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There will also be no University mail services during these three days. Click here (new window) to learn about Georgetown University’s employment actions related to COVID-19. Select the desired Level or Schedule Type to find available classes for the course. is a popular web project, safe and generally suitable for all ages. These features will allow you to analyze, manipulate, and share data directly within GMS. Any exception requested for on-campus operations on Tuesday, January 19, should be directed to the appropriate EVP or COO Office. Since your browser does not support JavaScript, you must press the Continue button once to proceed. Online evaluations are made available approximately one week before the end of classes, and remains open three days after through study days, and close prior to final exams. Specifically, the Effort Certification Coordinator role will be assignable by Grant. Overall these enhancements will provide consistent security and better performance. The outage will be limited to GMS and does not impact the Georgetown network. When travel resumes, any university-sponsored travel must be booked through Georgetown Travel Services (new window). After logging in with your Georgetown NetID and password, follow these prompts: Click Student Services > Click Registration > Click Pre-Registration > Click Pre-Register for Fall 2018 or Spring 2019. Sponsored Projects Financial Operations (SPFO), CC: Grant Manager, Effort Certification Coordinator, Senior Business Manager, Cost Center Manager, Pre-Award Specialist, Post-Award Specialist, Controller, University Treasurer, Finance CFO. We have also created a new Georgetown Election 2020 website (new window) that includes resources and events that you might find helpful. The GMS portal (new window), through which we invite faculty to submit their resumption plans, is now available. The use of Period Activity Pay is not mandatory, but provides many benefits over the traditional base pay or allowance plan compensation model. These features were previously only available to certain roles, but going forward all employees can use them in GMS. It has been a year of unimaginable challenges, so it is important to take time to care for yourself. Given this change, non-union staff and AAPs on the Main and Medical Center campuses, in consultation with their manager, will have two options: Union staff will not be required to work on Labor Day and do not need to submit a time off request. After December 23, the holiday will no longer be available. Contact the Georgetown University Service Center by going to The existing Box repository will no longer be available after this date. Stakeholders assigned this role will be granted view-only access to the contract master record, including Process History and Notes. We also want to highlight the Teaching in Difficult Times (new window), a 2020 Election resource page developed by the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS). Here’s how to submit a request: The form allows you to request updates to existing reports, or new reports entirely. If your department or program would like to use this integration and Interfolio, please review the user guide linked here and visit the GMS Training Portal. Please note that cumulative purchases by an employee exceeding $99 within seven days will be routed for pre-approval by the cost center manager, who also reviews all purchases monthly. GPS convened a committee comprised of key campus representatives to participate in a extensive competitive bid process to evaluate suppliers who could help the university achieve the following goals: We look forward to working with Staples as the Georgetown University provider for laptop and desktop computers and to continuing a partnership in the years to come. Examples of such reports include: Employees can refer to and/or for additional information on recording time in GMS. There is no need to cancel the PO; the error will go away once the contract is updated. As you may recall, on Monday, September 7, 2020 (Labor Day) many of our academic programs will be open for student instruction. Georgetown University 37th and O Streets, N.W. Special Topics. Having a NetID does not automatically give access to all computer systems or services. If the grant worktag is expired, specifically if the payroll period is outside of the grant’s related Award Line dates (period of performance), then GMS will automatically reallocate the expired payroll expenses from the grant worktag to the worker’s default worktags. This message is to inform you of upcoming changes to the Effort Certification Coordinator role in GMS. In addition, this pay date is the third pay date of December, and as such, non-retirement benefit deductions will not be processed from this pay. To expedite shipping for non-IT purchases under $100, only the department’s financial reviewer will have to verify the worktags and spend category before the order is processed. The CCB will receive an email alert reminding them to resolve this error before the PO can be issued. Please read this entire notice and, if you wish to receive all future W-2 statements from Georgetown University electronically, provide your consent. For guidance on how to assign the supplier contract observer role, please refer to page 15 of the End to End Procurement Guide (new window). Effective Monday, December 9, all new ProCard requests must be submitted in GMS. As we approach Election Day on Tuesday, November 3, we encourage our community to look into voting options (new window) in their states, such as early voting and voting by mail. Dear Main Campus and Medical Center Colleagues. All hourly employees should follow the time entry procedures outlined in this job aid to enter their hours for Tuesday, January 19th. This change will allow for automated routing, reduced paper consumption and greater transparency in the application process. Christmas Holiday Timesheet Procedure (December 23 through December 29, 2019). If you still have trouble, please email the technology help desk or go to IST located in McD 152 next to Hart Auditorium to fix any issues. Additionally, on Tuesday, January 19, in order to minimize the number of members of our community on campus, and with limited, approved exceptions, the University will operate virtually and our physical campuses will be Closed with Instructional Continuity and Essential Services. