Importance of Mobile Web Design for Users’ Experience

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Smartphone and Mobile Internet has revolutionized the digital world and changed people’s lifestyle and everyday lives. They have become equally important to common people and businesses for advertisements, Brand promotion, marketing, social media networking, checking emails, and many other functions. According to Pew Research Report, 2015, 19 percent Americans access online services through Smartphones, and two-third Americans have Smartphones.











Mobile friendly website has become crucial for business because Smartphone and Mobile Apps has become an ideal tool for them to expose their products and attract consumers.  Consumers also use these devices to search location to the shop, online shopping, coupons and promotions, travelling, and for many other functions. Statista study shows that in 2015, 33.4 percent of world’s website traffic came from mobile phones.

Startups and established businesses have also realised that they can give a boost to their business and make it visible through attractive web designs and mobile apps. They hire iPhone App Developers and Web Designers for their Business Web and Mobile Applications development.

However, Mobile websites can only be productive if they are easily viewable on Smartphones as they are viewed on desktops. In this respect, mobile friendly Website designs play a crucial role in Mobile Apps Development. The way mobile searches, buying online and exposing the brand and products to users are on the rise, Websites on Mobile Phones and Apps must also be displayed as they are viewed on Desktops. If the website is not mobile-optimized or easy to use, or if content is not properly displayed or readable, the users may not stay on the page for the required information. They will immediately switch to other better-designed sites that are easy to navigate and prints more readable. For all these reasons and best users experience, the web design should be attractive and mobile friendly. It must function great and easy to navigate on small mobile screen.

There are few Web designs that are used for creating Mobile webs, but more preferred designs for navigation and users experience are Responsive Designs and Adaptive Designs. These designs are also highly popular with Mobile Web and Apps Development Companies.

Responsive Designs

The businesses can make their website more users friendly with Responsive Designs because such websites are created in such a way that designs, contents, and images easily retract and adapt to any device and give a full view of content. The developers can design one website for different devices. Search Engines also easily find such websites. Maintenance of features and content repository is also easier and inexpensive. However, these designs have few negative points including, Responsive sites are not preferred for complex content and tasks. They are also slower and expensive to build. Sometimes contents are overloaded or clustered when viewed on the mobile screen.

Adaptive Design

These days Adaptive designs are more popular and preferred by developers due to certain limitations of Responsive design. The websites developed with Adaptive design provide the best users experience because such designs recognise users device and change to fit accordingly. The difference between Responsive Design and Adaptive design include, the former adjust to screen size, and Adaptive design websites change to fit the screen on which it is viewed. Adaptive design websites can be easily connected to different devices like desktops and laptops, mobile phones, tablets, gaming devices, watches, and many others.

However, the type of Website that suits to a business depends on the business requirements and specific users. But, there are still few important points that must be considered when designing a Mobile-friendly Website:

  • The design must be attractive to users’ experience.
  • It must be simple and easy to navigate
  • The content, texts, and images should be fully and distinctly visible and readable on the device. It must not appear wonky, blurry, overloaded or clustered.
  • The website should not be filled with unnecessary things.
  • The design must be tested on different screens to find how it looks.
  • Developers should keep abreast of latest updates on mobile technology, and implement the same on mobile apps designs for best users’ experience.
  • Research on customers key requirements and decide a design for better consumer response.
  • Select a design that is more SEO friendly.

It is also essential to remember that mobile friendly design is imperative to the success of business because the way mobile internet is getting popular among the consumers; web design plays a vital role in attracting customers.

Author Bio

Deepak Vijay is a technical writer, working with Syon Infomedia, a Mobile App and Web Development firm. He also has a long association with many renowned brands like Enterprise Apps Development Company and others. His articles are highly popular among audience as the content is highly informative, and includes reputable agencies research report links.



Designing a Website: Factors to Consider when Data is Involved

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Designing a website is an art. The design, logo, content, products, and services that you are selling to your prospective customers, a state of the art and secure payment gateway system and more. While all this is important, one thing that often gets neglected is the security part.


