4 Application Categories Your Company Should Invest in Right Now

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For years, you have been hearing that mobile is the future. Then, mobile is here. Now, mobile is the predominant way people access and exchange information. But it is one thing to say these things, and quite another to integrate their reality into your business DNA.

Businesses that were around before the internet revolution have the hardest time integrating the new reality. After all, they have been around and successful for 30 years, or more. Their leaders graduated from business school before the internet gurus of today were born. And if it ain’t broke, why should they bother to fix it?


What these company leaders don’t seem to realize is that it sometimes takes a while before bad decisions catch up with you. Failure to retool for the modern age is definitely a mistake. By the time the consequences manifest, it is often too late for businesses to adapt. To keep your business from becoming hopelessly out of date, start implementing these app categories right now:

Event Apps

By now, your company has hosted at least one event or conference. If you haven’t done it yet, you should strongly consider it. Hosting an event within your industry is one of the better ways to bring attention and branding to your company, products, and services.

Live engagement event apps:

  • Turn passive attendees into active participants
  • Connect the right people, content, and sessions
  • Amplify engagement with user-generated content
  • Drive exhibitor and sponsor ROI

If you don’t have a person in your company who can build you that type of application, you need to commission a company that specializes in building them for companies like yours. Events like conferences, expos, and conventions are only as good as the interactivity and engagement. Event apps can make all the difference between a money pit of wasted resources, and a lead-generating machine that helps your company turn the corner.

Project Management Apps

Long gone are the days when project management could be competently handled with a Field Notes and mechanical pencil. Today’s project manager on the go has to deal with time management, bug and issue tracking, version tracking, collaboration, and so much more.

The best project management apps incorporate these tools so that you don’t have to jump from app to app to get your work done. They also work best when the whole team is using a single, integrated solution. One of the biggest destroyers of productivity is when a change is made in the plans that not everyone gets because they are not on the same page.

It makes a huge difference when everyone on the project has all the same information at the same time. It doesn’t matter what the project manager knows if the one laying the bricks is not aware that there has been a last-minute change in materials. Your workforce is mobile. So too, needs to be your project management solution.

Digital Documents

Every sales person has a story of missing out on a sale because they left the office without the right paperwork. Sometimes the sales person runs out of a particular document. Or coffee is spilled on a stack of documents. Paper is not very durable. And bad things happen when you are counting on it the most.

With the best document signing apps for iPad, you can sign and send, no pen or paper required. That means that you will always have a clean and editable copy of any paperwork necessary to get the job done. With the right apps, you can scan in your custom documents. With others, you can create them. But however you do it, the customer can authorize whatever is needed, whenever the need arises.

The 20th century was perhaps the most eventful in all of history. But it’s gone, and so are the old ways of doing business. Increase your chances of surviving another 30 years in business by investing in event apps, project management apps, and document signing apps.


We Compare – Magento Vs Shopify Vs WooCommerce

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Starting an online business is always an exciting process to go through. You have a set of products that you’ve been developing and you want to get them to customers as soon as possible. There are a few basics to cover before you can start selling your products online. One of them is deciding which ecommerce platform suits your needs and personal preferences best.

There are plenty of options when it comes to ecommerce platforms. In this part, however, we are going to focus our attention on the three most popular choices on the market: Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce on WordPress. Let’s have a look and see which one is best, shall we?



Shopify is a ready-made ecommerce platform designed to make setting up an online store as easy as it gets. You don’t have to purchase your own hosting service, since Shopify is a hosted solution. Sign up for an account and you will be able to start adding products to your online catalogue within minutes.

In terms of design, Shopify is also very user friendly, albeit rather limited. There are more than 100 themes – all online store-specific layouts – that can be selected from the platform’s repository. You can customize the theme further by modifying HTML and CSS codes, so it is possible to create a truly personalized online store. The platform even has its own web-based page builder with clean user interface.

Other basics are covered just as well by Shopify. SEO and internet marketing are both very easy to do when you use this platform. You can also take advantage of the built-in features to stage promotional offers and discounts.

There is, however, a major downside. Shopify is built to standardize online commerce, so some features are limited. For instance, you only have 3 product attributes to use. While you can customize these attributes, you can have more than 3 for a product.


