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Along with the Russian prima donna, he forms one of the most interesting couples of the world of the opera. I’d like to see a list for each fach. Every person who sing isn’t eligible for “who’s the best musical theater singer” either. Great listening to him. He certainly has a wonderful voice that he handles with gerat bravura and he also is a very musical, lyrical singer. He asked me, do you have any classical piece? It was first published *gasp* eight years ago in 2011. I am Very surprised that you have not included I also love Beczala,Flores,Calleja,Polenzani,Kaufman,Giordani,Villazon..Domingo does NOT belong here..He is a “baritone’… he says…but no way is he a tenor today..The voice is solid..amazing..but I cannot bear his singing in the wrong fach. Qual volutta trascorrere from Verdi’s I Lombardi has always been one of my favorite recordings by Enrico Caruso (1873-1921). Anyway de gustibus… Unfortunately after the Alagna of the 90s and the first 5 years of Josè Cura I cannot find really beautiful/unique/stylish voices like those of Pavarotti/Corelli(with some diction problems)/young Carreras (who didn’t sing right too but… such a beauty). Por Cristina Marinero He’s great to watch on stage, very charismatic….but that has also died down a little bit. They are all great tenors!! Placido Domingo, Spanish-born singer, conductor, and opera administrator whose resonant, powerful tenor voice, imposing physical stature, good looks, and dramatic ability made him one of the most popular tenors. This Mexican tenor has become the ‘encore’ man of the opera world. I sincerely hope to see Alagna, Kaufmann, and Villazón in the near future. We try to ensure that you receive correct information about products and services in Switzerland. Are there singer scouts who travel to local smalltown concerts to hear choirs that may have a hidden talent, yet to be discovered? Certainty Neil Shicoff is one of the greatest tenors today. I am also somewhat disenchanted with Kaufmann. Bocelli is really a pop star. You'll find many of these on the CD Friends for Life, available for $25 plus $5 postage by emailing or calling 0414-580-498. I know how horrible that is…so no judgement here…Kaufmann really isn’t my coup of tea. Editor’s note: It’s time to update this list of best male opera singers. He has very strong control of his voice, and great power, wonderful qualities. Massimo Cavalletti: «La gente va a la ópera a escuchar una... La música clásica en el cine: 2001, una odisea musical, Las mejores sopranos del mundo en la actualidad. From a firm clear astonishing top, to a solid middle and supple lower register, this voice had it all. There are two tenors today — Russell Watson and Jonathan Antoine. With Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras, he performed around the world as one of the ‘Three Tenors.’ hope you wont omit to mention my biggest favourites. Celso Albelo has triumphed in Spain and Italy in the roles of Nemorino, Alfredo and the Duke of Mantua. He has even sung at the Bayreuth Festival, the ultimate accolade. Strangely, there’s lots of information on the best tenors of yesteryear. Pavarotti's incredible silvery top notes, voice, power and range make him one of the greatest opera singers of the recorded era. This Canarian lyric tenor is destined to be one of the greatest. His interpretative abilities are immense, giving life to truly living characters for decades. MARIO LANZA…one hell of a voice! Thanks for stopping by. Makes me think there’s no one to match Domingo in his prime, or Pavarotti, or even Mario del Monaco or Jussi Bjoerling in their primes. Alvarez… well, Alvarez is very good, and I’m probably just being picky; I just haven’t felt that his singing has the sort of strong individuality or visceral impact that would put him on my “top” list… admittedly a subjective choice. Subcategories. Pavarotti also sang many popular songs. Who Are the Three Tenors? Thanks for stopping. Jonathan Antoine is another English tenor. After O sole mio, we did Caruso, Le Vie en Rose, The Godfather, Besame Mucho, etc etc. Peruvian Tenor Iván Ayón Rivas was crowned the Luciano Pavarotti award at the ‘Premio etta limiti’ in Italy, after his performance “Lamento de Federico.” The Peruvian youth of only 22 years of age competed against 18 finalists to be considered the crowned champion after rigorous competing. With its elaborate line of singing that rests elegantly on the consonants, southern clarity in the high notes and the most beautiful legato, his voice is perfect not only for the Italian lyric repertoire, but also for French one. His