Most business owners do not really pay enough attention to securing their data and, more importantly, their customer’s data until their server is hacked and they are left with no choice but to go for SSD recovery service.

So what can be done or what precautions can be taken to protect the website and its precious data from hackers? Here are some tips for you to consider when you are designing or getting your website designed:

Stay updated

This is one of the oldest tips in the book and yet many website owners fail to follow this simple rule. Always stay updated whether it is your servers, some codes, scripts, software or malware/virus detection software. Keep everything up to date so your website is ready for that latest threat or virus that was discovered just a few weeks or months ago.

Many companies do not update their software because it costs money and they think of skipping it as a way to reduce cost. This is not a fabulous idea or wonderful method to continue to incorporate. Hackers are usually adept at exploring and exploiting vulnerabilities. This is what they do, and so your job is to make sure you do not provide an opportunity for them to do this.

Gain knowledge

Even though you have hired a designer to build and maintain your website, it is a salient idea to learn the basics so you are in a better position to make the decisions. Otherwise, you will be at the mercy of your designer or programmer without having any prior knowledge of what has happened or what might it all lead to. Knowledge will empower you to make better calls.

Strict access control

The admin level of your website is perhaps one of the easiest ways in which a hacker could enter and steal or harm your website. Always use strong user ids and passwords that are random and not related to anything you use or value. For example birthdates, mobile numbers, or some name. Do not allow admin access to anyone or anybody. If it is not absolutely necessary for his or her job, then do not allow access.

Network security

Your employees who are using computers at your office may be knowingly or unknowingly providing easy access to website servers; this usually happens due to lack of knowledge. You need to take the following steps:

~  Login and password should expire automatically after a certain period of time.

~  Users are forced to change passwords every three or so months.

~  Only strong alphanumeric passwords are allowed to be used.

~  Every external device that is plugged into the server like flash drives etc. are scanned before allowing access.


Install and use a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that can be either hardware or software based. It is set between your website server and your data connection in order to read each and every bit of data that is passing through it.

A lot of modern WAFs are nowadays cloud based that provide plug and play services. They usually charge a monthly subscription. After this, the service is deployed on your server acting as a gateway or a firewall before any data is allowed access to the server your website is running on.

Security applications

A WAF is recommended to a higher degree, however, you may also go for security applications. These security applications are available in both free and paid form. It is recommended that you go for a trusted name and do not hesitate when it comes to paying a one-time or a recurring fee.

This will go a long way in securing the future of your website, and ultimately the future of your business. Before going for these security applications, do some research and understand how they operate, what their minimum requirements are before they can be deployed, and what needs to be done once they detect vulnerability or a threat.

Limiting file uploads

File uploads a major concern and should be treated with due care. Files are often used by hackers to enter your server. Even though you have a system setup where files are being scanned before they are allowed access on your server, some form of bug can find its way onto the server allowing the hacker unlimited access to the server and its data.

What can be done? The first thing you need to do is to limit file uploads. Do not allow direct access to file uploads. Always store these files outside the root directory. Another step that you can take is to install an SSL protocol. This will be used to transfer data between your server and database. This will disallow reading of information while the files are in transit. In short it will deter the interception of data.

20 Beautiful Patterns in Web Design

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Here is a beautiful showcase of some visually appealing and fine looking patterns in web designs as website layouts, posters, banners, advertisements and so on. Patterns are equally popular as that of textures and they are used in variety of web designs that need some enhancements. For this collection, we have also chosen some well created and elegant patterns that you can use in your web designs.
The use of patterns in web designs gives them a very refreshing stylish look. Although, patterns are very small design element but they can create a huge difference. Below you will find some excellent examples of websites that use patterns that rock the whole web designs.