Magento is the second platform on our list. It is one of the oldest ecommerce platforms on the market and it’s available for free. You still need to buy your own hosting service and domain name, but most of today’s hosting packages come with Magento ready to be installed in just one click.
The easy setup is where the user-friendliness stops as far as configurations go. Magento is built to be methodical, so getting the site set up the way you want it to can be tricky. There are a lot of coding involved just to get the site functioning correctly. Design-wise, Magento is also not very attractive unless heavy customization is done.

For those who are not familiar with Magento, learning about the platform takes time. Invest enough time and energy to master the platform, however, and you will be able to set up any kind of online store you can think of. Product customizations, simple checkout process and even modern shop layout can all be achieved.

The biggest advantage of using Magento is its scalability. While customizing the platform requires a bit of learning, it is VERY customizable. You can fine-tune the whole customer experience to the last detail and scale the online store as you grow your user base.


WooCommerce offers a nice balance between the ease of use offered by Shopify and the flexibility of Magento. It offers all the features you need to set up an online store the way you want without forcing you to go through complicated guides and extensive help documents. In fact, WooCommerce is one of the easiest ecommerce platforms to use.

WooCommerce is set up on top of WordPress. It is a plugin designed specifically for the blogging platform. This is a huge plus, especially since you can also take advantage of WordPress’ immense plugins catalogue to add more functionalities to the site. You also have a wealth of themes to choose from; by a wealth of themes, I meant more than 5,000 free and premium themes to choose from.

Customizing WooCommerce is also easy to do. You get unlimited product attributes, pricing options and display configurations. You can use the ecommerce platform to host the most customizable products and it will still not break a sweat. There are also plugins that allow customers to design or customize their own products in real-time to be captured directly on the store layout.

The only downside to using WooCommerce is setting it up; you have to do everything yourself. This means installing WordPress and then adding WooCommerce from the plugins repository. However, both of these steps are easy to complete and there are plenty of tutorials to help you get started. If you’re already familiar with WordPress, WooCommerce is the perfect ecommerce platform to use.

These three ecommerce platforms offer their own advantages. Choosing the right one to use is a matter of finding one that suits your specific needs and preferences best. Regardless of the platform you use, you can start an online store and begin offering products and services to customers in no time at all.

Giveaway: Daily 1 FREE Custom Logo Design By Professional Designer

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If you’re looking to start a new business or product, you obviously need a well designed logo to become the face of your company. Logo designs can cost hundreds of dollars if you turn towards design studios and agencies.

Today, we are running an awesome Logo Design Contest along with our friend at Fiverr.

In this giveaway we will choose daily 1 reader who will be provided 1 Custom Logo design according to his requirements. Winners are sequentially (on a first-comment, first-served basis)

Each Winner will get:

  • 1 HQ Logo Concept (PNG)
  • 1 Revision
  • Logo Delivered in 1-2 Business Days

All logo design will be created by Professional Designer,  you can also buy their services from Fiverr, even their initial ($5) package includes all the things;

  • 3 HQ different Concepts 
  • Jpeg, Png and Png Transparency files
  • FREE Vector Source File (.ai and .eps files)
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 3D Mockups

Logo Design Portfolio:
Fiverr Profile



How To Participate in Contest?
Follow these 2 easy steps to win;
Retweet and share on facebook this post
Post your logo detail in comment section or email at (wdcore@gmail.com ), follow given below questionnaire.
You will be contacted by your email (so make sure your email address is correct).

Questionnaire Template:
Company Name.
Any tagline?
Color Choice?
Any Inspiration?
Logotype or Symbolic?
Do you want include any design element/object in your logo? if yes then what type of object.
Your tweet and facbook share page links:

Good luck, everyone!

Steps to Design a Joomla Landing Page That Converts Easily

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The biggest challenge for online marketers is to get visitors to a website and convert them into leads. For doing so, it becomes increasingly important to design a landing page that guides users towards the right destination. By creating an effective landing page, you will not only get visitor’s attention but also maximize conversions.



Here are a few key points you need to know before creating a perfect Joomla landing page. Let’s take a look.