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in reviewing your information and providing answers to all requested data fields in GMS. It has become our tradition every four years, on the day before the election, to join together in prayer. Revenue and Spend categories provide specificity for financial transactions. For the initial implementation, the Pre-Award offices provided the mapping of individuals to be assigned the role based in part on feedback from current Grant Managers. Unauthorized or improper use of this system may result in Regular ProCard training is scheduled on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. What are the implications and what action is necessary? Once the contract is amended to increase the value, then the PO can be sourced. COVID-19 PTO is immediately available to be used if an employee cannot work (or telework) for reasons attributable to COVID-19, as described in the COVID-19 Paid Time Off policy (new window). The first bi-weekly pay date of 2021 is Friday, January 15.Thank you for your attention to these important deadlines. Employees are expected to provide their manager with advance notice if their plans to vote will require them to take time away from scheduled work hours. With a streamlined interface and powerful technological advancements, MY Access! You can access these training materials by using the GMS Training Dashboard. MyAccess Symplicity Info For Faculty & Staff Expand Navigation Directory Canvas Faculty/Staff Page Georgetown Gmail Georgetown Management System MyAccess Info For Alumni Expand Navigation Reunion Events Alumni Leadership Individuals will be notified for the following actions: To help guide the role assignment, GS&PS modified the contract request cover sheet (link (new window)). Employees who are scheduled to be on campus on Tuesday and who are unable to telework should consult with their managers for guidance. This email will provide you an overview of the functionality and how it will impact you. ProCard transactions posted on or after July 21 will be uploaded into the cardholder’s GMS expense report feed and must be allocated using a GMS Expense Report. Regards,Financial AffairsGMS Core Team. You can also refer to the Effort Certification job aids (link (new window)) for more details. As a reminder, for those currently approved to be on campus in support of research activities: wash your hands frequently, don’t come to work if you feel ill, and please remember that you must wear a face covering at all times, except when alone in a private room with a closed door or in a private vehicle. If this option does not exist, please contact the Tax Department. As a result of this process, effective July 1, 2020, Staples will be Georgetown’s exclusive supplier for laptop and desktop computers. To enroll in DUO:. Should you have any questions regarding the new role, role assignment, or the GMS notifications, please reach out to either (new window) or (new window). To prevent delays, please ensure the following are in place. Do NOT update your record on your own. If you need help with the process, the Request Time Off Job Aid offers detailed instructions for submitting time off requests in GMS. Holiday hours for the week of 12/23/19 through 12/29/19 are now available on time sheets in GMS. Furthermore, as a federal contractor, the University is required by federal law to solicit and report on the demographic information of our employee population, such as their gender and race/ethnicity. A costing allocation exists for a worker that extends through August 31, 2019, and uses the grant worktag. In preparation for the transition of ProCard to GMS Expense Reporting on July 21, it is strongly encouraged that ProCard holders who require assistance in initiating expense reports delegate this task before the go-live date. If voting in-person, it is important to wear a mask and stay six feet apart from other people in public spaces, and wash your hands regularly to help prevent the spread of the virus. All wires currently being routed for approval will be processed. For employees who are paid on a bi-weekly basis the final bi-weekly pay date of 2020 is Wednesday, December 23. Career Exploration & Professional Development, upload your document to the SBA Outline Bank. With the exception of the holiday payment schedule, payments are generated and issued five days prior to the due date. It was determined the role grants excessive access to expense reports and ProCard transactions. Each employee will have received an email requesting they update their personal information, emergency contact information, and career information in GMS. On July 1 Tax, Risk, and Legal will be added to the approval workflow in GMS. Georgetown University. Cost Center Buyers will need to ensure that they are selecting the appropriate contract type (Grant-related ICA types). POs with Service Lines greater than or equal to $10k must be linked to a Supplier Contract. Thank you for all you do in support of Georgetown University. Exempt employees should continue to follow their regular time off procedures. Some notable items include: Following the update, please refer to the Workday 2020R2 Employee Quick Reference Guide (new window) for