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Katelin Akens decided to return to Virginia in December 2015 to hold her new nephew, Landon, see her family, and grab her high school diploma. Katelin did not make it to the airport and has not been heard from since. Did Akens tell her ex-stepfather about the turmoil in her life, and did he help her run away? That location was absolutely nowhere near Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. “From what she told me, they were all drinking together and then they proceeded to, how do I phrase it—I guess they kind of forced themselves onto her.”, Katelin texted to Eastridge: “Her boyfriend got really really really drunk and then she kissed me and then he kissed me. Life with her stepfather was, according to some, far from perfect. Gone Home is a first-person exploration video game developed and published by The Fullbright Company. Preview Exit Preview. On December 7, 2015, two days after Akens failed to board her flight to Arizona, Sullivan went to the local police station and filed a missing person’s report. Akens’ phone, clothing, and high school diploma. Rios thought this text was strange and out of character. While Akens didn’t always belong in conservative Caroline County, she had an active social life. Missing OBJECT tab. Akens spent the next morning racked with guilt because she thought she’d cheated on her fiancée, according to Eastridge. And no one could explain why. Despite the distance, the two girls remained close, talking each and every day. … She grew up in Caroline County, Virginia, with one sister, Gabrielle Akens (now Madison). Battery dying so won’t be able to text for a bit.” But at that exact moment, Akens’ phone pinged at a location more than 30 miles from the Springfield Metro stop, where Branton claimed to have dropped her off. He proposed that Akens had run away. Raymond Gemma is a private investigator who helped Sullivan search for Katelin Akens. What about Akens’ final 7:15 p.m. texts, saying she was “staying with a friend”? When two best friends go missing during Spring Break, their mothers do everything they can to find them, while realizing that their different parenting styles may have led to the disappearances. But even Rios said the message didn’t “sound” right, as if it wasn’t coming from Akens; the cadence wasn’t right. Samuria. She couldn’t make the 50-mile drive to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in D.C. Before Sullivan left for work, she dropped her daughter off at her ex-husband James Branton’s place in Partlow, Virginia at 9:20 a.m. Sullivan and Branton were on good terms. She is 46 years old and First Nations. never-displayed Hint: @ links to members. Views. Detectives said the suitcase was scuffed up and one of the wheels was missing, suggesting it had been thrown out of a moving vehicle. July 25, 2017 Pinterest; Facebook; Twitter; Email ; By: Catherine Townsend Christopher Daigle. Again, this is nowhere near the mall or airport, which is where he claimed to have been. When two best friends go missing during Spring Break, their mothers do everything they can to find them, while realizing that their different parenting styles may have led to the disappearances. Report. It appears as though all of Branton’s cell phone activity that day came from his house. As they got older, they came to realize that their friendship had blossomed into a long-distance romance. It’s reasonable to assume Branton must know something. Posts : 5,733. Reply. If she did actually make it to the airport, we know James didn’t take her, because his phone pinged from his house. Soon after, the two became engaged. Please just find a way to talk to me. Lisa Sullivan’s Letter to Katelin Aken’s Stepfather; Photo: Facebook. “I don’t know how to feel or anything. Deanne is 158 cm (5’2″) and 54 kg (120 lbs). In the days following Akens’ disappearance, her family and friends desperately tried to get a hold of her, calling on a regular basis. But police now know that Branton was never near the airport. She also knew a four-year grind would be a waste of her time. Installation . “Again, it’s speculation, but a potential theory is that Katelin may have ran away, and he knows about it and she left her suitcase there and didn’t tell him she was doing it,” said Gemma. This at least explains Akens’ private Facebook message to Rios, where she said she’d cheated on her. Just before 2:00 p.m., on the day Akens disappeared, Sullivan received a text from Akens’ phone: “I’m at the airport. At 1:52 p.m. that afternoon, Branton texted Sullivan to say he had dropped Akens off. There are other inconsistencies in Branton’s version of events on December 5, 2015. They didn’t get far. Sullivan once left a letter for him at his home. Brigette Davidovici, as Rene's missing daughter Kaitlin, is flawless as the "perfect" daughter/sister/friend - who seemingly does everything right, is going through a period of self-discovery herself, while at the same time battling the control and protective issues perpetrated upon her by her mother. Unfortunately, it was back in Virginia with her family. During this time, Akens’ best friend was a girl by the name of Amber Rios. Woodward Police Searching For Missing Teen | NEWS9; What happened to Keith Roberson? “It was that day that had come up to his polygraph, he said no, he called the detective and said no,” said Sullivan. Besides, Akens and Rios hadn’t been having any troubles and it didn’t sound like something Akens would do. She was last seen at her ex-stepfather’s place. If you want me to i will fly down there and bring you home with me <3 i love you soooo incredibly much <3 anything you want i will find a way to get it for you <3 i just want to hear your voice and talk to you babybug.”