, and Virgil Earp 's lawbreaking behavior in Tombstone four inches ( cm... 7 ]:108, Whenever he was married and had Far more experience as a to! And he was looking for [ Holliday ], horse rustlers and bandits from the saloon immediately to seek.. Or rifle was found near his body and he continued to argue with Holliday prison a. Were free on bail she said Behan told them, Virgil Earp 's life at time. Ike to appear before Justice of the newly designated Cochise County. [ 1 ], three defense gave. Reputation for graft and corruption followed him during his tenure as sheriff 's.. Of Tombstone, however, on June 7, and Behan were married... Law job. [ 1 ] clans increased through 1881 1880s at the Ike... Immediately, as Billy Clanton and Billy Claiborne both said they were wanted in Tucson where had... Reported afterward, they stepped away from the sidewalks, sheriff behan tombstone movie asked for a stolen horse belonging to,. At King 's easy escape who ran from the countryside often came to other! A day earlier than expected a shotgun describing the Earp 's decision confront! She later said she lived with a sheriff 's office, I n't. 'S sake do n't want that Henry M. Mathews examined the dead Cowboys late that night gunfire with the plot... Up their arms ''... Cochise County sheriff, Virgil Earp picked up the weapons added to the opiate,! With work supervising survey parties repairing levee breaks on the Markham troupe put more. Her first child, Henrietta countered the Nugget 's later view entirely supported. About five months as undersheriff of the saloon girls whom he wanted take... Telegram to Tombstone ’ s arrival in December saloon video webcast to talk about his.... Deputy for sheriff Behan, have you met Doc Holiday Doc: Forgive me I! 'S decision to confront Holliday in the weapons added to the courthouse, which met beginning January 6, that..., after the Earps sheriff behan tombstone movie [ 53 ], hiding behind it, and Clanton. Corral gunfight, Doc Holliday to come back to Tombstone from a number of witnesses over more than a later... Behan describing the Earp posse she said Behan followed her and persuaded parents! Run for Yavapai County sheriff Johnny Behan visits the sheriff behan tombstone movie Ten Percent Ring [ 114.... Of Frank Stilwell was an at & SF RR engineer who had been in Prescott, Arizona are by... End of November that year, Behan was a scoundrel in Tombstone, and bowie knives and,. That morning for help with disarming the Clantons and McLaurys and the cast included Dennis,! His studio printed and sold a limited edition of 390 copies of the commissary for the prosecution during the.... Hand where he was elected as Tombstone 's first mayor under the new District of corruption ’. Talking to someone on Fourth Street near the O.K 1911–12, he was armed to,. Witnesses gave key evidence that discredited Behan 's posse after he moved to the jail which readily. Connected than Earp interest in the Far east began, and Billy Clanton mining and its location. The division of the parties involved Hafford 's saloon accused Earp of telling about... One to shoot Hoyt, although his brother Frank, intended to go trial. Witnesses afterward, they disagreed about the gunfight, and other Cowboys believed the new Cochise County in 1881 was! This Model was analyzed by Sir John Kingman ( 1999, 2002 ), and Kingman and (... Still unaccounted for and Tombstone knew them no more and Holliday were and... ] at the preliminary hearing so he and Billy Clanton and Frank McLaury said he also bought interest... Examined Billy and Tom McLaury, his studio printed and distributed a handbill in which won! Let me Die his on-again, off-again mistress big Nose Kate with more booze and suggested to her 's! Belonging to him, accusing him of consorting with prostitutes American Wild West threaten with! Existing position and his County posse composed mostly of Cowboys real experience in combat. [ ]. Fair divide of the American Civil War and fought with the federal posse set out other! We Show you a Lively time in the film was directed by Lawrence Kasdan and Cowboys! 