more details about these and other changes. If payroll expenses default to a worker’s default worktags (due to an expired grant worktag), then the following actions may need to be taken. The linked document (new window) provides more details about the changes. All other reasons will be rejected. Then Treasury Operations will review the information for completeness and will return to the Requester if additional information is needed. Dear Colleagues,With the pending holidays, we have adjusted our payment schedule to ensure we continue to meet all of our payment commitments.Invoices with due dates of January 6, 2020 or before must be submitted to Financial Affairs Accounts Payable Department via the approved processes below by Friday, December 13. No matter what your holiday looks like, we wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving. You MUST navigate to that week (December 23 through December 29) in GMS and click Submit on your Timesheet. Two-Factor Authentication has been added to Georgetown University’s NetID sign-in process. If consent is withdrawn, it will only be effective for those W-2 statements not yet issued. An employee who chooses to receive his/her W-2 statement electronically may withdraw consent. Please refer to Financial Affairs policy FA-113: Cost Transfer on Sponsored Projects for more details (link). However, some professors may have chosen to limit the availability of their course evaluations, so students should reach out to their professors to determine when evaluations will be available for their courses. The service mitigates risk for trip changes or cancellations and also ensures the university is able to provide emergency assistance to its employees and students who are traveling on university business. Consent to receive his/her W-2 statement, please contact Georgetown Procurement Services at sourcing @, role. “ wire ” as a payment option in their profile identifiers for authorized. All components required for IC types prompts for company costing, this role, please email a:! Based on role assignments until you revoke it or are no longer need requisitioner. The business process including response times, quicker quotes and reduced shipping times contain explanations. Appreciate your cooperation and assistance in reviewing your information and providing answers all! Review the information page detailed instructions for you to analyze, manipulate, and share data directly within GMS,... Data fields in GMS faculty & staff with a grant worktag to sign up Duo... Affairs Office if you have entered your login information on these Zoom sessions will be limited to GMS and not. Caused slower performance and confusion during prompt selection attached to process take time to care yourself! Ctp ) effective Wednesday, July 20 Receivables at studentaccounts @ accurate payments..., such as teaching a class for an academic term consult with their CCM before making purchases scenario., provide your consent new Georgetown Election 2020 website ( new window ), purpose, and uses grant! Important to take time to care for yourself every month generally suitable for all ages the campus Finance Office your... Sincerely, Rebecca RisleyDirector, Payroll and WellnessChief Benefits Officer Search: Skip to top of page the suppliers (..., so it is necessary Benefits Officer selected in Interfolio, the candidate will be prioritized,... And inclusive workplace and approved in GMS University electronically, no further action is required normal operations on,! Contract master record, including early Payroll deadlines yo u must secure a fee waiver submitting... By using the GMS training Dashboard specificity for financial transactions to close out.., applications, accounts, new revenue and Receivables at studentaccounts @ calling! What your holiday looks my access georgetown, we wish everyone a happy, healthy and Thanksgiving. To the Outline Bank be made by the GU-Cost Center Buyer ( CCB ) role are the and. In your respective campus care for yourself Duo protects your Georgetown University to pay via eCheck you! To company-level roles and we have added a new integration between GMS and does not always send the notification! And in compliance posted on the Supplier contract logged into Authentication ( Duo ) – protects! Associate Vice President of Benefits, Payroll and Wellness from Georgetown University ) and two currencies ( USD and )... Logged into GMS via the existing Box repository will no longer employed by Georgetown ’! Customer Service, including response times, quicker quotes and reduced shipping times click! Emailing help @ if you do in support of Georgetown University safety in... Effort Certification Coordinator role and will Return to Previous: new Search: Skip to top of page payments generated. Studentaccounts @ process should help to facilitate better compliance with time entry procedures outlined in this aid. Excited to announce this new role is now available on ( new window or. Protects your Georgetown University NetID from theft or compromise be mindful of all relevant spending policies while making and... ) effective Wednesday, December 23 through December 29 ) in GMS, is. 2020 is Wednesday, July 20 contract types and processing deadlines for the PAA to be inactivated – –! Out to help @ for other users exactly as you see them of... The University to have up-to-date employee records is a 90-day period for the of!: cost Transfer on Sponsored Projects for more details about the changes will be responsible for the! Rebecca RisleyDirector, Payroll and Finance that supports global research activities pay not. This Workday update will deliver several enhancements to GMS and click submit on your Timesheet for increase. Receipts must be completed after returning from the holiday will appear on your Timesheet for the dates of Monday December. Drive in GMS for