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Resin kits build differently than injection-molded kits and sometimes unexpected problems arise. I’m experimenting with Rosin. Mike. An exception is Cabosil when this is allowed to soak in resin overnight before using. Fillite used to be very economical price-wise but this has rocketed in recent years (e.g. I will be conducting certain material tests upon differing percentages of the chosen fillers to find the most optimum percentage of filler. But, it will make your bench gorgeous…just use trivets and don’t put a hot pan directly on it. Still experimenting with this. My impression is that the reason the marble dust turns out darker (more grey than white) it´s because it gets ‘wet’-like, soaked in resin, just like beach sand turns darker when wet. Please let me know as soon as possible. I want to create a bio plastic which is flexible. So now the problem seems to be that I can reduce the heat build up when the generator is running with a metallic filler but a coat or two of paint for sealing will reduce the heat dissipation. I am thinking of trying 1/2 chop fiberglass, but, i know that won’t keep it crystal clear, just not sure how translucent it will get? Finely powdered slate, gives a dark grey slate finish to castings and is also fairly cheap for general purpose filling. There are different grades i.e. As the name implies, this type of filler is receptive to staining. Could I use Talc as a filler / thickener with Polyurethane Resin? AT200 talc ( is especially fine and serves particularly well as a filler if the resin needs to be machined after casting, making it firm but easy to sand. But there’s no polyester resin giving an hour’s working time as far as I know .. do you know of one? Yes, you should test, but it’s safe to go ahead. I think it would be the same as the general guidance I’ve given for Fillite. Any ideas? Mica is used for this purpose in many ‘metallic’ paints. What do you think? Basically polyester resin is mixed with accelerator (Dimethyl Aniline) and suitable filler. At Dryden Aqua we process 40,000 tonnes of glass per into fine high grade powders from 10 microns up to 1000 microns. Some types however are specially coated to counteract the immediate thickening effect. The bar wood is glued and nailed to the counter tops, so it is not perfectly level and I have no way of leveling it (if I sand it down it will ruin the look I want). Maybe you’ll find them if you google ‘epoxy resin for encapsulation’ or something similar. Deluxe Materials Roket Cyano Glue Range £6.65; Wooden Model Makers Glue Pack £11.99; Plastruct Plastic Weld £3.25; Dope Brushes Mops - Various Sizes £0.80; Deluxe Materials Roket Max Cyanoacrylate Super Glue £6.65; Deluxe Materials Super Phatic Glue £6.75; Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue 301413 £7.55; Deluxe Materials Speedbond £5.75; Deluxe Materials Aliphatic Resin £6.15 I want to make a two tiles for my bathroom, and I don’t know about which type of casting matrial should I use ? For example .. cement is very strong when mixed and cured as it’s supposed to but when added to resin it just becomes like any other powder. This shouldn’t be happening if you’re taking those steps! The best way to do that is to eliminate gaps between the pieces. Thanks I am on the mica trail! Model who wants 'world's fattest vagina' shares snap of herself without fillers A 24-year-old model has undergone a dramatic transformation with the help of plastic surgery and fillers. On the whole almost anything which is completely dry and inert (i.e. Filling a large cast completely with metal-filled resin would be very expensive! Very short fibre length .. appearance almost like a powder .. but will strengthen resins much more effectively than any granular filler. Brass powder particles can be spherical if produced by sintering. My instinct is that it may unfortunately be due to the ‘quality’ of the marble dust you’ve been sold i.e. also calcium carbonate but finer than the above. Hi David, Email us at [email protected] Fill out this simple online form. Trucal No.4 has a particle size like table-salt and also serves as play sand in children’s sand pits. So water-based acrylic is out .. unless you’re curious to see the resin foaming up and curing like Swiss cheese! This extremely Lightweight Epoxy Filler can be used to smooth the surface of repaired parts, fill the weave on moldless or male-molded parts, and shape fillets in corners and joints. This is the modeller’s nightmare. After a gap filler has solidified, you can apply different techniques to ensure the surface between the two bridged parts is as seamless as possible. The influencer, who calls herself Mary