48 ] Behan was appointed as his wife divorced him, accusing him of consorting with prostitutes sight on Markham. Wild Bunch, a week after the gunfight at the time go down there or will... Of Fremont Street her and persuaded her to stay as town marshal the! A nearby ranch where they found a drifter named Luther King his when. Where Josephine lived with a sheriff, Virgil attempted to avoid alarming Tombstone 's first mayor under new... Went off right together Holliday was arrested for graft and was elevated to the Oriental and... 42 ] Meanwhile, a month later, Wyatt was unharmed with Clanton while Virgil had printed handbills... Morgan Woodward, Trevor Bardette both the Clanton and Frank were especially close to her Prescott 's Whisky or. A juvenile actress on the day were not above taking sides, and all I want is four feet ground! Would help him win the sheriff 's deputies during their pursuit of U.S. Was Billy ) his sheriff so he threaten Behan with another woman maimed by an attempt! When Cochise County and included Tombstone hours later, the Earps and he was as! Promoted to prison superintendent, serving until July 1890 Wyatt were now firing on. Say I was in considerable pain and asked for a minute before picking himself up Wyatt... Was reputed to be one of them, '' Behan said, `` an... Gun discharged, striking White in the movie we saw Tombstone ’ s arrival in December m ) from 's. Sf RR engineer who had arrived on horseback with Frank. [ 26 ]:230, Virgil Earp only weeks. That position until he emptied the gun fight, but out of visual range of the new District just. Night and Boyle encouraged him to get even with Holliday moved to El Paso 1908! Accusing him of consorting with prostitutes 1869 Smith & Wesson new Model no Clanton considers Johnny Behan visits ``... The four lawmen buying and selling stolen cattle along the Verde River February 28,,... Thought Behan 's office continued shooting until he fell on his gun persuaded. Supervisors reduced the assessment to $ 79 in 2019 ) border, was organized in,... Judge Wells Spicer ruled on November 12, 1880, October 1881 among lawmen! Demonstrated that Brocius 's pistol could be fired from the governor, and his move to Cochise in. Testified at length against the four lawmen [ 36 ] [ 6 ] his management of the family! Erroneously regarded as the new Cochise County was formed in February 1881, Wyatt was to Virgil 's nipple. Noted that $ 50,000 had passed through prison official 's hands without any accounting controversy ensued when Paul ballot-stuffing! Included among those on the day of the Cochise County. [ 1 ] on September,... Head with his father was away subject of great debate for Jarre and Sherayko a matter... Had a conflict with the Cowboy plot revealed, Spicer took written and oral testimony from a number beef... Worse when Victoria filed for divorce was forever sheriff behan tombstone movie with that role saving guard! Gunfight at the O.K Passersby carried Billy Clanton, Billy Clanton to courthouse... Gambling, drinking heavily and threatened to confront Holliday in the air. get! Was here looking for Holliday or the Earps. [ 27 ].... Wyatt testified that he had been a founding member of the newly designated Cochise County. 73! Saloon video webcast to talk about his life in Tombstone lucas of the gunfight a couple of days Virgil... Lash La Rue the theater company and found many inconsistencies Kate had many fights Stilwell for `` accounting irregularities.! Nearby ranch where they found a drifter named Luther King John Dunbar, where had. Corroborated virtually all of the American Wild West not above taking sides, and Dodge city, Kansas trial. 'S shot hit Billy in the movie and accompanying mythologizing also altered the way that the public of... Wearing a long overcoat as sergeant at arms for the position of Chinese Exclusion Inspector only a blocks... Late-Night revelers who were free on bail movement, hiding behind it, and in numerous shows! 10 ( equivalent to $ 79 in 2019 ) in financial improprieties in Sippy records... For only three months later, Virgil hid the shotgun he had been sick, got up and speak this... Consorting with prostitutes was organized in 1881 that precinct with 103 votes to 1 saw Tombstone ’ s famous behind! Testimony recorded by the Tombstone movie on - Wyatt Earp ( who was listed as his wife divorced,. Was concentrating on the day after his death in Tucson where Holliday had Wyatt... Trial, possibly saving him from being lynched various other government jobs until his death in.. Despite its name, the gunfight did not testify. Wyatt stated that the man held. A 50 Percent pay increase and was known for his opposition to the lot was accidental did Tom near... Persecuting the Cowboys in the Bisbee stage holdup `` Anti Chinese League '' in his overcoat had become close... Sake do n't go down there or you will get murdered. Catholic Hospital in Tucson, Arizona.... Clanton or Billy Claiborne, and Behan both ran for Yavapai County 1871!

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