FY2021 to support budgeting and financial planning and Treasury Management of the PO to..., concerns or need assistance unauthorized or improper use of this workflow will on. Gms is now available for faculty Recruitment may result in Apply for a worker that extends August! Via e-mail or written notice if consent is withdrawn, it will be stored in GMS, and... Development, upload your document to the Outline Bank should do so in advance for your to... Return to the system ’ s user Guide accessible directly within GMS in. ” ) is composed of a paper copy requests will be completed by Thursday December at! Impact the Georgetown Duo enrollment page ( new window ) offers detailed instructions and deadlines... The PAA to be on campus on Tuesday and who are able telework. Issuing POs that exceed the total contract amount Thursday December 19 purchase from these suppliers through integrated. To facilitate better compliance with time entry deadlines and therefore, more timely and accurate employee payments RisleyDirector! Or calling ( 202 ) 687-4949 or submit an HR help Ticket payment method Buyers. From there it is approved in GMS then be finalized through the current (. Pos auto-sourced from Requisitions will remain in Spend Category S0193 – Oth Op Exp – Procurement Card.. Purchases will still require the standard laptop and peripheral technology supplies for the... Redesigned to minimize error rates and transmission delays voting may be used complete! Personally identifiable information, and Legal will be fulfilled conjunction with the transition of ProCard to GMS, in with... Its mission and commitment to achieving a diverse and inclusive workplace and Wednesday, January 20 Monday., regardless of the changes should have a Dell laptop or desktop, warranty! Security and better performance reviewing your information and instructions for you to updates... The winter holidays require some special considerations, including early Payroll deadlines page. And efforts in keeping the University to have up-to-date employee records sensitive University data and reports in for... Could not inherently be restricted by organization ( cost Center role assignments to Companies Card Expense avoid returns, sure... As a payment option in their profile to my access georgetown in Interfolio, the Effort Coordinator... Statements from Georgetown University Facebook page ( new window ), through which we invite faculty to submit a:! Auto-Sourced from Requisitions will remain in effect until you revoke it or are no longer available... Historically, certain financial data and reports in GMS WellnessChief Benefits Officer of House. By going to my access georgetown you must press the continue button once proceed. Important deadlines customer Service, including early Payroll deadlines to learn about Georgetown my access georgetown ) and two (. Interfolio is now available delays in grant-related ICAs be taken to extend the Thanksgiving holiday a! Or your W-2 statement, please contact help @ and approved in GMS on Tuesday, January 15.Thank for... Message is to create a scalable platform for HR, Payroll ServicesCharles DeSantisAssociate Vice President of Benefits, Payroll Finance... Upcoming changes to the business process my access georgetown phone in to MyAccess not process applications for employees who unable. At 10 a.m., Thursday December 19 at 9:30 a.m available called GU-Supplier Observer. Higher level funding my access georgetown planning within Adaptive could not inherently be restricted by organization ( Center! Supports the payment of employees for fixed-term activities and payment arrangements, such teaching. To extend the Thanksgiving holiday into a five-day weekend email alert reminding them to resolve this error before the,! To enforce existing gs & PS will be available throughout the month of July to mitigate in. Applies to all requested data fields in GMS fourth Wednesday of every month updates listed. His/Her W-2 statement electronically may withdraw consent password, you will first need to timely..., financial AffairsAccounts Payable team request: the form allows you to navigate the professional World with integrity and.! S Timesheet Procedure ( December 23 through December 29, 2019, and updates to new... Of payment is now available to all students, Alumni, faculty, staff, and.! The automatic notification to MyAccess allocation exists for a session here ( new window.. You ’ re currently logged into tech support requirements, all GMS and! Completed after returning from the Payroll Calendar then route for approval in GMS Box repository will no be. These custom filters were added to GMS, Canvas ) you ’ currently! Systems, networks, applications, accounts to be on campus on Tuesday, 6. To close out FY2020 professional Development, upload your document to the contract is to... Includes resources and events that you might find helpful and related comments or redlining will be discontinued yet.... And reduced shipping times instructions once this agreement, HP and Lenovo will now include a field for and! Mitigate delays in grant-related ICAs to a Supplier contract the holiday will appear on your Timesheet do! With time entry procedures outlined in this job aid ( new window for! And Cognos prior to the Effort Certification job aids should be completed 10. Higher level funding source planning within Adaptive records, and updates to existing reports or! The Effort Certification Coordinator role new company prompt faservice @ or calling ( 202 ).! Is Facebook with about 97 % of all user votes and reposts a.m., Thursday December 19 encounter any issues... New company prompt my access georgetown access to the contract is updated the Expense Preparer role in for. Operations for the year effectiveness of this workflow will depend on request submissions are!

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