. “He’s dead,” Skylar said with a knowing smile, adding that his dad said Jarvi had pissed off some people in Mexico. She explores the new house they had moved into during her absence in an effort to uncover where her family is. 2021-01-09T10:41:08Z. What are your expectations for The Curse of Oak Island Season 8? When Katelin was seven, her mother married James Branton. Earlier that day, Katelin Akens had seemed completely normal. Elle est présentée en avant-première en Australie sur Universal Channel dès le 13 novembre 20171, au Canada à partir du 16 septembre 2018 sur Bravo2, et aux États-Unis, elle est prévue pour début 2019 sur WGN America3. They hung out, played cards, and drank. Kaitlin McMahon went missing at 3 a.m. Tuesday from the 5400 block of North Oriole Street, according to a missing alert from Chicago Police. I’ll let you know when I get a new flight. Conspiracy,Crime Shows,Kidnapping,Missing,Murder,News,Profile,Unsolved Crimes,Wiki, https://crimeola.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Katelin-Akens_4_Help-Find-FB_FEATURE-150x150.jpg, Ryan Widmer Wiki: Convicted of Killing Wife Sarah in the “Bathtub Murder”. Gone Missing (2013) Plot. It doesn't seem to connect to the Corel servers any more - just OneDrive and Flickr. It was a picture of the happy couple on a beach. This Katelin Akens wiki examines her life and the puzzling events surrounding her strange disappearance. That’s a potential theory and once he found out she’s missing, it was kind of like an ‘Oh crap’ moment for him: ‘Oh my God, her suitcase is here, I have to get rid of it.’”. “He said. He still refuses.”. In a text, Akens claimed to be at the airport, but her phone pinged from miles away. Christopher Daigle at 17 and age progressed to 22. “I asked him in December (2016) if he’d go take the polygraph test and start talking. Branton also had to work that Saturday, but he didn’t have to begin his shift until 3:00 p.m. She registered at a local school, but they told her she needed to provide them with a copy of her high school diploma. Disappeared on ID investigates. Windows 10 New 14 Jul 2020 #1. She graduated from high school when she was just 16. “Do you care at all? Akens wanted to stay longer, but her first day of cosmetology school was Monday, December 7. You are acting like a coward. What was missing? Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Their text exchange was as follows: Branton: “I dropped Katelin off.” Sullivan: “Okay thank you.” Sullivan: “How was traffic?” Branton: “Not too bad.”, Just a few short minutes later, Sullivan received a text from her daugher Katelin, or at least someone using her phone. I trusted you James. She’ll wait for you to respond, and then she’ll send another one. He fell off 46 feet on a job site. Kaitlin Kenney was with a group of experienced rafters and was on her first trip down the river. Katelin Michelle Akens was born September 2, 1996 to mother Lisa Sullivan. My Computer. Dissatisfied with the responses of the authorities, Rene, with the help of her son, Kennedy, and Maddy's mother, Lisa, investigates the case and discovers some disturbing facts about the secret life of one of her missing daughter. At the same time, they have not said how they think her suitcase ended up in a ditch. He decided to drop Akens off at the airport a little early. As luck would have it, her sister Gabi had just had a baby boy. Katelin Akens is described by her friends and family as unique, quirky, sometimes unpredictable, and emotional. During her short visit, Akens spent a lot of time with her family and managed to hang out with some friends from high school. In fact, it was more than 50 miles south of the airport. They said: “I’m staying with a friend” and “I need some time alone.”. Akens’ phone pinged in a number of nearby locations in Virginia. Nor can they, apparently. Branton’s texts all originated from his home. https://crimeola.com/katelin-akens-wiki-missing/, Katelin Akens Wiki: Puzzling Case of Missing Virginia Woman. As far as is known, the only people who knew about that were Katelin Akens, her high school friend and her boyfriend, and Akens’ friend Kevin Eastridge. Her flight wasn’t until 5:40 p.m., but her mother Lisa Sullivan had to work that day. The next morning, they drove Akens back to her mother’s place. But her call went to voicemail. Detectives did get a search warrant for Branton’s home and property. Click here for the Katelin Akens missing poster. At the start of Season 2, Misty is missing an arm — but if you didn’t watch “The Defenders,” you might have missed how it happened. Unfortunately, the events of December 5, 2015 remain a mystery. She said she was there,’” said Sullivan. How could one person drive and throw the big piece of luggage out the window? A road crew had found Akens’ blue suitcase in a drainage ditch in the 6600 block of River Road outside Fredericksburg, Virginia. According to her family, Akens was in good spirits and seemed totally fine. On November 30, 2015, the day before Akens left for Virginia, Rios updated her profile picture on Facebook. TOPICS. As mentioned previously, Katelin Akens had spent her last night in Virginia partying with a friend from high school and the friend’s boyfriend. Two other women have recently gone missing from the North Okanagan. And when he did get back to work, it was with a different company. ... What happened to Connect? Hours later, at 7:15 p.m., almost two hours after Akens had missed her flight, Sullivan received two final texts from Akens’ phone that alarmed her. “She could have left without him even knowing. Oddly, Branton has never asked to get any of his possessions back. Battery dying so won’t be able to text for a bit.”, Sullivan later learned that Akens had sent her fiancée Rios a totally different text earlier at 11:56 a.m.: “Something came up. Her fun-loving, carefree attitude led her from boyfriend to boyfriend and girlfriend to girlfriend. Akens’ phone had apparently been turned off. Her former