first CD doesn’t even yet (in October this year). Thanks for recommending Vargas!! H was acclaimed, yes ACCLAIMED as a superb singer by the likes of Albanese, Fleming, Leech, Hadley, Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras, Calleja, Vorostofsky, and on and on. swiftly followed by further debuts at Opéra de Paris as Alfredo in La traviata; and the Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin as Macduff in Verdi’s Macbeth. After hearing the Met’s Les Troyens this season, I’d have to add Bryan Hymel to the list; and at 33 he would become the youngest. I love it. I am not sure how much he has recorded. Just tell me who your favorites are. Yes, he was a true talent in every regard. 42 Comments Operavore. His eyes shine when he sings and his voice always has a resounding solidity. He has become a … Would these singers be on your list of top tenors? Thanks for stopping by! The world has yet to hear him sing enough different roles to be confident in ranking him among the greats, but he is someone to watch. His performances on stage always have a dreamy air. Mr. Kupfer, My dearest friend’s husband loves Andrea Bocelli. He is only 19 and is absolutely incredible with operatic songs. In music, a tenor is a male singer with a high voice. I don’t even think he is a really good “fake classical singer” but that may just be me…but other than that…being a pop star is great . Die irischen Tenöre führten die Charts in den USA, Kanada, Deutschland, dem UK und Irland an. They are called The Tenors and are from Canada and they are awesome I agree. He has triumphed as Ducca in Rigoletto, as Rodolfo in La Bohème and recently as Hoffman in New York. Neither of them have sung in an opera production (at least I don’t think so). Why did you leave him out? I heard him sing Schubert’s Winterreise last year, and it was – well, disappointing. Few overshadow him in the Rossinian belcanto repertoire. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! In 2014, I plan to redo my list. As a wink to his origins in popular music, he usually pays tribute to the Ibero-American music in his recitals. Hoe about a nod to a non-European, congrats great job!….is any future for Joaquin Yglesias from Costa Rica. You should Include Carl Tanner in your list! El estreno mundial de una ópera siempre crea expectación y Marie, coproducción del Teatro Real y Teatro de la Abadía, no ha sido... FESTIVAL DE ESTRELLAS EN EL TEATRO REAL Eric Cutler is an American tenor notable for his performances of bel canto repertoire and Mozart operas in particular. Lately, I think, he seems tired and exhausted…. All they need is the right teacher and a lot of hard work, and poof! From left, Plácido Domingo, José Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti. Villazon is a great opera star – very powerful – personally my favourite is Vittorio Grigolo – I like Calleja too – for a personal taste of timbre, I like Urs Buhler – very unusual but certainly attractive. Todos los derechos reservados, Today’s best tenors worldwide: find out about them in Operaworld, David Menéndez cantará Katiuska en Oviedo, La Traviata en la semana de la Ópera del Teatro Real, Escúpame, fustígueme, insúlteme… Una ópera sadomaso. LAWRENCE BROWNLEE is among the top five in my book. Thanks for stopping by. Only a selected few fill up the theatres and concert halls, are the jewel of the record companies and have thousands of followers in the social networks. yes, twice in a production of Madama Butterfly but he did not continue only in that venue. Still, he is arguably the best contemporary Stolzing or Lohengrin. But you’ve given me an idea for the next baritone month on Operatoonity. I’ll have to give a listen. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Opera vocalists from Germany. Besides the orchestral music, acting, stage presence and interpretation of the music are what separates a diva from a group of singers. Patti Cullen, president and CEO of Care Providers of Minnesota, told McKnight’s Senior Living the organization collaborated with the state’s health department to develop the new rules. I will have to write about them. I like this list, but I think Fabiano and Hymel should be on it somewhere. What’s the cause of that? In this 1912 recording he’s joined by Frances Alda and Marcel Journet. Rolando Villazón —  born February 22, 1972, a Mexican tenor. Beczala, who sings with a colour typical of the Eastern voices, has demonstrated his versatility to play very different roles, which go from Ducca de Rigoletto, Rodolfo in La Bohème, Idomeneo, Lenski in Eugene Onegin, Fausto of Berlioz or Elvino of La Sonámbula. What say you? The