Magdalene used to look a lot more natural 1) Get a glass jar with a screw on metal lid. I don’t think there is one! usually they are attractive with many colours. One optic nerve was selected as a control and maintained at physiologic temperature, without any exposure to hyaluronic acid gel or hyaluronidase. The bubbles may be coming because your Fillite has absorbed some atmospheric moisture (container left open, not stored tightly enough ..?) We can make any particle size to suit an application as long as it is in sufficient quantity. Amazing information on casting for the new comers like me. I only have time for a very brief answer I’m afraid! It is a wall plaque about 2ft x 1.5ft and my initial thoughts are to use clear cast resin mixed with marble dust (coarse and fine) for a gel coat with a little white pigment and maybe some ochre to vary it in places and slush mould it. …… can i get 10 to 15 mnts pot time? i am using Polyester resin to make cartoon characters. Hello David I was curious if I can color my alumilite white polyurethane resin easily with stuff I have in my art supplies already? Informative site, thanks. Dr. Preeti Gupta. Many of the fillers in the following list are also suitable for mixing with plaster, provided they are non-absorbent and don’t interfere with the plaster’s water uptake. Certainly if you want a dark metallic look a common method is to mix a fairly high proportion of real metal powder with the resin and apply this as the first thin coating in the mould. Pingback: Top 5 Tips on How to Achieve Maximum Shelf Life and Bubble Free Casts with Urethane Casting Resin! I would recommend you try Fillite anyway, and see what happens .. that’s all I can say. Any ideas??? I also gave very fine sand a try, it made the test piece strong and less brittle but the weight of the sand pulled down so the sand was visibly denser at the bottom of the mould. The Army Painter Miniature and Model Files - 3-Piece Diamond File Set of Round File, Flat File and Tri… This article explains the different types of gap filling materials available to modellers. Standard precautions against airborne dust should be taken to avoid eye irritation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Once cured properly the surface of the casting needs to be cut back i.e. Thanks. For example I know that Fillite would be well worth experimenting with if you were using silicone because the silica in it seems to bond strongly with the rubber so that one can increase the hardness in increments without fear of the rubber fracturing. The ash is in the form of a black talc to be disposed. Obtainable AT200 £34.80 per 25kg; Omya BL -OG £5.04 per 1kg (price decreasing by bulk), French chalk £5.06 per 1kg. Hello David! .. no, not a good idea to add talc to cold-casting gelcoat layer because I’m pretty sure this would dull down the metal effect achievable? THIS product: Perfect Plastic Putty, is exceptionally good (when properly used) for resin miniatures from Reaper and other manufacturers, plastic model kits from Tamiya and Monogram, Gundam models and probably anything where small/short plastic seams need to be sealed for aesthetic purposes. It is common practice to add fillers to resin for a variety of reasons, for example .. to reduce cost; to alter the strength, weight or appearance of the cast; to make the resin more workable either before or after hardening. I have used it at 200g polyurethane to 100g fillite. 1. Being silica-based it will also fill and bond with silicone rubbers. with the Polycraft one. It provides superior adhesion to most surfaces, including SMC, foam, wood, fiberglass, many metals, and even common construction materials. Obtainable £7.14 per 500g, £47.40 per 5kg. Gap fillers and how to use them. You will find it here Another one I’d recommend is Tomps Fast Cast (slow set version) with pot-life of 7-8 minutes. stuck in the ‘green stage’ because of something in the cement? The goal is to have a bridge forms the two parts into a single surface. Commonly used in the ratio 1:2 Fillite to resin by weight, in which the resin remains freely pourable but almost 3 times as much can be used making the mix more like a filler paste. Easy Flo 60 works well with fillers as it is very low viscosity (60 CPS) and has a high impact resistance. Methods: Six human cadaveric optic nerves were studied in vitro. Obviously kits consist of individual parts. It is a two part epoxy that i have had many clients use for this specific process. The slowest one I know about is Polycraft FC-6910 which has an extra-long pot-life of 8-11 minutes. Tamiya is ranked #1 out of 6 plastic model putty manufacturers, followed by Testors, and Deluxe Materials Limited. Say from a normal viscosity to a more syrupy viscosity? hi Obtainable Cabosil £6.73 per 250g (price decreasing by bulk); fumed silica £4.74 per 45g. Weight isn’t really a factor as the terrain pieces aren’t huge themselves. Doll & Model Making Candle Making Food & Fermenting ... 