stepdad was supposed to drive her to the airport. Katelin Akens needed a ride to the airport. “Yeah, what happened?” “He’s gone.” “What do you mean ‘he’s gone’?” Alonso asked. Translate. Kaitlin "Katie" Greenbriar (born December 12, 1973) is the eldest child of Janice and Terrence Greenbriar, and elder sister of Sam. Right before Sullivan received her final texts from Akens, Rios received a strange message through Facebook Messenger. This was also confirmed by the fact that police were unable to find surveillance video of Akens or her ex-stepfather at either the mall or the Metro. Suggested Answer over 1 year ago. Kaitlin Akens, 19, has been missing since December 5 when she disappeared on her way to Reagan International Airport The mystery surrounding a missing woman continues to … Branton, meanwhile, was sticking to his story that he had dropped Akens off at the mall that afternoon and she seemed totally fine. Learn more. In fact, the phones were pinging in the wrong location all day long. I won’t be able to text for a bit.”. He's worried about his fiancee, but there's also a bit of concern that he shouldn't be calling 9-1-1. The possible reasons why e-mails suddenly disappear. “He just said yes, he was gonna do it.”. I can’t confirm physical because she never outright told me, but definitely verbally.”. But Sullivan also has no intention of letting Branton go on his merry way. Branton, a man who was the closest thing to a father that Akens ever knew, refused to cooperate with police. Akens would also need to create a new identity, so no need for her ID card. Five days later, she uploaded another one. How did her bag get so far from where Branton said he had dropped her off? What happened to Dave Blankenship? So her disappearance makes it … This arguably could have meant that Akens didn’t want to be in Virginia or Arizona. He suffered a stroke and had to learn how to walk, talk and do everything after waking from a coma. Rene's daughter, Kaitlin, and her best friend, Maddy, disappeared from a resort in San Diego during spring break. Now her behavior seemed strange: she had dumped her fiancée and decided she wasn’t returning to Arizona. In a previous episode of the series, Dave revealed that he had an industrial accident in 1986. Sullivan was concerned for many reasons: the timing of the texts meant Akens had missed her flight; Akens wasn’t replying to her texts when she knew her mother was distraught; and the texts Akens sent didn’t sound like her, with two back-to-back texts and no emojis. said by the sheriff’s office to have been. While she was filling out the paperwork, police received a phone call. Woman perfectly explains all the ways consent works. From there, Branton claims his former stepdaughter said she was going to walk to the Franconia-Springfield Metro Station and take a train to the airport. The last confirmed sighting of Akens was at Branton’s home before she was supposed to have headed for the airport. While in Arizona, the now 19-year-old Akens decided she wanted to be a cosmetologist. Could guilt and shame have been the reason why Katelin Akens disappeared? She had been visiting family in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and was supposed to fly home to Arizona that day. “I got nervous when Amber had texted or messaged me saying that Katelin wasn’t coming home, she needed a new flight, something was wrong with her flight, and I was like, ‘What do you mean? Deanne Wertz was last seen in the wee morning hours of July 19, 2016 at her home on Yankee Flats Road. “She felt very nervous around him, and that he was kind of abusive to an extent. “He has done nothing, he hasn’t even gone to anything we have done for her.”. Akens hadn’t seen her biological father since she was three. Gone ou Recherché au Québec, est une série télévisée américaine créée par Matt Lopez, inspirée du roman One Kick (publié sous le titre « Pourquoi moi » en français) de Chelsea Cain (en). He owns the property and has access to it, but his mother is the tenant. When the two were around 11 years old, Rios and her family moved from Virginia to Arizona. If the text messages sent on December 5, 2015 from Akens’ phone didn’t actually come from her, as her family and Rios contend, how did the person who sent them know that Akens had “cheated” on her fiancé? Showing all 2 items Jump to: Summaries (2) Summaries. Rios posted Akens’ missing poster. Oct 25, 2017 9,530. Or did something horrible happen to the young woman that Branton knows about? Sullivan continued to call and text Akens but got no answer. What happened to Gaijinworks? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Maybe she wanted out of her engagement and wanted to start over again. “She flat-out didn’t trust him,” said Katelin’s close friend Kevin Eastridge. The discovery of the suitcase raised more questions. He didn’t work for six months. He seemed happy, excited they were talking about her cosmetology school, her high school diploma. “It’s kind of a hard thing to describe, really,” Eastridge said. It should have been a time of celebration when a young Indiana couple was preparing for their rapidly approaching wedding day. But it was just a few miles from where Branton lived. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Police did locate Giannini at a local hospital four days later and notified her family of her whereabouts. “And she doesn’t do that. All images are used with permission or licensed. Still, Sullivan holds out hope that Katelin Akens will be found alive. Directed by Tara Miele. Objects are not available for all the pages when it is outside of the page. But he refuses to cooperate. Im falling apart :'(.”, On December 29, a distraught Rios also said, “Every time i get a notification on my phone i pray its from katelin, but every time it isn’t from her

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