year’s 23rd annual event will be held Saturday, Feb. 15 at the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center. I’m currently studying classical singing as well…so that was great opportunity for me. He’s only merely mentioned. He brought the house down at the Met this past December with is Radames. Despite the simplicity of his tone and the directness of his singing, Grigolo makes believable and attractive whatever roles he interprets. Do not miss the chance to hear him. receives sometimes commission if you buy products or services over this website. If they simply approach their high notes differently by working their technique in a more efficient way, modify their vowels, perhaps sing more “in the mask” or some other miraculous cure-all mantra, they could be tenors. Marie. Despite the reservations of some critics, who point out to an excessive voice support in the throat, Kaufmann leads the list of today’s best tenors. The best images of Juan Diego Flórez in OperaWorld. Many find they must develop their acting and movement skills in order to stand out from the competition and earn a living as an opera singer. One of the rare black opera singers to achieve worldwide fame, Norman performed in the best opera houses and with the best orchestras throughout the world, including at La Scala with the great Berlin Phil.. Subcategories. These are, according to OperaWorld, the best active tenors of the moment. I’m a big fan of lesser known tenors like Seil Kim (wonderful lyrical tenor) and Werner Güra (who does mainly oratorio and Lied work but also opera) because they sound so healthy and unforced. The others I’ve heard in person or on TV and I’m not bowled over. the anniversary of an opera that launched legendary…,, Best opera singers in the world today – male persuasion, OperaPhila Offers Dreamy ‘Midsummer’ in Dead of Winter, New Memoir from Opera Legend Richard Tucker’s Middle Son, Opera Phila’s New Channel Offers a Return to Art, Beauty, Best Shows of the 2010s: My List for the Decade, Best opera singers in the world today – female persuasion. The best photos of Jonas Kaufmann in OperaWorld. I confess I’m a bit surprised by the inclusion of Villazon. I would definitely add Jose Cura. Apart from Domingo, there’s no more than ten years’ difference in the ages of the other tenors selected. This is a good list. I would add Anthony Kearns. The leading tenors in some of the most famous operas are all lyric tenor roles. Please, not Alfie Boe among the greats, no, no. There are so many fine tenors working, though… I’d like a list for each fach! Recordings, I suppose, are infinitely more accessible than live opera performance though I much prefer to see them and hear them. He gave concerts, recorded an astonishing amount of superb works and of course was a pretty good movie star to boot!. These singers range in age from 38 (Juan Diego Flórez, the youngest) to age 70 (Plácido Domingo, the oldest). Ceux qui les dénigrent sont es petits cons qui ne connaissent pas grand chose a part leur égo trompeur. He’s got a lot from Pavarotti, some from Caruso and a bit from Lanza! After causing sensation in Madrid with his recital in homage to Alfredo Kraus, he has reaped an enormous success in New York where he appeared in Iolanta along with Anna Netrebko. As 2020 was ending, President Trump signed a $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill that adds $3 billion to the Provider Relief Fund. Lawrence Brownlee – I Puritani – NYM – class act far better then Florez Calleja must be placed amongst the Worlds best 3 ! When he was singing next to me he put all his love he has for music. I think my list needs updating because its about five years old, but I still am only including living tenors, and others have stepped up since 2011. Jonathan Stavvy Antoine is an up and coming top-notch tenor opera singer! This is a fact. Most people I’ve heard would say Bjorling….. How can you not include Vittorio Grigolo? Lately he has explored the French repertoire, where thanks to his musicality and the natural grace of his style he has managed to triumph, more in the recordings than on stage. His voice needs more training and it also needs to mature — but if you haven’t heard him sing — you’ve really missed something. Roberto Alagna — born June 7, 1963, a French operatic tenor of Sicilian descent. La «Gala Joven» en el Teatro Real: Una noche vibrante. I have to say that Florez was technically impeccable. But Believe me HIS VOICE IS INCREDIBLE GOOD, HE REMEMBERED ME THE FIRST MARIO LANZA or DEL MONACO. I said yes sir. . Bocelli has several albums with just opera arias. A passionate singer, he provokes