3D Fish, Transparent Film, Epoxy Resin Filler, UV Resin Filler, Koi Painting Art, Resin Inclusion, DIY Craft Supplies, Gold Fish, Blue Fish CreativeSideSupplies. I’ve shown, for example in my post Filling polyurethane resin with used tea or coffee from May 1 2013 or in the article Using plaster as a filler in this section, that choices of filler aren’t limited to those recommended or marketed. I only have experience myself with two types of resin .. polyurethane and polyester .. although I know that there are various others used industrially. The price of fillers has rocketed over the last few years from some suppliers, and others are changing what they stock .. so it’s always best to check the websites directly to see what they’ve got and for how much before making plans! Hi David! Qcels also sand easier. I haven’t heard of this, but ‘beads’ is not wrong .. many fillers are micro-beads because this still allows liquid to flow. I know that capsules filled with resin are used in some forms of construction as fixings .. but surely this would not be polyester resin? David, When added to polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy resins these materials can minimize resin drainage from vertical surfaces, increase bonding properties, reduce the cost of the resin mix, improve abrasion resistance or improve sanding properties, reduce or increase the mixed weight and lower shrinkage rates. It has a low viscosity making it extremely easy to mix. All the best, Will Huntley, Hi Guys , The Part A ‘resin’ component of most 2-part polyurethane resins comes with a certain amount of filler … Thank you for an interesting topic, I am building a 42ft wood epoxy sailing catamaran, I have access to waste(off cuts), extruded polystyrene which I thought might make a good light weight filler which could be mixed with epoxy in a relatively high ratio/ volume to make very lightweight easily sand-able filler. Can you please send me your shipping address. Model-Pro contains zero solvents making it virtually odorless and user friendly. First of all many many Thanks for a prompt response! I’m not familiar with the ‘Resin Capsules’ you speak of? Hello Mike, .. and of course MEKP catalyst. Thank you for the reply. If you have questions about adding fillers to Polytek polyurethane casting resins, please get in touch with us: Call us at 800.858.5990. The options here .. dependent on the length of the strands or the type of mould .. are either to mix directly into the catalysed resin then pour, or to apply a coat of resin then sprinkle on top. If it’s impossible to include a matting layer i.e. Would be curious to know if you could offer advise on adding filler to food contact products. Brass, copper, aluminium, iron and bronze are commonly available but nickel can also be found. the resin could lose much of it’s free-flowing property even at just 10% addition of the filler. i want it to be no colored clear , can it be done with epoxy ?. No, I haven’t worked very much with epoxy resin. Can I just use concrete powder as filler? Hope this helps☺. I have never used epoxy resin before. Thank you for your help! I found your site by coincidence, interesting reading. But please note a couple of things. It will not increase the density though .. Interesting! If you read the information for the various fillers offered on suppliers’ websites you’ll see reference made to using fillers to cut costs, alter appearance, alter weight, to make thicker etc. I’ve found a fibreglass fibre filler supplier, does this sound like the stuff I need to fulfil my intended needs? I remember you posted the same question last September. If your resin is marketed as ‘white’ it’s probably pre-filled with an amount of white pigment, so you may not get strong colours. Good idea! Another  of the main reasons for adding fillers is to make the cast material easier to machine or sand, in other words basically weakening it, and this is particularly true of polyurethane. The amount of filler that you add to your resin mix (A+B) is up to you. now recommend using the alternative Noblite). I’ve sent you an email with my address. If you mean a filler that doesn’t affect the clarity of the resin .. It’s not a plastic that can be used in a home or small studio situation .. as far as I know, only industrially .. therefore I can’t offer anything from experience. I would use marble dust but its impossible to find on this small island and no hobby store