  • Start with the objective of the page

The first thing to consider before designing a landing page is considering its aims and objectives. The goal can be directed towards converting visitors into leads, a sale promotion campaign or just increasing the number of people on the subscription list.

By keeping the goals in mind, you should look for ways to effectively communicate your offerings to the targeted audience. This will help you design a general concept for your page and incorporate elements of use. By including all the important elese of Joomla Extensionsments of use, the quality of Joomla landing page gets improved and it starts looking professional.

  • Catching Hold of User’s Attention

The following key components should be considered while designing an effective landing page

Keywords: Keywords link the web content to get indexed higher in search engines. Therefore, they must be used in headers, page title and text on a landing page to improve search engine optimization.

Headline: Headline is the first element visitors will come across while landing into the web page. So, it should be well-crafted so as to serve your purpose clearly and concisely. The headline must be goal directed and compel visitors to click.

Typo: An explanation to the offerings must be mentioned in clear and simple ways. Use of bullet points and broken text will make the message short, crisp and succinct.

Hidden Navigation: An attention-grabbing landing page should reduce friction and minimize distractions by hiding side navigation bars. This way visitors will stay on the page for a longer time, thereby resulting in chances of conversion.

Images: Landing pages that include a relevant image offer visitors a rough idea of what they will receive. In short, images are convincing and much more visually appealing.

 Social Sharing Buttons: Social sharing buttons magnify the brand reach by making it easy for audiences to like and share some interesting offers, news and deals to their circle on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Keep it visually appealing

Apart from text and content structure, visual aspects also play a key role in convincing users. Your headline must include an image with a tagline to communicate effectively with users. Images, being worth a thousand words are a powerful medium of expression. Landing page images are important for Click Through Rate (CTR). The incorporation of related images will definitely help you out in conversions and allow your audience to connect with you.

  • Use of Joomla Extensions

If you are looking forward to creating an impressive and effective landing page, the use of Joomla extensions will definitely solve your purpose in simple steps. A popular extension named Geek Joomla Landing Page Builder allows you to create an effective landing page on your site in just simple steps. This plugin works best in case you are looking forward to launching a new product or campaign on your site without requiring redirecting to another page.

With an easy, flexible and more friendly backend, this extension makes it easier to use drag and drop landing page builder which is an easy option for site management. Being a fully responsive plugin, landing pages created using this plugin look great on all devices and screen sizes. It allows developers to create landing pages without technical coding.

To know more about the features of this plugin, check it here.

  • Start working on your forms

Subscription or registration forms are the actual gateway between visitor and conversion. The length, complexity and user-friendliness of your forms will be deciding whether or not a visitor is likely to convert. So designing it as per user’s convenience should be the topmost priority.

The more jumbled, shabby and unorganized it is, the lesser conversions you will receive. However, with the lesser questions being asked, it is more likely to be able to qualify for more leads.

Therefore, before creating an online form, you must ask only for the required information and consider making some elements discretionary. This helps users feel in control and does not get stuck in the process of trying to convert.

To help you out, there are a large number of Joomla extensions available. There are some providers available from where you can hire Joomla developers for installation and maintenance of Joomla modules.

  • Ignoring Trust signals is a bad idea

Making use of trustworthy signals gives visitors a positive indication about your brand being trustworthy. Trust signals can be implemented in multiple forms as testimonials that emphasize on the word-of-mouth. Another powerful tool are “Trust badges” which are the logos of well-known brands worked for in the past. You can also include several endorsements and recognition received which serve a great symbol of your trustworthiness and skill.

  • Test! Test! Test!

The authentication mark of a successful landing page is testing. An effective landing page cannot be created without a thorough amount of testing. Testing and tracking results are important for evaluating what your landing page is doing right and what wrong. All you need to do, is to give some time and test more.

Key Takeaways-

Start with a few tips given above using which you can easily improve upon the lead generation of your landing pages. To make the process more reliable, quick and conversion-oriented it is recommended to hire Joomla developer who is proficient enough to accomplish the task at ease.

