Why Use VPS for Your Web Sites

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Nowadays, more and more people in the globe have their own websites for blogging, online business conducting or something else. Accordingly, there are also a wide range of choices for them to host their websites, such as shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

In below article, we will focus on shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting to tell people why Using VPS for their web sites is a wise choice instead of the other two options.

Why Use VPS for Your Web Sites

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting means a web hosting service where many websites resides on one web server connected to the Internet, which is the bottom and entry-level type of hosting. Using shared hosting refers that webmasters share processing time, a hosting environment and hard disk and something more with a great deal of people at the same time.

Although the price of shared hosting is cheap, it has bountiful drawbacks. If the websites of some others down, the websites you run will go down too. Additionally, shared hosting customers are not allowed to change variables in theirhosting environment. Moreover, another main disadvantage of shared hosting accounts is the lack of security and relatively poor server performance.

Dedicated Hosting

In terms of dedicated hosting, its users have the chance to use the entire server without sharing with someone else, which signifies that they can take full control of their hosting account and make any necessary changes on applications and operating systems. However, the main reason why dedicated hosting is not so popular is that its price is expensive and it will cost hundreds of dollars per month on average.

VPS Hosting

By reading the above comments about shared hosting and dedicated hosting, we believe thatpeople must gain some knowledge of them. Instead of both of them, we find that VPS hosting is a better alternative.

With VPS, webmasters can easily have a more secure environment of their data, files and more. In addition to that, VPS hosting customers canalso get access to a more sufficient disk space than shared hosting to backup their websites. Furthermore, VPS users can have root access to the operating system to allow them change what they need to run a blog or discussion forum as well as web applications and etc.

If there is an increasing demand of traffic and disk space, there is no need for VPS hosting customers to worry about it because most VPS plans are scalable, so it is easy for them to increase hard drive space, CPU power and the memory.

As we all know that a high performance online network is extremely important to webmastersoperating a successful and powerful website. Generally speaking, over 85% VPS hosting companies have the strength to offer state of the art data centers and premium servers that are equipped with first-class technologies and facilities to guarantee that their customers can run their websites smoothly.

In addition to the points we listed out, we know that many webmastersalso pay high attention to the price of VPS hosting. In fact, we can say that webmasters can always get the excellent VPS hosting service at an affordable price in the industry. Generally speaking, most VPS companies will offer some discounts to their customers, so people often need to pay $20/mo to $50/mo to purchase the VPS hosting service to operate their websites.

Tips for Choosing VPS Hosting

After reading the information in the above, we believe that people now have a clear idea of why they should use VPS for their websites. In order to help webmasters choose the most suitable VPS hostingcompanies, we recommend Top10Inaction to them, which is a useful community where webmasters can find best tools and services for their websites. They have compiled a list of top VPS at here, with which you could choose an appropriate one to build your web site.


Top 10 best website hosting : Compare Reliable Web Hosting Companies

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In the World Wide Web, one needs a reliable hosting service to survive and flourish his business but to find out the best hosting service for your website is a complicated task because there are tons of options available there all claiming to be the top hosts or the least expensive service. The finest way to choose the best web hosting service is to take the assortment procedure separately:

  • Evaluate Your Needs
  • Hosting Prices
  • Reliability
  • Technical Support


Top 10 best website hosting offers comprehensive reviews about different service providers including asp.net hosting and best WordPress hosting. The website also offers listing of top ten hosting service providers and lets you compare them.
Web hosts listed at Top10BestWebsiteHosting are well suited for small business web hosting and personal blog hosting.


Top10BestWebsiteHosting is here to help you choose the web hosting service for your new website. Having investigated all the main hosting companies, our expert team have come up with this definitive list. Choose your favorite & launch your site today!

Is Free Web Hosting Better Than Paid One for Personal Blog Building?

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Blog hosting beginners are always faced with the argument over free hosting and paid hosting. Some people think that free things are good enough for building a personal blog, while others believe that using a paid service is more professional and worthwhile.

In fact, this is not a problem at all because you should never choose a free web hosting package if what you desire is to make your blog stand out, or at least keep it accessible. Free web hosting brings much inconvenience and a bundle of problems. You will realize that after reading through the following tricks.


Free Service Limits Disk Space & Bandwidth Strictly

The only reason for most people to use free web hosting is to save money. But you should know that the sacrifice of this money-saving deed is the freedom in managing and expanding your blog. As a free package includes about 1 GB disk space only and several gigabits of monthly data transfer, how can you expect rich website content and large visits?

Besides, there is another fact that the advertised resource usage is the maximum limit that you can never go beyond (or even close), but not what you can consume in the real world. In this circumstance, you can only create some simple pages on your blog without uploading large files, using high-definition images or installing premium themes. Once you strike the limit, the provider will enforce you to upgrade to a paid service. Some companies may even shut down your blog at any time without noticing in advance.

However, if you choose to pay approximately $4/mo for a paid service, you have access to at least 10 GB disk storage and unlimited bandwidth which allow you to build a much more flexible blog.

Free Hosting Comes with Less Features

Free hosting includes very limited features. For example, 000WebHost, a widely known free hosting provider, does not support SSL, CGI scripts, Python, Perl, SSH, mailing lists or custom analytics unless you upgrade to the paid package. Furthermore, the company only offers 2 MySQL databases and 1 FTP account. Due to the limited budget, the control panel is also a custom one which is badly designed.

Paid hosting far exceeds in this aspect. Even a cheap package may come with full cPanel license, unlimited email/FTP accounts, free domain name, various scripting languages, SSH Access, shared SSL certificate, and premium site builders. To get to know the exact features offered by a web host, you can search throughout the official website, or learn about the details on some reliable review sites like LinkedHosts.