Cultural Solutions Uk

15 Nicely Designed Sports Websites

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Sport websites fall under a separate category because of their different nature. To be specific, different sports websites are further classified into sub categories as well such as Sports News Websites, Sports Club Websites, Sportswear Websites, and Famous Athletes’ Personal Websites and so on. Designing a sports website needs special attention so that a clean and simple looking layout can be created.
For your inspiration, we have collected 30 nicely designed sports websites that are designed by creative designers who have the required skills to create visually appealing and nice looking sports websites. Here is the complete collection for you. Do have a look at this collection and do share your comments with us via comment section below.

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25 Beautiful Dark-themed Web Designs for Inspiration

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Employing a dark color theme in a website design can put many types of feelings and emotions into words towards its visitors. Restlessness, sophistication, modernism — these are just a small number of things that can be coupled with dark colors.
There are innumerable of dazzling dark-themed web designs on the Web. In today’s web design showcase, you will uncover 25 specially selected websites that employ a principally dark color palette. Dark color theme for a website design draws a lot of interest from designers. Therefore, we thought it would be suitable to pursue that up with a collection of 25 Beautiful Dark-themed Web Designs that have dark colors. Like always, feel free to leave your comments and mention your favorites.


30 Clean Website Designs for Inspiration

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Recently the concept of minimalism in web design has been gaining quite popularity. The reason of why clean or minimalism web designs are popular are many. Such web designs are aesthetically simple and uncluttered. Furthermore, minimal websites load faster and take less server resources; and above all they give a more professional and sophisticated look. These are also the reasons why people prefer designing minimal and clean websites.

In this round up, we are sharing 30 neat and clean website designs for your inspiration. We hope that you will find this collection helpful for you and will get some cool and impressive ideas for your designs. Enjoy!


20 Bold and Beautiful Uses of Color in Web Design

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In this round up, you will find a good collection of some bold and beautiful web designs demonstrating different uses of color. Using colors in the web designs is the key to success. With the right use of colors, you can make your web page design or its elements really stick out. However, sometimes colors can go wrong ruining the whole impression of your design.
So browse through this collection and get the idea of how you can better use different colors in your web designs that turn out to be great success for you. This is true especially if you are experimenting with some bold colors because bold colors need to be handled carefully. We hope you like this collection. Full list after jump!

Soup Studios

Showcase of Vintage and Retro Web Design

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These days vintage and retro styles are quite popular and in demand even in the web designs. This is the reason you will see loads of vintage and retro touch in plenty of web designs, typographic art, art work and so on. Though it is quite difficult to narrow down the results as there are plentiful flawless web designs with vintage and retro touch. So, we have collected these truly wonderful examples of web designs with vintage and retro styles.
Scroll through this wonderful collection and be inspired to create your own very stylish and appealing web design. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below. Have fun!!

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30 Examples of Circular Elements in Web Design

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Loads of creativity, talent and a lot of thinking go in the process of website designing and development and in order to develop a nice and visually compelling website design that not only looks good but also possesses a good user interface (UI), you need to pay attention to elements like navigation, menus, content, header, icons and so on. These are the crucial elements of any website design that must be taken care of if you really want to create an amazing and awesome website design.
You can create a big difference in the final stage by just giving them a nice look. At the moment, we have collected some examples of websites employing circular elements in their layouts. The collection includes a wide range of circular elements from circular icons and logos to big circular image thumbnails. You will find a good example of how to fit in circles on your next project, check it out.


25 Great Examples of Facebook Fan Pages

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For today’s collection, we have decided to compile a post of more than 25 great examples of Facebook fan pages. Well, no doubt that Facebook has become a crucial part of advertising a website or service online. Not only small blogs and discussion forums are using it but also huge money-making companies for example Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are all utilizing Facebook on the way to endorse their brand and interact with fans and consumers.
With this comes the importance of Facebook Fan pages which are at the heart of any Facebook promotion campaign. Therefore, we decided to showcase some of the great examples of attractive and successful fan pages. We hope that they will encourage you and furnish you some ideas for your own fan page.

Panda Express