Author Bio:

Bryan Lazaris is an expert Joomla developer at HireWebDeveloper. He has been offering custom Joomla web development services to clients globally. Owing to a huge skill set and proficiency in the related domain, he has achieved successful results till now. In addition to this, he also likes sharing knowledge on Joomla web development. This blog is one of his unique and well-written composition aimed at delivering useful knowledge to readers.

10 Best Tools for Data Visualization

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In this post, we are have showcased 10 best tools for data visualization that helps end users not only with the ability to view all types of data but also let them better understand this data. We hope that this compilation will draw new ideas to inspire and improvise the ordinary designs. Feel free to share your suggestion and comments with us. You can also share this collection with your social media friends.





High Charts






7 Best Free Font Icons for Web Designers

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For today’s collection, we are showcasing a high quality and useful collection of 7 free font icons that you must bookmark for future work. We hope that you will like this collection and find these font icons useful for you. Feel free to share your comments with us via comment section below.

Payment Font

Twemoji Awesome

Foundation Icon

The Noun Project

Font Diao


Android Icons

Importance of Mobile Web Design for Users’ Experience

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Smartphone and Mobile Internet has revolutionized the digital world and changed people’s lifestyle and everyday lives. They have become equally important to common people and businesses for advertisements, Brand promotion, marketing, social media networking, checking emails, and many other functions. According to Pew Research Report, 2015, 19 percent Americans access online services through Smartphones, and two-third Americans have Smartphones.











Mobile friendly website has become crucial for business because Smartphone and Mobile Apps has become an ideal tool for them to expose their products and attract consumers.  Consumers also use these devices to search location to the shop, online shopping, coupons and promotions, travelling, and for many other functions. Statista study shows that in 2015, 33.4 percent of world’s website traffic came from mobile phones.

Startups and established businesses have also realised that they can give a boost to their business and make it visible through attractive web designs and mobile apps. They hire iPhone App Developers and Web Designers for their Business Web and Mobile Applications development.

However, Mobile websites can only be productive if they are easily viewable on Smartphones as they are viewed on desktops. In this respect, mobile friendly Website designs play a crucial role in Mobile Apps Development. The way mobile searches, buying online and exposing the brand and products to users are on the rise, Websites on Mobile Phones and Apps must also be displayed as they are viewed on Desktops. If the website is not mobile-optimized or easy to use, or if content is not properly displayed or readable, the users may not stay on the page for the required information. They will immediately switch to other better-designed sites that are easy to navigate and prints more readable. For all these reasons and best users experience, the web design should be attractive and mobile friendly. It must function great and easy to navigate on small mobile screen.

There are few Web designs that are used for creating Mobile webs, but more preferred designs for navigation and users experience are Responsive Designs and Adaptive Designs. These designs are also highly popular with Mobile Web and Apps Development Companies.

Responsive Designs

The businesses can make their website more users friendly with Responsive Designs because such websites are created in such a way that designs, contents, and images easily retract and adapt to any device and give a full view of content. The developers can design one website for different devices. Search Engines also easily find such websites. Maintenance of features and content repository is also easier and inexpensive. However, these designs have few negative points including, Responsive sites are not preferred for complex content and tasks. They are also slower and expensive to build. Sometimes contents are overloaded or clustered when viewed on the mobile screen.

Adaptive Design

These days Adaptive designs are more popular and preferred by developers due to certain limitations of Responsive design. The websites developed with Adaptive design provide the best users experience because such designs recognise users device and change to fit accordingly. The difference between Responsive Design and Adaptive design include, the former adjust to screen size, and Adaptive design websites change to fit the screen on which it is viewed. Adaptive design websites can be easily connected to different devices like desktops and laptops, mobile phones, tablets, gaming devices, watches, and many others.

However, the type of Website that suits to a business depends on the business requirements and specific users. But, there are still few important points that must be considered when designing a Mobile-friendly Website:

  • The design must be attractive to users’ experience.
  • It must be simple and easy to navigate
  • The content, texts, and images should be fully and distinctly visible and readable on the device. It must not appear wonky, blurry, overloaded or clustered.
  • The website should not be filled with unnecessary things.
  • The design must be tested on different screens to find how it looks.
  • Developers should keep abreast of latest updates on mobile technology, and implement the same on mobile apps designs for best users’ experience.
  • Research on customers key requirements and decide a design for better consumer response.
  • Select a design that is more SEO friendly.

