Unusual Houses With Human Face

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I believe we all have similar experience during our childhood drawing class – you draw a house with 1 door and 2 windows, and somehow the house looks like it got a face on it! Well, tell you what, the houses in our real world got that ‘face’ too, and here’s another amazing fact – they are even, even funnier than your drawings!
And this is exactly what we want to make your day today – featuring 11 houses with human-like faces that have ridiculously ridiculous potential to amaze and amuse you! Heck, even the house with Hitler-like face is just a small case, most pieces showcased here are guaranteed to cause you greater joy and laughter!
So yeah, just sit tight in your house and enjoy this funny collection of the houses with their naughty face expression. And I’m pretty sure that after this post, you will run out from your house and take a glance at it, just to know that how your lovely house’ face exactly looks like!


I Will Kill You

Funky House

Happy house

House Face

I’m Watching You


I see faces

The house that winked on me


30 Websites with Full-Screen Photo Backgrounds

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Here we have gathered a collection of 30 appealing websites that have full screen photo backgrounds. You have seen the photograph-based backgrounds throughout many portfolio and company websites that has become another area to focus on apart from the art of crafting pixel-perfect website layouts that may take few more years to develop as a professional art form. Full screen photo backgrounds time and again work well in a wallpaper type display ported onto the web.
Here is the showcase of 30 most appealing and awesome websites that boost full screen backgrounds. This trend is still developing and has managed to keep hold of their concepts for some time. Check out these examples below if you’re in need of creative ideas for your own design. Or alternatively let us know your thoughts in the discussion area below.

FOX Classics

30 Interesting Navigation Menus

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Navigation is undoubtedly an extremely essential component of web design as well as an imperative aspect to consider at the same time as designing a page. At the moment, we assembled a few examples of navigation menus to give you an idea about the different navigation menu. From fresh and simple typography based menus to vibrant and predetermined positioned ones, there are loads of examples to inspire you.
At present, we would like to show you 30 attractive navigation menus that range from simple ones that conceal discretely at the corner of the design to complete blustered menus that engage in most of the header. No matter what kind of navigational menus you are inclined to support, we hope that you would enjoy this post.


35 Cool Brochure Designs

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Brochure printing is a great offline marketing tool that can furnish an enormous boost to a marketing campaign if it can be used appropriately. Since it symbolizes the brand image of a business or an organization, you have to make it look as striking as possible. It is supposed to have a fresh structure as well as should not embrace a wide range of graphic elements only for sake of giving it a different look.
The intention of designing a brochure is to create a visual combination with the visitors or potential customers through the usage of images, text as well as symbols. As it is a collection of a number of different graphical elements, you require being a little vigilant whilst designing a commercial brochure or professional brochure. Take a look at these 35 outstanding exemplars of Brochure Design.

Best of Brochure Design -REBLOG

40 Fantastic Transparent Business cards

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Transparent business cards are a modernization in an industry that attempts so hard to be prominent, and yet one way or another over many dozens of years, never appears to make any authentic progression. To be precise, business cards do not change year over year, but every now and then though, you see a really nice business card that stands out. Even though it is rare, but it does happen. What makes them stand out is their approach which is totally different from regular traditional paper style business cards.
In this roundup we have collected some tremendous and out of this world transparent business cards for inspiration. If you like these transparent business cards you might also would like to look into our previous posts as well.

Corporate business card

30 Minimalist Business Card Design

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A Business card is employed to symbolize your professional individuality. Usually a business card is printed with the name of the person along with the business association, designation, address, telephone number and the logo design of the corporation.
Through a proficiently designed business card, one can endorse himself among other professional persons within and outside of his field. Loads of organizations prefer to get their business cards designed in agreement with their logo designs to connote their professional approach; and having a minimalist business card design not only provide a modern, trendy and lavish look but will also suit best for your business. After all simplicity is the key. Let us have a look at this collection and feel free to share your opinion.

Minimalist Ribbon

50 Promotional Sites To Share Your Design Related Articles

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By simply submitting your stories and posts to a promotional website, you can bring the traffic of new visitors to your site. Promotional websites not only safe you time but give result in a relatively short period of time.
Although, there are loads of bookmaking and promotional site are there that you can use, but we though it would be great to add some new sites to the list where you can promote your design related articles and news. Just take a look!

Design Float

Giveaway: Win over 60,000 design items from UltimateDesignerToolkit.com

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Today we are going to giveaway 3 member accounts on UltimateDesignerToolkit.com to webdesigncore.com readers. Each account cost 99$ and it will allow you to download our existing resources, and the next releases. UltimateDesignerToolkit.com consists of design resources like Photoshop brushes, vector files, PSD layouts, Photoshop actions and other design resources that may come in useful in your project.


30 Effective Pricing Pages in Web Design

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Effective and appealing pricing pages facilitate sale to a greater extent. This is because pricing page helps visitors or your potential customers making buying decision, and usually are the first thing that visitors look at before signing up for the paid service.
In this collection, we are sharing a collection of some interesting and compelling pricing pages that can influence the services or products being sold. Let’s have a look and explore why these pricing pages are so successful.


15 Fresh & Free Fonts for Beautiful Headlines

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Bold and stunning typography is the essence of any esthetically designed website or blog. Fonts play an important part in drawing your visitors’ attention to your important content. Not only typography conveys viewpoint and message of your site to your visitors but also grabs the attention of your visitors to the headlines and titles.
Fonts can be taken as music as they have rhythm and flow that you can use to blend it with your web design and theme. Today’s sum-up of beautiful fonts highlights 15 fresh and stylish fonts that are free for you to use. These fonts would be ideal for the headlines or titles of either a webpage or a print publication. We hope that this collection will inspire you and you’ll see how fonts can create magic. Enjoy!