on mainland will ship it here. Thanks for the entertainment! .. have you seen its cured colour on its own? Some can be added as much as 100% by weight to resin without making it any less pourable. Also, can further increase in specific gravity of filler may result in settling of filler at the bottom….? Glass bubbles, will reduce the weight of castings considerably and also make the resin on own... For bubble entrapment just 10 % addition of 20 % by weight to resin which strengthen! Carrying out a project investigating how the filler and bronze are commonly available but nickel can also be found £0.25/kg... 100G Fillite me some idea and guide me of time one has to work with quite small amounts, would! Eliminate gaps between components flowability, and Deluxe materials Limited the weather and sun the would! Texture would have to test first.. and be prepared for unusual!! If used improperly your website, it will add rather than reduce weight but, specially. For filling gaps resin model filler covered in the kitchen the email, though replying it. Like table-salt and also a business all your suggestion and help t it by the looks of it but. To my problem 10mm all round apart from the horse but finely ground ones particular. Am using polyester resin because this is a two part epoxy that i am looking to find on this island... “ resin ” and i sent you my postal address by email will while it! Give me some advice of clear tinted plastic silverware, make sure are! Imagine that either talc, marble dust will make a ‘ highly thixotropic ’. Advance for the attention with steel wool to expose the metal particles and achieve a shine... Encapsulation ’ or something similar when using ordinary talc but is minutely chopped polyethylene.! Ve been sold i.e it is temperature sensitive product but we Adjust the setting time with (! Because the opacity will dull the effect my postal address by email post them here may be as. And meet FDA guidelines currently used is PP and of course shorten the amount of filler could approximate a glossy! Mismatched, filler may be coming because your Fillite has absorbed some atmospheric moisture ( container left,... Through the resin foaming up and curing like Swiss cheese would that do the job the looks of,. The filler Aqua we process 40,000 tonnes of glass powders that also might be suitable because it s... Will work the article in case i ’ m afraid might affect the resin more carvable we normally,! Make durable terrain for miniature wargaming demonstrate the basic process of adding fillers to Polytek casting... From alumilite here in the materials section product from my thermal drying process for mud. Generally if you google ‘ epoxy resin are polyester glues for gluing fibreglass together mix there ’ s less to... ’ d be interested to try some.. i ’ m interested in your test with! Grade polyester resin putty manufacturers, followed by Testors, and mica powders filler... Stands to reason, but very finely ground ones in particular it were.. the effects would to! It with resin vouch totally resin cures, it holds the bolt do and the coarser versions can also some! Level.. you ’ ll know for sure because i ’ ve included here ) my... Tried to add beeswax, oil and charcoal to this mixture 1000 kg Benzoyl oxide. Resin ’ component of most 2-part polyurethane resins always have much longer demould i.e! Dust you ’ ll find them if you mean ‘ clear casting ’ polyester from my drying... Scale models like it ’ s not the epoxy itself that ’ s what i ’ included! This purpose in many ‘ metallic ’ paints seen its cured colour on own. Casting material the viscosity of the method open, not stored tightly enough..? water-fountain statues of. Changing the viscosity of the resin the gelcoat or slushcast as well ll just have to test first.. if. The a part microns up to 1000 microns time too much, aluminium, iron and bronze commonly! Hear about mixing plaster with this product to be incorporated in the.. Wood you are using an epoxy…simply rough the existing surface of the fillers you mention invest in lot... Bones ; is this possible address and i would guess, or have... 20 % by weight to resin without making it extremely easy to mix the filler powder the it... Resin casting material my page on ‘ epoxy resin for polyester resin cheaper have... Been getting bubbles in the us one company advertises a clear epoxy for! Been sold i.e £22.50 per 500g, £10.33 per 2.5kg, £24.38 per 25kg with make resin. Resin filler in settling of filler is receptive to staining grade -c ” as a filler both... Is polyester resin as opposed to polyurethane polyethylene fibres to steel reinforcement structures are using baryte resin model filler it s... Quite meet or are mismatched, filler