WordPress Tutorials for Bloggers & Developers

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Today, we compiled an ultimate list of WordPress tutorials that is helpful not only for beginners but also for the professional WordPress developers. We also brought together some of practical tips and tricks in this roundup that you can take advantage from. Many bloggers and companies prefer to start their work on open source resources and as we know that a wide range of bloggers and developers are using WordPress as open-source for their corporate websites as well as for news blogs, product websites, job portals, image gallery blog, video streaming blog, technology blog, and portfolio websites and so on.
Everyone wish for designing and developing WordPress theme with exclusive layout, styling and on the whole presentation of WordPress website. For this, you just have to install WordPress and this is not difficult at all even a newbie can easily do that.

How to create your own WordPress functionality plugin

30 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials

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There are so many Photoshop tutorials available on the internet through which people can easily learn how to use Photoshop. Today, we have gathered beautiful collection of 30 lovely and useful Photoshop tutorials. All these tutorials were made by experienced and talented designers so, this collection will help you.
Grab this amazing chance and start browsing through this cool collection. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below. You can also download these tutorials free of cost. Enjoy everyone!!!

Create a Surreal Scene Full of Life

20 HTML5 jQuery And CSS3 Tutorials

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With the help of CSS3 and HTML5, designers can take their designs to the levels as both of these languages are capable of creating so many beautiful things. Designers who have good command over CSS3 and HTML5 create breathtaking and creative designs in an easy and quick manner and impress their clients with the amazing results.
Learning these languages is not difficult for those who have prior knowledge of CSS and HTML, and even for the newbies and amateur designers it is not that difficult at all. Here we are showcasing 20 fresh and useful HTML5 and CSS3 tutorials. By following these tutorials, you can create awesome artwork that was way too much difficult before the introduction of these languages. They have made development work so much easier for the developers, and on top of that, there is a huge plethora of tutorials available on the Internet to learn and excel in these recent sophisticated languages.

How to Create an Video Player in jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3

( Demo | Download )

25 Amazing 3D Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials

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In this series of tutorials, we are bringing for you a roundup of more than 25 excellently designed tutorials on creating beautiful 3D text effects. We all know that typography is the most essential element of any design and it is not just about the arrangement of letters rather it has become an art that designers use to make their work look more appealing and classy.so, if you have been looking for some detailed and fresh tutorials on creating beautiful and visually appealing 3D text effects, then this post is surely for you.
Below, you will unearth a list of more than 25 beautifully fresh 3D text effect Photoshop tutorials. Enjoy looking into this collection and have more fun using these techniques in your work as well.

Create Awesome Splashing Water Text Effect

CSS3 Menu and Animated Button Tutorials

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Do you want to learn how to create animated buttons and menu by using CSS3? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Today, we are showcasing a useful compilation of some amazing CSS3 tutorials on creating stunning animated buttons and menu.
With these tutorials, you can easily improve your CSS3 skills and can enhance your productivity. Feel free to browse through this useful collection of tutorials and learn as much as you can. Here is the full list after the jump. Enjoy!

Making a CSS3 Animated Menu

8 Useful jQuery Google Maps Plugins

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The most commonly used browser is Google, and in the same way the Google Maps is also the most widely used software to find out your desired location. As you can see almost every web designer and developer insert the map into his website design so that the user can easily find out the location of their business. In the majority of website, Google Maps is embedded on the side of the website design.
Google Maps is an easy to use application and therefore very famous among the internet users. In today’s collection, we have collected for you 8 best jQuery Google Maps plugins. These jQuery plugins are easy to use and provide you complete map functionality.

gMap – Google Maps Plugin

30 Tutorials Teaching You How to Create Your Own Icons

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An icon in any web design although is a small but very important and crucial element. Icons can be defined as small symbols that also serve as a communication medium and inform the website visitors of what they can expect when a button is clicked or an option is chosen. You may have seen some extremely detailed icons that look like photographs, and alternatively you may also have seen some very simple and minimalist icons.
In this round up, we are providing you a fresh collection of more than 30 great tutorials you can learn creating awesome icons from. For your convenience, we have divided this round up in to three different sections: Photoshop Tutorials, Illustrator Tutorials and Useful articles in Icon design. Enjoy!

Create a Mobile App Icon in Photoshop

20 Awesome Tutorials on How To Design A Logo

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Many novice designers think that they can design a logo however the truth is logo designing is not the name of creating few images with beautiful typography; rather the process of logo designing is essentially much more in depth than many people think. Sometimes, clients think that logo design must be extraordinarily cheap and even other designers do not completely understand the work that gets into the logo design process.
Here we have gathered 20 brilliant examples of how to design a successful and effective logo design. We hope that tutorials we are presenting here will be helpful for you. Enjoy!

How to Create a Retro Style Textured Logo

35 Amazingly Great CSS Menu Tutorials

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Today, we are showcasing 35 astonishingly great and priceless CSS Menu tutorials to help you grab the techniques of using CSS in a more professional and proficient way. CSS is being used as the most accepted language for creating eye-catching and attention grabbing navigation menus with maximum functionality.
These tutorials will help you learn how you can add dazzling and proficient looking CSS menu to your websites and make your website stands out among the rest. With the command on CSS, you can easily modify the menu according to your own preferences in order to fulfill your needs.
So, let us look into this compilation and take hold of some remarkable techniques to make your website navigation easier for your visitors so that they can find their desired content. Enjoy!

Slide Down Box Menu with jQuery and CSS3

30 Creative Photoshop Tutorials To Create Fantastic Art

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Photoshop is an amazing tool to create interesting and startling things whether it is photo manipulation or creation of beautiful artwork. With it so many and multifarious tools and their functionality, there is always a room to explore more. This is the reason why everyday you com across with new Photoshop tutorials that guide you new techniques.
Using Photoshop to create visually appealing artwork is a fun. You can even give your artwork an artistic touch and can also make it look hand-drawn. The list we shared today helps you create futuristic artwork. Enjoy!

Skating in clouds. Magic scene