It is also essential to remember that mobile friendly design is imperative to the success of business because the way mobile internet is getting popular among the consumers; web design plays a vital role in attracting customers.

Author Bio

Deepak Vijay is a technical writer, working with Syon Infomedia, a Mobile App and Web Development firm. He also has a long association with many renowned brands like Enterprise Apps Development Company and others. His articles are highly popular among audience as the content is highly informative, and includes reputable agencies research report links.



Meet FotoJet to Make Photo Artworks Simple and Fun

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We all have mountains of digital photos on trips, parties, birthdays, holidays, or other occasions. By gathering multiple photos in one laspecial momentsrge place, you will be able to remember those precious memories for a very long time. This is collage, an increasingly popular and unique way for people to preserve their photo memories.

You must know some software for collaging your photos. Here I’d introduce a new tool from PearlMountainif you don’t want to spend any money to buy the software and the take lots of time to learn the regulations of how to use it. FotoJet.com, as the name said, jets your photos to a high level! It provides an easy way to make your photos extraordinary, and to shine a spotlight on your special moments.


That’s the fact. With just a few clicks, you can turn your photos into stunning artworks from its abundant choosable templates. It will save your time, effort and money, as well as it is totally free.

What is FotoJet?

As its description says:

FotoJet is a free online collage maker, graphic designer & photo editor that enables you to create amazing collages, photo cards, social media graphics, posters and also helps you edit photos, providing 600+ creative collage templates, 80+ classic collage layouts, 300+ professional designs and numerous powerful editing tools. It works perfectly in any browser without the hassles of downloading and installing!

 Part 1:

In COLLAGE mode, you can make classic collage and creative collage. You are provided with 80+ fully adjustable classic layouts and there are 600+ creative collage templates offered such as Modern Collage, 3D Collage, Photo Card, Magazine and so on. To create a collage, you just need to choose a template/layout, easily add favorite photos; apply other elements like texts, clipart images, shapes and background resources. Even a computer novice can use FotoJet to make beautiful collages effortlessly.

How to Use FotoJet Collage Maker?

  1. Choose from dozens of collage templates

Visit www.fotoJet.com and on the homepage, choose the first button “Make a Collage”, then the tool is starting. You will find lots of perfectly designed collage templates from classic layouts to 3D collages, modern collages, posters, photo cards, and fake magazine covers. Make your choice from those templates and click to open.

You can see lots of samples here:

Classic Photo Grids


Creative Collage Templates

Add photos to fill the template
When you choose a template to open, the images will be empty; you need to add your own photos to fill it. Click Add Photo button and then you have options to add from local or online Facebook.

    1. Make adjustments on photos


Select a photo object and as you see from the Edit Image panel, you can crop and move the photo to let it show the appropriate part. You are also allowed to rotate photo, flip photo vertically or horizontally at will. To make your photo more attractive, adjustphoto color on Exposure, Brightness, and Saturation or apply photo effects and filters with a few clicks.

      1. Edit text/clipart

Text editing is a must for making a unique collage. You can type any words on the templates and customize the text by adjusting its font, color, size, alignment, effect, etc.

You will find hundreds of clipart images provided at the left Clipart panel. Choose a heart, a rose, a camera or whatever you like to decorate your collage.

      1. Save, share or print

Once you have a final work, you can save it as a JPG/PNG image; share it to your social media accounts or directly print it.

Part 2:

In DESIGN mode, you will find 300+ professional designs, including Facebook Cover, Facebook Post, Instagram Post, Twitter Header, YouTube Channel Art, and Poster, etc. It’s flexible to customize your creations with photos, texts, online clipart images, lines, shapes and other elements. Under DESIGN mode, you can unleash your creativity freely to make gorgeous photo designs! 


How to Use FotoJet Graphic Designer?

Designing like a professional designer with FotoJet’s graphic designer! Facebook cover, YouTube banner, Poster, Instagram graphic is just a few clicks away!