Free Hosting Gives Less Control

Many free hosting providers have endless rules for the website content and website management. For instance, some of them do not allow running file sharing scripts, gaming scripts, chat scripts, forums, etc. If you violate any term accidently, your account will be suspended or even terminated immediately. A lot of providers also claim that they have the right to cancel any account for no reason, which is not reasonable at all.

These problems are not likely to happen when you use a paid service. Most providers do not interfere with your website content as long as it is legally allowed, so you are able to run all kinds of scripts as you like. Also, rest assured that the account you open is under the control of yourself and will not be terminated without any reason.

Free Hosting Has Frequent Uptime & Speed Issues

With a free web hosting service, you may encounter frequent downtimes and slow speed due to the poor infrastructure and inconstant monitoring. Most providers just rent several servers to deal with their business instead of operating their own data centers. When there is any problem happening, they usually claim no responsibility toward such issues.

Most web hosts offering paid services guarantee 99.9% uptime and promise to compensate customers with credits if they fail to reach the guarantee in a month. If some server or network issues arise, engineers will work to address them in time. This ranking list provides good suggestions on web hosts with over 99.9% real uptime and fast page loads.

Free Hosting Has Worse Security

Free web hosting providers do not spend much on security-related services. You need to secure your blog personally, but it is costly to do so. An SSL certificate, for example, charges dozens of dollars per year. You have to buy one and install it manually in the case that you want secure connections, even if a private SSL certificate is not a necessity for a personal blog. You cannot enjoy a shared certificate because it is not available in your web hosting package.

In comparison, the other group of web hosts pays much attention to the security of servers and customers’ websites because they have to deal with any issue seriously to gain an edge in the competitive market. Usually, they perform regular security check, security update and malware scan. Many of them also offer security features like shared SSL, SSH and password protected directories to get the hosted websites defended.

Free Hosting Does Not Include Support

Free web hosting services are not backed by free technical support. It is your responsibility to handle every issue on your blog, and you shall never expect an expert ready for help. The companies actually do not care about the condition of your blog, so you have no choice but to search for tutorials or to ask someone else for assistance.

In terms of paid services, they are packed with 24×7 technical support through email, live chat and/or phone. Whenever you are stuck, you can easily get in touch with someone who is willing to help. This is important especially for beginners with little skill in web hosting and website management.

Conclusion: Paid Web Hosting Is the Better Option for Starting Personal Blog

Free web hosting is free indeed in hosting fee, but the service makes it troublesome to keep a personal blog accessible, secure and fast. Since the technical problems are far beyond the ability of beginners, it is much better to pay several dollars per month and leave most of the issues to technicians who have solutions.

Amazing Technique To Check Hosting Relevancy

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Finding out a reliable hosting service really is a nerve racking process. This is the reason many people are dissatisfied with their existing hosting service and always complain about it. Majority of hosting services are too expensive to afford while cheap one are extremely complicated to understand. The novice website owners are particularly unhappy as they generally (due to inexperience) get a hosting that is not appropriate for their website needs. Using Hostucan.net tool is the only way to stay away from all these troubles. The website allows you test out the hosting relevancy prior to buying an account. This tool allows you to be acquainted with whether a web hosting solution is well-suited for your website or not. While examining, it combines client reviews, product uptime information, and editor reviews to generate a score demonstrating how suitable the hosting plan is for the parameters inserted. The tool should absolutely be employed before buying a new hosting product.

Find Reliable Web Hosts with WebHostingClue

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One of the most difficult businesses to be in is Web Hosting. Loads of hard work and effort go in to this business. Today, there are almost thousands of web hosting companies available in the World Wide Web that makes it very difficult for the users to find out a reliable and best web hosting.

Find Best Web Hosting : Compare Reliable Web Hosting Companies

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A reliable web hosting is the key to running a website successfully. Many new business entrepreneurs and novices find it quite difficult to search best web hosting companies.  They often look for a platform that offers a list of affordable, cost-effective and reliable business web hosting providers. FindBestWebHosting.com is an ideal place not only for the novices but also for those how have been using very costly reseller web hosting and are now looking for a cost effective yet reliable hosting service for their website.

WebHostingBuzz – Reliable and Affordable Reseller and VPS Web Hosting

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In the World Wide Web, one needs a reliable hosting service to survive and flourish his business. WebHostingBuzz is one among the best webHostingeb hosting service suppliers. WebHostingBuzz is known for its high excellence in providing quality web hosting service to more than 100,000 websites.

What makes PEHosting.com a truly unique Web host

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I had the pleasure of evaluating Planet Earth Hosting recently and I must say that they really are different and certainly surpassed my expectations. Unlike the traditional business, here we have a business that not only cares for their own clients but takes a step further to give back to the world. They give portion of the sales from all shared hosting packages to Unicef and ‘Plant a Billion Trees’ foundation. They are also currently offering hosting services located at an all green energy datacenter located in Pennsylvania powered by 100% wind energy.

How to Get Benefited From VPS?

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VPS or Virtual Private Server, sometimes also referred as Virtual Dedicated Server is a complete system where you acquire a server and separate it into smaller self-sufficient servers which work on their own operating system and environment although have the same hardware in common.
It is a unique hosting environment which comes with benefits of both – shared and dedicated hosting. It acts as a dedicated server and makes you feel like that you are using a dedicated server but cost you as much as a shared server does. So it is a two-in-one hosting package.

6 Best Dedicated Hosting Services

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A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware, etc. Server administration can usually be provided by the hosting company as an add-on service.