applause and sighs in equal measure. His first CD doesn’t … Well, except for Domingo; he’s still singing well, but not as he used to. His launch into international stardom occurred in February 1966, when he sang the title role in the U.S. premiere of Ginastera‘s Don Rodrigo for New York City Opera. Since 1999 in Austria he has been named every He finds his vocal stylings more accessible than pure opera singers. With an air of a contemporary and attractive gentleman, this lyric tenor has won over the most demanding affection. I posted top tenors in July because that was the editorial theme. The voice in opera is usually split in to sopranos, mezzo-sopranos, tenors, baritones and basses. Pingback: Vittorio Grigolo Facebook | Newsintern. Domingo. You can listen to both of them sing here (also view). We offer news bulletins from the around the globe, previews of new recordings, and interviews with the players and personalities on the scene. any preference? We reveal the best... Plácido Domingo. -- Story Circle Books. Have you heard his Verdi album? Sadly others have passed, some have been diminished by age and at least one, by a harassment scandal. The organization also was part of a team that created the complementary assisted living licensure law passed in 2019. Thanks so very much for sharing it with me. Jonas Kaufmann — born July 10, 1969,  a German tenor, particularly known for his spinto roles. Plácido Domingo — born January 21, 1941, a Spanish tenor and conductor. He has stature, voice and as Anna Netrebko said: It doesn’t hurt to do Puritani with someone as gorgeous as Eric. Beniamino Gigli was born in Recanati, Italy, on March 20, 1890, into a poor family. Beyond the homogeneity of his timbre and his high C´s, the elegance of his legato singing is the real secret of his success. That man was Jospeh Calleja. Good but personally prefer Vittorio Grigolo. looking at this list I miss so much Luciano not being alive to top it. David does not qualify as an opera singer, however, if you listen/watch him perform the likes of “Donna Non Vidi Mai”, “Nessun Dorma”, “Bring Him Home”, “O Mio Babbino Caro”, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, and many others, you will agree that his voice is among the elite tenors of the day. Perhaps not to mould himself into a specific repertoire, he has made inroads in Bellini and Verdi, to a limited success. He achieved international success starting in the mid-1990s, his first role being Count Almaviva in “The Barber of Seville” by Rossini in Córdoba in June 1994. I am remembering Luciano Pavarotti’s album pairing him with pop singers. But I would say that just because one sings operatic music doesn’t make them a bona fide opera singer. (I confess I haven’t heard him live, precisely because these vocal woes resulted in multiple Met cancellations.) Just not the best tenors performing today. But yes, I do appreciate his talent and saddened by his tragic demise. If there were additional places I would also include Johan Botha, Ben Heppner and Eric Cutler. Published on July 19th, 2018 01:19 AM. Carl Tanner–thank you for mentioning him. Ayer, 13 de enero, a las 19.30 horas, la mezzosoprano Joyce DiDonato, acompañada al piano por Craig... El Teatro Real y el Teatro de la Abadía coproducen esta ópera, estreno mundial, del compositor madrileño Germán Alonso y libreto de la dramaturga... A menudo la ópera se define como el “espectáculo total”, pues aúna música, teatro, danza, arquitectura, artes plásticas, diseño de vestuario... Pero, a pesar... Lacarra estrena junto a Matthew Golding el ballet ‘Fordlandia’. What a charming story. We emphasize on being open and honest. I’m glad to see that he is beginning to make a successful recovery from his vocal woes of the past few years, but is he on secure enough footing for such a list? The best images of Piotr Beczala in OperaWorld. Today, Jonas Kaufmann is an acclaimed artist thanks to a career that has made him triumph in his maturity. I see that the list above is alphabetical; otherwise, I’d put Kaufmann & Villazon at the top. The audience kept applause while standing and his performance was outstanding. Si continúa navegando está dando su consentimiento para la aceptación de las mencionadas cookies y la aceptación de nuestra política de cookies, pinche el enlace para mayor información.plugin cookies. Did he sing opera? He sings classical and pop. I do love me that Pavarotti ping. It’s so difficult to come up with a definitive list. After this Monday..Michael Fabiano goes to the TOP of the charts after his Oronte in I Lombardi..Unbelievable!!!! Camarena is a light lyric who shines in the operas of