      1. Choose the second button “Create a Design” on homepage to enter the tool. You are shown with various templates for social media and marketing use. Choose the one you need to start.

Just see some sample here.

When you opened one template, the picture will still exist, which is different from collage template. If you don’t want the images on template, add your owns from computer, Facebook or search online images to replace them.

      1. Now you can make some minor adjustments on template to get your final design. It’s easy to add and edit text, search clipart, apply shapes and backgrounds.
      1. At last, save your design and then upload as the cover of your social media accounts, or print out for marketing use.

Part 3:

In EDIT mode, you can upload your own photo and edit it with powerful tools: cropping, resizing, rotating, exposure, color, sharpen, vignette, dehaze, radial focus, tilt shift and more. You are free to choose from 100+photo effects/filters to apply on your photo. It’s also very easy to add text and clipart images to your photo and adjust them freely. FotoJet editor will give your photo a creative touch! When you’re done working with your photo, you can save the work to your computer, directly print it out or share online with friends and families via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.


How to Use FotoJet Photo Editor?

FotoJet comes with a photo editor tool that allows you to retouch photos with numerous powerful tools including resize, rotate, straighten, photo effects, color, exposure, vignette, sharpen, dehaze, focus & tilt shift and more.

      1. Open fotojet.com in your browser; choose the third button “Edit a Photo” to start.
      1. Select your photo to editing area. You can play with the image samples to see how it works. Or directly upload your photo from computer or Facebook to edit.


FotoJet editor has the basic editing options – crop, resize, rotate and straighten; also you can try some advanced features – sharpen, dehaze, vignette, radial & tilt shift. It provides many beautiful Lomo effects, B&W effects, Vintage effects, Chromatic effects, Sepia effects, Old Photo effects, Scene, etc. It’s flexible to add text, clipart images, shapes which will definitely lighten up your photos.

      1. Save, share or print. When you’ve got your final satisfaction, you have options to save your photo work; share via popular social platforms; or directly print it out. That totally depends on you.

They have a resource page to introduce how to use FotoJet effectively. You may want to check it and you will find this tool helpful.


23 Logo Designs with Creative use of Negative Space

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Here is another interesting and inspirational collection of some creative logo designs that demonstrate how effectively negative space can be used in the process of logo designing. By using negative space, an impressive style can be added to any logo design and makes it look visually appealing and attention grabbing. An interesting visual effect is created by the use of negative space.
So here is the full collection for you that presents 23 logo designs with creative use of negative space. We hope that you will like this collection and find these logo designs inspiring for you. Do have your say about this compilation. Let us have a look. Enjoy!

Dog Dental

Dog Dental

Wired PR Identity Concept 3

Wired PR Identity Concept 3

4x (fox) logo

4x (fox) logo

Zebra & negative space(s)

Zebra & negative space(s)

Artemis & the Hunt

Artemis & the Hunt

Slash Shift

Moetivs Peter Vasvari

Moetivs Peter Vasvari

Moetivs Peter Vasvari

Wine Glass

Wine Glass

The Polar Bear Mark

The Polar Bear Mark



Flight Finder

Flight Finder

Wine Forest

Wine Forest

Snooty Peacock

Snooty Peacock

Layne Savoie Golf Logo

Layne Savoie Golf Logo

Stables | Dogs training center

Stables | Dogs training center



Innovation Box

Innovation Box

Dolphin & Seal Logo Designer

Dolphin & Seal Logo Designer

Music Poet

Music Poet

247 b/w

247 b/w



Australian wine

Australian wine



SpadeDealer v2

SpadeDealer v2

8 Free iPhone 6S / 6 Mockups for App and Responsive Design

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In this post, we will showcase a great collection of free iPhone 6 and 6 Plus mockups.
We hope that you will like this collection and find these mockups useful for you. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below. Your comments are always more than welcome!

Apple iPhone 6S Mockup

Free PSD iPhone 6 Mockups

Photorealistic iPhone 5 mockups

iPhone 6 Free PSD Mockup

Free iPhone 6 PSD MockUps Template

FREE Photorealistic iPhone 6 Plus PSD Mockup Templates

iPhone 6 – Scalable Mockups 4.7′

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Mockup PSD