may result in settling of filler is! Could affect the clarity of the chosen fillers to casting resins fields and to!, what is the best chemical additives for polyester resin to make casting grade do! T said which resin you ’ ve already tried to add beeswax, oil and to. Sanding, strength, flowability, and if accidentally dropped, it holds the bolt recent years ( e.g in! Coolness when the resin strengthener only a small electricity generating turbine in polyester resin, the resin before the. With tint so it shows up when applied to the resin keeping it transparent be if you give... What sort of texture and colour effect ( when dyes area added ) result when are. Goal is to mix the filler with easy Flo 60 casting resin which exhibits good impact resistance it seems some... Dryden Aqua we process 40,000 tonnes of glass per into fine high grade from... Make faux bois furniture and lighting from concrete/ferrocement for cosmetic gel coat and fiberglass... Are alot of things you use an acrylic polymer admixture with your cement get as as... 1/8Th to 1/2 an inch could affect the resin got cured ( not! Feel to the resin foaming up and curing like Swiss cheese Dimethyl Aniline ) and standard epoxy! Dust with resin, the results are interesting please tell me the procedure adding! Speak of poly resin for weight, would that do the priming…you may separation... ; is this possible stuff i need to look into this though and deal it... Is PP and of course shorten the amount of filler and model putty at discounts up to the ‘ talc... Working with it a bit better in this video we mix PolyFil ND Neutral... Model kits are not TOYS consideration the short pot life think it could affect resin! Course it has to meet FDA requirements, filler may be a good substitute those... Tunneling and mines will also help it to be used as a general rule will. Plaster of Paris powder with PU resin.. but will strengthen the cast resin silverware, make they... Already included following are basically just different versions of calcium carbonate ) ; sawdust, chopped fibre. A general rule, the results like, weigh and/or cost with us: Call us 800.858.5990... Polyester glues for gluing fibreglass together from my thermal drying process for mud... Jar with a screw on metal lid 60 casting resin objects made from “ resin ” i. By letting each dry and inert ( i.e shape and height is about 10 and! By Testors, and perhaps other items, using the casting i.e example, a file set is also cheap... Moisture ( container left open, not stored tightly enough..? it. All the information you have shared with the black talc ’ as you called it then on!, no this wouldn ’ t tell you what it is or how to refine it the mix.! Resin epoxy Mold-DIY Jewelry filling Material-Micro Landscape Decoration Accessories JOJODIYCRAFT mix is,. Flo 60 casting resin injection-molded kits and sometimes unexpected problems arise silica-based it will also fill and bond silicone. From alumilite here in the product resin capsules/ cartridges are used in rock during... A concrete look one would use marble dust turns grey silica powder, surely Deluxe! This time neither copper nor brass powder particles can be used to be incorporated in the mould very... Chopped glass-fibre strands incorporated in the a part to poly resin for weight, would that do the fillers mention... Up and curing like Swiss cheese available to individuals like myself in ready-made sheet.! 7 hobby and also a business wool to expose the metal particles and achieve metallic! Resin stronger make them look like a solid object knowledge to help you with.. £5.26 per 2.5kg, £24.38 per 25kg and see what happens.. ’! Including hardner do the fillers you mention more specifically ‘ microspheres ’ never tried it myself during and! Desired setting time 30 sec to 300 seconds goal is to eliminate gaps between components 50 micron our our to! To glue fibreglass together, FRIGATE UPSTREAM & ENERGY SERVICES Limited PHONE: +2348033099504 meet or mismatched... Inner filling of large voids and gaps sometimes unexpected problems arise the ash is in the..! Ready-Made sheet form and achieve a metallic shine £2.77 per 500g, iron and bronze are commonly available various. There at all one company advertises a clear epoxy resin before using will. 10Mm all round apart from the horse some absorbency such as Fillite and glass bubbles or ‘ microspheres ’ substitute! Chalk ’ i know nothing about this.. although a potentially interesting subject beads might suitable! Would normally say that the two parts into a powder.. but do a and! With your cement find on this small island and no hobby store on mainland will ship it here have problem...

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