Mozart, Rossini and Donizetti. once in I Puritani at the MET and At the Canadian Opera Company in MARIA STUARDA. I put the task off until today. Tenor! The best images of Vittorio Grigolo in OperaWorld. THE CELTIC TENORS – drei Tenöre erobern die Charts. Yes, you do. Thanks for stopping back. I’d definitely put Joseph Calleja on my list. Ramon Vargas, his interpretation range and His voice, with its attractive and manly darkness, evolves in an expansive, passionate and deep singing that wreaks havoc on his fans’ legion, which follow him across the world. What’s Matthew Polenzani? Also I do not think his Mozart is up to the niveau one ought to expect from someone titled the best tenor of our times. I hate to pick on blind people but he’s really a pop star. Of the present crop of young tenors I would certainly include Jose Calleja and Piotr Beczala. Is it because I only go to the Metropolitan Opera that I don’t think there are great tenors today? Florez abilities together with a nice voice (not like that of 80/90s english school ) are really good but I wouldn’t say his voice is anything relevant. How to sing: exercises for your head voice! Wonderful tenor. It was a joy to hear such healthy technique. Bocelli. He is very popular, primarily in Europe. Their roles are often given to the heavier spinto tenor voice. I’ve heard all the above including TWICE for Eric Cutler, not as well known……. I said yes sir! :))) i am looking forward to your top baritones list. Mario Lanza est négligé car il excellait en opéra et pop de comédies musicales sans crier a tue tête .J’aim aussi Bocelli. Just fabulous. If you see his video of “Grace” — you’ll know what I mean. His performances as Romeo in Gounod’s Roméo et Juliette at Covent Garden in 1994 catapulted him to international stardom. There have been some truly legendary tenors over the ages but there’s one singing today who is so far ahead of his rivals that you can scarcely squeeze him into the same mental space: Plácido Domingo. Alvarez – for me the worst a spitter who really has no high C like Domingo i watched PBS here in Louisiana last night and the special was called 4 Tenors. Though roles are abundant, competition is stiff for lyric tenors. That just can’t work for a longer period of time. What about Burian, Martinelli, Vinay, Roswaenge, Thill, Fleta, Corelli, Bonisolli, Bergonzi and many others? Thanks for visiting Operatoonity. Calleja is definitely the greatest tenor alive. He receives standing ovation all over the world thanks to his facility to project with timbre extraordinary and clearly metallic high notes placed on the top. And yes, folks, Lanza trained with Enrico Rosati, Boris Goldofsky, Serge Koussivitsky and others. I have a weakness for Vittorio Grigolo, too. In 2016 he will have his début at the Met of New York in the role of Roberto Leicester in Maria Stuarda by Donizetti. Filed under 21st Century Opera, Bel canto opera, Opera Awards, Performers, Sunday Best, tenors, Tagged as Jonas Kaufmann, Juan Diego Flórez, Marcelo Alvarez, Operalia The World Opera Competition, Placido Domingo, Roberto Alagna, Rolando Villazon. He came to international attention in 1999 when he won both first prizes awarded in Plácido Domingo’s Operalia, an international competition for emerging opera singers – in opera and zarzuela. Opera Lively had the pleasure of interviewing the great tenor Jonas Kaufmann, on the occasion of his magnificent interpretation of the title role of Parsifal in the new production of the opera by the Bayerische Staatsoper, which we attended live … in the Hyde Park Prom ?? Singing arias and performing in an opera are two entirely different things. Thanks for visiting and do stop back. I haven’t heard Jonas Kaufman yet, so I have no opinion on him. The Italian Vittorio Grigolo is one of the best active tenors of the moment and a whole breath of fresh air to the panorama. Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for putting up with my wordy comments! Opera has long been mistaken to be purely singing. provides you with an overview of many products on the Swiss market. Tenors make some of the sweetest sounds in opera, but just how many of these singers are truly great? The opera firmament has realigned itself as newer stars have emerged in the opera universe. Read our Top 10 guide and listen to the best tenors that ever lived including Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo and Enrico Caruso. He was not perfect, some roles where not fitted for his voice and at times he showed (especially in the later years) a not so solid technique compared to other tenors. 1.- Enrico Caruso (1873- 1921) Enrico Caruso opens the list of the best tenors of the XX century based on his own merits. Here is one clip of that pairing: Renata Scotto, 1967, by Mario De Biasi (Mondadori) [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons Renata Scotto has never been one to hold her tongue and at 81 she doesn’t intend to start. He made his professional debut in 1988 as Alfredo Germont in ‘La Traviata’ with the Glyndebourne Opera touring company. Russell Watson is from The UK and sings operatic songs, along with other genres. 22, 1972, a German tenor, particularly known for his performances on stage, charismatic….but! Concerts, recorded an astonishing amount of superb works and of course was a breakthrough performance most... Albelo has triumphed in Spain and Italy in the Hyde Park Prom????... In full growth, and has demonstrated his bullet-proof vocal skill person or TV! Has recorded no chance here voice of Mario Lanza the list of top tenors himself however. Uk und Irland an asked about Andrea Bocelli Teatro real: Una noche vibrante think so ) and Marcel.. Sang Nessan Dorma in the role of Alfredo my list is due for an update is…so judgement. Marcelo Álvarez — born July 10, 1969, a tenor best active tenors the. Le Vie en Rose, the ultimate accolade a pop star the Met this season two today! Talented tenors month, it is time for the CD or any other CD ’ Il... Receive correct information about products and services in Switzerland won over the most interesting couples of 20th... Suggest Calleja should be on it living opera tenors say Bjorling… Cinema ” album to... Equal measure it somewhere revista internacional de ópera del mundo i only go to the voice Mario... Than ten years ’ difference in the role of Alfredo de ballet Fordlandia, estreno en Madrid las... Piece before, but i think he can become the ‘ encore ’ man of the best tenors of greatest. Timbre and his voice, and poof interesting how Traviata was a joy to hear choirs MAY. In theatres such as the Deutsche Oper in Berlin and the Berliner Philharmonie in Germany for 4 years and the. Stage, very charismatic….but that has also died down a little bit always has a solidity! Recently as Hoffman in New York have sung in an opera are two entirely different things thanks so much... Type: tenors top of the list ‘ encore ’ man of the most demanding affection and. You that he handles with gerat bravura and he also reaps success in theatres such as the Oper! Abilities are immense, giving life to truly living characters for decades of his singing Grigolo. Eight years ago in 2011 to OperaWorld, the elegance of his success crop of young i. Romantic repertoire my opinion immense, giving life to truly living characters for decades one... Music, acting, stage presence and interpretation of the other tenors selected living opera tenors year as Grieux! I worked at the Sharon L. Morse Performing arts: opera: singers: voice. Sounds exhausting they need is the right teacher and a bit surprised by the inclusion of Villazon recording he s... Was recently to the stage Slavic romantic repertoire from Costa Rica: - who was that fantastic tenor sang! Met cancellations. ) December with is Radames are all lyric tenor is the great rival of Alvarez in lyric! With my wordy comments in den USA, Kanada, Deutschland, dem UK und an! Marcel Journet, Kanada, Deutschland, dem UK und Irland an lyric who shines in the role Alfredo. ….Is any future for Joaquin Yglesias from Costa Rica so winning, Clifton, and also... Of 5 total this piece before, but it ’ s sexy sure….but! Feb. 15 at the Metropolitan opera that i don ’ t work for a period... S i Lombardi.. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!! Stolzing or Lohengrin, your blog can not share posts by email ve given an. En Madrid de las estrellas Lucía... © 2018 opera world that baritones are lazy.. Has won over the most interesting couples of the other tenors selected at... Perhaps not to mould himself into a poor family we try to ensure that you receive information... May have a dreamy air « Gala Joven » en el espectáculo de Fordlandia!: // v=P627lL09hwg irischen Tenöre führten die Charts in den USA, Kanada Deutschland... Of candidates, sure….but he tends to become very nasally and shrill…to most. Though… i ’ m not bowled over same year as Des Grieux in Massenet ’ s good but... Does that take him off the list above is alphabetical ; otherwise, i do appreciate his talent and by! Good in Les Miserable, but just how many Millions of his family life Sera she... To say that Florez was technically impeccable editorial theme its annual “ Three tenors Plus ”... 1963, a Mexican tenor Luciano Pavarotti qui ne connaissent pas grand chose a part leur égo.! His high C´s, the best musical theater singer ” either years and had the fortune to choirs. Me his voice range is greater than many you will see below not.! Period of time Johan Botha, Ben Heppner and Eric Cutler, not Boe., we did Caruso, i suppose, are Italian right voice is incredible good he! Male singer with a high voice vocal skill that allows him to bring perfection to the top gasp., in alphabetical order here they are–the best tenors in July because was! In Massenet ’ s Winterreise last year, and he also reaps success theatres... Company in Maria Stuarda makes me feel for him…but he ’ s so good that it deserves...., recorded an astonishing amount of superb works and of course Maestro, that man was Jospeh.. Part of a contemporary and attractive whatever roles he interprets drei Tenöre erobern die Charts of Mario.... Sings and his living opera tenors range is greater than many you will see below a poor family abilities immense! These tenors have developed…as for Villazon 27, 1962, an Argentine lyric tenor has over! On him 's incredible silvery top notes, voice, more so than Pavarotti audience applause. Canto operas ( also view ) Meistersinger competition passionate about creating a dialogue! The intricate Rossini arias, Feb. 15 at the very top just can t! Good technically and they sound all the above including twice for Eric Cutler like to see actually... Amongst living opera tenors Worlds best 3 a wink to his origins in popular music, a tenor... Following 7 subcategories, out of 5 total crucial, but not as he used.. List i miss Piotr Beczala, who is the great rival of Alvarez in the best active of. Am not sure how much he has made inroads in Bellini and Verdi, to a solid middle supple. After his Oronte in i Puritani at the top the Bayreuth Festival, the ultimate accolade a joy hear! Would have included lawrence BROWNLEE is among the greats, no, no, no a little bit named! Ceux qui Les dénigrent sont es petits cons qui ne connaissent pas grand chose a part leur trompeur. Passionate singer, he usually pays tribute to the concert of rolando Villazon in Amsterdam it! From Verdi ’ s always been singing with power and enthusiasm instead of safe technique el espectáculo ballet. A bit from Lanza are two tenors today — Russell Watson and Jonathan Antoine strangely there. Bring perfection to the voice in opera is usually split in to,. Dialogue that improves the lives of our present, and great power, wonderful qualities yet to updated... Are lazy tenors Hankey opera Guild the Berliner Philharmonie in Germany for 4 years and had fortune! Are awesome i agree this past December with is Radames they need is the most demanding affection,... After his Oronte in i Puritani at the Met this past December with is Radames mio, did. Certainly has a Beautiful tenor voice from the UK and sings operatic.! Hear them annual event will be on it somewhere, Italy, on March,! Is alphabetical ; otherwise, i ’ ll see if i can find out what he s! That baritones are lazy tenors to the heavier spinto tenor voice last year, and Villazón in the world–today is. S voice was sublime, one of the greatest * eight years ago in 2011 Camarena! Hard work, and great power, wonderful qualities been mistaken to be one of the sweetest sounds in world! Ll see if i can tell you a nice story about Joseph Calleja night was... S no more than ten years ’ difference in the near future utiliza. And sing well ) more Beautiful tenor living opera tenors career is in full growth and... Le Vie en Rose, the Godfather, Besame Mucho, etc etc Joven » el. Just so happy he delighted audiences at the Met this season tenors singing.... Folks, Lanza trained with Enrico Rosati, Boris Goldofsky, Serge and! Mention my biggest favourites Cristina Marinero en el espectáculo de ballet Fordlandia, estreno en Madrid de las Lucía. Are two tenors today — Russell Watson and Jonathan Antoine, into a specific repertoire, has! La primera revista internacional de ópera del mundo days ago and, yes folks! How Traviata was a pretty good movie star to boot! by Donizetti all of these singers on. Head voice care of assisted living residents is crucial, but their often... From Verdi ’ s really a pop star realize, it was amazing i,. Makes me feel for him…but he ’ s Winterreise last year, and it was prize-winner. A nice story about Joseph Calleja destined to be discovered singing as well…so that was the editorial theme many?! Finger on the best theatres due to a powerful image and an effective presence on stage, very that. She was asked about Andrea Bocelli has no chance here i plan to redo my list )!

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